Monday, July 12, 2010

Patio Furniture Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Not all patio furniture are created equal. The beauty, functionality, and durability may vary on materials used. Some are simple and some very luxuriously designed, some are extremely durable and some are not tough enough for an extreme condition. But the life span of a patio furniture will still depend on how we use and care for it. For example, a wood umbrella will not endure a gusty wind, and a patio furniture made of iron will not be suitable in a wet area because it will get rusty. Choosing the right patio umbrella will not only depend on strength and weakness. Remember that buying a new addition for a patio is not just about functionality, it’s also about harmony in beauty. A patio or garden should always a beautiful place to entertain and relax. A less attractive place will not be entertaining and relaxing. The following are the types of materials used in patio furniture with its beauty and functionality, advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Patio Furniture
Patio furniture made of Aluminum is the most commonly used type especially for Outdoor Umbrellas. Finished products mostly are painted with powder coating to create a fine texture. You can choose a pre-colored furniture to mix and match with your current house or patio motif. This metal type of furniture is extremely durable, has a longer lifespan than wicker and wood furniture. Best for frequent use!

Wicker Patio Furniture
Traditionally made from the stems of any one of 600 palm species, stems are tightly woven into interlocking section to form into a desired style. Some modern wicker furniture is made from synthetic resin to increase its life span and to reduce the manufacturing costs. Wicker designs are very impressive and stylish due to its flexibility. They look natural and would complement any patio or garden setting. The downside of wicker Patio Furniture is its durability is not much, although it may last longer under normal use, it may wear down if used with heavy weight excessively. If it is made from palm, you must keep it dry because it is not water resistant. It can be easily damaged by water or moist.

Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture
Outdoor-type of wood patio furniture add classic elegance to any outdoor setting. Mostly available in natural wood finish, harmoniously blend with the ambience of a garden and of a traditional patio decor. Painted wood furniture are also available that would complement with your existing theme. The most common wood finishes are teak and cedar because they are resistant to moisture and insect. Teak naturally contains silica, known resistant to fungal decay and may reduce the effects of water such as swelling and warping. Resistant to chemicals and fire also.

Cast Iron Patio Furniture
Also called wrought iron furniture, they are more decorative. Because iron can be formed gracefully, they come in decorative designs and styles. These are also the most durable type of furniture that will last longer than any other types. The downside of this type is that they are very heavy, rearrangement can be difficult. Although mostly have rust resistant finish, you must also give some extra care because iron will get rust easily.

Resin Patio Furniture
Often made of recycled plastic, obviously it is weather proof. With the latest technology, an incredibly durable material is produced. It does not fade and will not crack even exposed on all weather condition. Patio furniture of this type is molded to resemble a real wood or wicker. Design and style possibilities are endless. It does not need to be painted because the color is embedded in the material.

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