Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Things You Can Do to Make a More Romantic Patio

There are easy things that you can do to make or transform a patio into a more romantic space. The key rules are simple; choose patio items that add a romantic mood, display items that have sentimental values, and choose a color theme that evokes a romantic feeling. With a little additional research and study, these tips will help you transform your patio or deck yourself.

Remove the Clutter
Just like any home makeover projects, the first thing you must do is to get rid of the clutter. This step will also help you achieve one important characteristic of a romantic place which is place with less distraction. So start eliminating unusable things and store away the items that are not necessary for the setup and arrange what is left to keep them organized.

Patio Furniture
The choice of outdoor patio furniture items has a big impact on how a patio looks. The designs and colors of furniture evoke emotions too.

Tulip Outdoor Umbrella
Though it does not mean that modern furniture designs cannot be romantic, it is just that a vintage or a classic design stands out. Their curves and smooth edges add a sexy and romantic look. For example, the basic form of a market umbrella is good, but look how romantic is a tulip shaped outdoor umbrella.

Color Theme
Colors can set a mood. This factor is very important in decorating and design. Color trends are constantly released every year as guidelines for design professionals. We can use colors to make a romantic space. They are introduced into the patio through the furniture item finish, outdoor cushion fabrics, wall paints, and outdoor sun shades.

Romantic colors are mostly the darker shades of most of the basic colors. Though a single color can create the effect, the creation of a real romantic place involves the combination of several colors and shades. You can find color palettes and ideas online like in Martha Stewart’s website for inspiration.

Ambiance is our last ingredient to make a more romantic patio. There are requirements to get a romantic ambiance or mood. First, the temperature must be at a level that is comfortable and warm. A comfortable environment temperature can be easily maintained using an outdoor fireplace or a portable patio heater. Then, we need a scent. We can easily add fragrance by using scented candles and air fresheners. Lastly, the freshness of the air can be improved with plants. We can also add fragrant plants and flowers such as lavender, honeysuckle, gardenias, or mint.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Must Have Poolside Furniture

A pool makes your backyard more relaxing and can be entertaining especially during summer. With the addition of outdoor furniture, it would also make your backyard a perfect place for a little party and get-together. Here are some must have poolside furniture items that make your pool area even more comfortable and functional.

Chaise Lounge
Chaise Lounges
Number one the list for your poolside should be a chaise lounge chair simply because we need a comfortable place to lie down and relax under the sun. The shape and style provide us a better posture so we can get the best relaxation while enjoying the sun and the breeze.

Outdoor Umbrella
An outdoor umbrella is the best companion for your poolside setup. It provides a good shade so that you can enjoy your backyard pool longer. Any type of outdoor umbrella is good for your backyard. The only thing you need to look out is the design and function. You can use a market umbrella, a beach umbrella, or an offset umbrella. Aside from sun protection, modern outdoor umbrellas also add style to an outdoor or poolside setup.

Adirondack Chairs
Adirondack chairs are another option for a relaxing seat in your backyard poolside. This simple rustic wooden outdoor chair provides wide seat and a long back that you can lean on. A typical Adirondack chair also features wide armrests for comfort and for setting food and beverages.

Bistro Sets
A set of two to four chairs and a taller small table that provides a good place for your things. A bistro table usually has a little hole for an outdoor umbrella. An addition of umbrella would be very helpful to protect you and your things especially during summer. This little outdoor furniture set is also the right choice if you love to have foods and drinks next to your backyard pool.

Outdoor Sectional
Outdoor Sofa Sets
Outdoor sofa sets including sectionals provide plenty of seats with comfortable outdoor cushions. Also, more outdoor furniture items make a great outdoor design. But remember to not over crowd your setup with furniture. More seats always make you prepared for unexpected guests. You will never know the time that you will have more guests or you would want to host a get-together.

It would be unnecessary to prepare more seats, but an outdoor sofa set is great to have for your family to enjoy in your poolside area.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outdoor Lighting Tips

There is a wide array of outdoor light types, styles, and designs these days. From incandescent light bulbs which are still available in the market, to the fluorescent, and to the latest LED light. Each kind is made for different uses but all lights are just made mainly to make a bright place and to add aesthetic value to a setup.

Good outdoor lighting can help us create a great place for dining, get together, and receiving guests outside the house. Add an outdoor patio heater to the setup to keep a warm and comfortable ambiance and a patio umbrella for cover. Wide open space, fresh breeze, and relaxing outdoor views are the reasons we consider creating a functional outdoor place.

Lights are also great for adding aesthetic value. Good lighting draws attention so they are good to use for highlighting featured elements, patio furniture sets, and focal points to an outdoor space design.

Setting up a good lighting requires planning and a right choice of light. You can plan a lighting setup or design but materializing it needs some knowledge. If you do not have some technical know-how about lighting you need an advice or assistance from a professional. You can also find good guides from the internet.

Here are some tips to help you get started planning.

Determine the Purpose
It is best to determine the purpose of your outdoor setup first. This step will help you find the best and functional outdoor lighting solution. You must know that each outdoor space design has its own applicable lighting.

Light Color Matters
Surface colors do not work very well in creating a color themed outdoor setup at night or in a dark area. Daylight lighting works well for intensifying surface colors but it can be an impractical and expensive solution for you.

Colored lighting is a great alternative solution to get that color themed setup and to create a specific mood in your outdoor space. Light colors can create a great display as well as a specific mood.

Get Familiar with Light Types
Each type of light works and operates differently. It is helpful if you have some knowledge to help you choose the most applicable one.

Solar powered lights do not add to your electric bills but they are less bright. However, they are good for highlighting your garden and as a path light because they do not need direct wiring.

Battery powered LED lights are also popular today. They are handy, economical, and have many purposes. They are used to decorate, highlight, and even provide alternative room lighting. We can find them useful in outdoor getaway and camping. They are also used as a outdoor umbrella light.

On the other hand, electric lighting is a common and is good at providing brighter light.