Monday, December 26, 2011

Three Steps to Choose a Patio Umbrella Base

A patio umbrella base or stand plays the biggest role in your patio umbrella installation. It keeps your umbrella standing and secure in its place. This task is very important to let you enjoy the umbrella without worries.

An outdoor umbrella should be installed securely to avoid mishaps that could happen to it and to other things. This is why it is very important to buy the right umbrella stand or base. Investing on a patio umbrella base is worth it if you know how to choose wisely. Here are the three easy steps to come up with the right choice.

The three steps is about examining the three characteristics of a patio umbrella base or stand.

There are two important sizes to watch for, the tube for the pole and the base dimension. Check that the hole size is a perfect fit for the umbrella pole size because stability in holding the umbrella depends on it. A slight loose grip can slowly damage the pole and the umbrella may eventually loosen and break away with a sudden wind blow. The base let the umbrella to stand still and it is directly affected by its dimension. The formula is simple, choose larger base dimension for a larger umbrella canopy. Simply, the wider the base size, the better.

How an umbrella stay firm against strong wind blows rely on the weight of the object where it is attached. If and umbrella is affixed on a sturdy and heavy patio furniture such as an outdoor patio table, it can stay firm. However, a standalone stand or base should have a weight enough to hold an umbrella against wind blows. A heavy base with wheels is a practical choice for easy mobility whenever you want to transfer it.

The design is not as important as the size and weight. But it also a help when you can choose the right design that goes well with the design of your umbrella and the patio decoration. Besides, there are a lot of designs to choose from.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Patio Furniture Styling Tips

Decorating a patio is not limited to the setup only. It also includes enhancing every single patio furniture. The purpose of this is to refine the details of the design for you patio theme.

There are different styles of patio design to cater different occasions. And every occasion needs you to change the theme appropriate for it to provide the right mood of the occasion. The easiest way to do this is to decorate or add embellishments each furniture item.

The decoration could be the same as in indoors. However, you have an unlimited freedom to do what you like because you are not restricted by the fixed indoor decoration. Just keep the design in harmony with other elements like a patio umbrella color and the design and style of your patio or deck.

Don't know where to start? Here are some tips.

The Seats
It is easy to redecorate any seats regardless of its form. The common type of seats we have in an outdoor setup include seating sets, bar stools, recliners, chairs, and benches. There are three ways in which you can renew the design and style.

  • Cushion Covers – Change or add outdoor cushion covers. Depending on the cushion size, the new cover will make the seat look new and  look very different with its original design.
  • Extra Cushions – Changing and adding new cushions. If your seat cushion have deformed and torn after a long period of use, changing the pads will make it look new and different. Now for styling, you can select different designs and style of cushion.
  • Pillows – Pillows offer two benefits, comfort and style. Outdoor cushions can come in different colors and design which makes your seats more attractive. Changing seat cushions is a great and easy way to style seating sets.

Center Tables and Side Tables
These little tables are companions to your seats that you can use as utility where you can put magazines and a cup of tea. Aside from that, they are an accent to the setup so they need to be stylized as well. Styling a center table and a side table is easy with the use of a cover and a centerpiece. Then, you can add some accents such as a flower base or a little potted plant. They can also be a nice place for your photo albums, picture frames, and other memorabilia items.

The Table and Dining Set
If you are creating a patio for dining or just for a quick food trip, then there are a lot of things you can do to decorate a table. Draperies can do the trick in changing the looks of the table. Dress up your table with a table cloth or cover to give it a new style. There are table cloth styles with center hole to fit tables with an outdoor umbrella.You put a basket with some fruits on top of a centerpiece so that it will not look empty when not in use. Using fake fruits are more practical for decorating. If you are creating a large dining area, a large offset patio umbrella would be the best choice for a shade and style.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Buy Synthetic Wicker

A synthetic wicker has a lot to offer. These are advantages that make you consider buying this type of furniture. Here are some important and factual advantages of a synthetic wicker patio furniture.

Unique and Beautiful Designs
Wicker is flexible that made it possible to form into different design and style. The design types that can be made range from classical to modern and from simple to complex and unique furniture items. It all lays in the hands of a creative designer. Any type of furniture can be made from this material such as sofa sets, tables, and all other indoor and outdoor patio furniture items. You have many options for any patio decoration.

Indoor and Outdoor Use
Synthetic wicker furniture is made from synthetic resin strands. The material has a lot of color and texture options that mimics even natural wicker or rattan. And when formed, it can match with any decor styles from indoors to outdoors. The material is very light as well that you can move them with less effort from indoors to outdoors and back.

All Weather Resistant
The material is resistant to the outdoor elements such as water and molds which are the common cause of degradation to other furniture types. They can be left outside in the patio even without coverings. Though they can endure the sunlight but still they need some shade to make their life even longer. A patio umbrella is enough for them just to have a shade in the middle of the day while the sun is very hot. There are outdoor umbrellas that are large enough to cover a patio furniture setup.

Finished synthetic furniture seats and chairs have soft cushions to support and provide comfort. Still, the material itself is comfortable to use, strong but flexible enough to slightly bounce back when you lay down. The texture of resin is also smooth to touch that you can lay your back and arms comfortably.

Multiple strands of wicker is stronger than a piece of wood with the same volume. A wicker furniture is flexible but can last longer without breaking, whereas a wood have the tendency to break. Add to that the fact that synthetic wicker is resistant to molds and mildew that causes deterioration and lead to wreckage.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Basic Elements for of an Outdoor Dining Area

There is some kind of excitement in an outdoor dining especially when done at home where you have the freedom of doing anything. Designing a dining style and decoration your own way lets you add more to get the best appetite for a great meal. Add to that the easiness and freshness of the outdoor atmosphere.

To achieve a great outdoor design, here are the basics of creating a unique and highly personalized outdoor dining at home.

The Space
Depending on how many people you want to accommodate, the area should be enough for a dining table but leave a space so that you can still conveniently move around. Resizable tables are a great choice if you want to get some seats for additional guests.

If your patio have a limited space, choose patio furniture sets that have a space saving design. Portable and lightweight furniture and appliances would also help you utilize the space effectively where you can move and store them easily when not in use.

The furniture
A set of dining table with chair is the primary furniture required for outdoor dining area. However, outdoor furniture sets can be made of several different materials. You need to choose what type could be best for your setup. Usually, a wooden dining table is the best choice because it naturally enhance the appetite. Anyway, you can select other types. The color and other enhancements such drapery will do the trick for the best experience.

The lighting
Lights make an outdoor dining at night possible but then again you need to choose the best lighting for this type of setup. An assortment of lights with colors create a festive place, however, you need to add something to make the surroundings brighter. Be careful on selecting the type of light because different types casts different shades. A slightly yellow light from incandescent type is the best choice for a dining setup. It adds to the warm ambiance which is great for dining.

The Shade
Outdoor shade is one of the basic accessory for an outdoor patio setup. They are the protection from the sun or rain. They can also protect you and keep your food safe from unwanted falling objects, these object can come unexpectedly. A patio umbrella is the best choice for this setup because of several reasons. Outdoor umbrellas add a festive feel to the decoration and they are easy to assemble and move whenever you want to rearrange the setup. You can also use an outdoor shade sail for a unique setup.

The Ambiance
Dining is best held with a warm ambiance especially that outdoor is sometimes cold. To recreate a warm ambiance, a portable patio heater will do the trick. You can choose between propane heater, electric heater, or a fire bowl.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Instant Patio Gardening Tips

Gardening brings a lot of benefits offered by different types of plants. They are an unlimited source of colorful beauty, fragrance, health, and wellness. These extra advantage adds more value to your outdoor room. If you have a patio or a deck instead of a garden, bringing these benefits to your place is really possible.

There are many ways to make your outdoor room bloom with green plants and colorful flowers in just few days. But if you want an instant result, these tips can also help that even non-gardeners can achieve great results.

Type of Plants
Plants can be categorized into three different types namely Ornamental, Herbal, and Vegetable. You choose one or a combination of these types of plants depending on what you want to achieve.
Ornamental which consist of mostly flowering plants can give a beautiful and colorful look for your patio. They are attention grabber.

Herbal plants are beneficial for our wellness and some of them can be used for decoration also.
Vegetables are not commonly planted on pots and used as decorative items but they are beneficial. In fact, vegetables growing on pots have gained attention these days.

Potted plants
Indeed this is the most practical way to introduce gardening in the patio or deck. You can plant them yourself to have a personal touch or you can buy some to have them instantly in your outdoor room. The main advantage of potted plants is that you can easily relocate them when you want to rearrange the patio.

As a complement to potted plants, there are non-potted plants that can be used as decorative accents to the design. They can be hung on the walls, posts, and on the gutters. They are less messy and lightweight.

The Arrangement
The plants can be arranged like you normally see them in traditional gardens. The plants must be organized according to their type and classes. However, you can be creative by arranging them in different manner but a balance in design must be maintained. Some plants can be placed around the side of the patio or deck. Placing some plants within your patio furniture setup add some fresh feeling. You can put some beside a wicker patio furniture set and you can add some small plant pot to your table top decor.

Plant Care Tips
We know the basic needs of a plant, sunlight and water. Taking care of them will easier if you are using only patio umbrella. Just close the umbrella for a while to let the sunshine in. But if you are using a permanent shade or a bigger outdoor umbrella where frequent closing and opening is not applicable, then you need to place then under the sun sometimes. Water them but not excessively to avoid water spillage in your patio or deck flooring.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rattan – What is it Good For

Many people have used outdoor furniture made of rattan. This type of furniture is also one of the famous item in furniture shops and admired by many. Over the past decades, rattan have gained popularity among all other materials used in manufacturing not just outdoor furniture sets but also decorative items.

Now, let us examine what is rattan and what is it good for. Why it became so famous in patio furniture making industry.

Rattan is not typically a wood, the rattan plant which they came from is vine-like plant that can be found in tropical countries mostly in Southeast Asia. The stem is gathered, cleaned, and dried to become the very material for making a rattan furniture. Rattan stem is malleable making it possible to design furniture into any shape and style. That is why most rattan furniture item have great designs and are elegant.

They help in keeping a green environment. Aside from the fact that they grow rapidly and easily in enormous volume, they also save a tree. A tree can be saved whenever a set of furniture is made from rattan instead of wood. Because of this, rattan furniture producers are also considered Eco-friendly.

Rattan furniture are good for both indoor and outdoor use. The material can endure harsh elements of outdoors. The material is malleable so they can endure the stress of long use unlike a wood that have a tendency to break.

Though rattan can do a great performance as an outdoor patio furniture, you still need to cover it when not in use. You can also just use a shade or a large patio umbrella to protect it from sun and rain. The rattan cannot be easily weaken by the sun's heat and rain, it is the other supporting materials does such as nails, wires, and metal or wood frame.

Design possibilities of rattan are numerous. Any patio furniture and indoor furniture can be made into various design and styles. From tables, chairs, sofa sets, and all others. That is why they can go well with any patio furniture, outdoor umbrella and shade sails, and patio decor themes.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Patio Umbrella Lights With a Purpose

After patio umbrellas became necessity for outdoor lifestyle, now come patio umbrella lights in answer for our lighting needs to use with an outdoor umbrella. We know the basic purpose of a light, however, there are also different types of lighting needs especially for outdoors. That's the reason why many different types of lights have emerged.

It is helpful to know the characteristics and purposes of a type of light before buying one for a patio umbrella. So that we can select the best one that goes well with the existing patio furniture, patio umbrella, and the outdoor decor theme.

Standard lights made of traditional incandescent bulb emit brighter and warm light better than other types, except for colored ones. Together with an outdoor heater, warm lighting is best for creating a place for outdoor dining while the softer or dimmer warm light is best for enhancing a romantic ambiance. There is just one downside for using this type, that is, they consume much power.

Flourescent and compact flourescent types are best for producing bright white light. But they are seldom used as patio umbrella light.

LED lights are famous these days. One LED produces light at a lower intensity. We need to combine many LEDs to produce brighter light. However, even many LEDs are needed to produce enough brightness, the power needed is still lower compared to other types of light. Because it needs less power, more LED umbrella lights now come with rechargeable power source so you can bring them wherever you place the outdoor umbrella.

The other purpose of patio umbrella lights is to use as additional decoration, brightening up is just secondary. There are many types of patio theme and not all light types are good for them. One type of these lights is just good for one or two outdoor decor theme.

Regardless of the type, all lights can be of many forms and can be assembled with different components such as globe and lantern casing. They can be made just for lighting, decoration item, or both. They can have many colors and can be made into string of lights especially the smaller ones.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Strategic Location for a Patio Heater

The next thing to do after buying the best patio heater which suits your setup requirements is to look for a location for it. This task seems so simple yet still requires us to do some necessary steps to come up with the right choice. Yes you can place them anywhere you wanted but there are several concerns. The efficiency might not be attained and it could turn out that you are just wasting electricity or fuel. There are safety concerns also for every heater, be it electric or gas powered.

There are several factors that should be considered in selecting a location. These includes the location of the whole patio, the patio furniture setup, and what is the primary purpose of your patio or outdoor room. Because the heat generated from any heater has limitations, they are usually placed near the place where you and your guests stay. It will also depend on the type of outdoor heater, on the type of environment, and vice-versa.

Please note that these tips are also helpful in deciding what type of patio heater to buy if you have already prepared a place for a patio heater in your patio design.

This location requires that the type of outdoor heater you should use is the one that can generate heat that flows in all direction. Usually gas powered heaters are designed with this capability. One example is a propane heater. A table top propane heater is great for outdoor dining and for get together where people usually sits in circle.

You can usually see a heater that is placed hanging on the ceiling or wall in restaurants and cafe's. But they can also be used at home if you have roof or ceiling at your patio. Some can also be placed on a patio umbrella attached on the pole just beneath the umbrella canopy ribs. They are installed like that so that they will not interfere with the activities going on. They can be used on both regular type of umbrellas and on offset patio umbrellas.

The best heater for this type of installation is an infrared patio heater. It generates a focus heat to give warmth directly but does not heat the air. Best for breezy environment. This type is cost efficient because it conserves more power.

On the Side
The type of heater for this is one that generates and fans the heat on one side direction. The heater source should face to the direction where the people have gathered. Remember to choose a location that is not affected by the breeze if your heater is not an infrared type.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What to Expect from a Modern Electric Heater

Electric heaters and electric fireplaces have gained popularity these days more than when it was in its early introduction. The reason for this increasing demand is the technological revolution which can only be achieved with electricity. Modern electric heaters and fireplaces are now paired with leading edge technology to make this piece of heating appliance more efficient, safe and easy to use. There are so many advantages of using these electric heating solutions.

So what to expect from a modern electric heater or fireplace? Here is a short list.

Automatic Heat Control
The first thing you should ask when buying an electric heater is that “does it control the heat automatically?”. A heater should maintain the preset temperature degree or else it cannot serve its purpose correctly. Uncontrolled rise of heat can lead to the destruction of the unit or worst it leads to fire. Thus, it is not safe to use a heater or fireplace without automatic heat control.

Fully Fume Free
A modern fireplace should promote a healthy home environment. Not all heat from electric is generated cleanly and safe, fumes from other materials are more hazardous than smoke from traditional wood fireplace. So be sure that you buy a reliable product brand from a trusted distributor.

Remote and Hands-Free Control
Modern heaters and fireplace should also be controlled remotely. The is another great reason for using this feature aside from just ease of use. Getting near the heat source feels uneasy so a remote control can help us to avoid it. On the other hand, it is also very helpful if the heating unit can shut off automatically at a desired time. This helps us having a sound relaxation or sleep and not bothered by thinking that we have to interrupt our sleep for a while just to turn it off.

Portable and Plug-and-Play
Modern age promotes mobility synonymous to tech gadgets. This also applies to heating solution where most electric heaters can be used anytime and anywhere as long as you have an access to electric source. There are heaters and fireplaces that have built-in wheels in response for easy mobility needs. There are some that can be held and placed anywhere, they are the best solution whenever you want to relax on cold nights under a patio umbrella. Just like a portable infrared heater where you can place them anywhere or even attach to any outdoor umbrella.

Mimics Burning Wood
An extra feature is a plus for a modern heater. This feature helps you enjoy the heater or fireplace with the natural feeling of a real traditional wood burning. This feature also makes a wonderful attraction in the patio decoration.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Terrible Reasons Why You Need a Patio Umbrella Cover

We have read and write much about how to buy patio umbrellas. On how to choose the right outdoor umbrellas for a type of environment and what designs are good for a particular outdoor room setup. This time, I think it is helpful to talk about protecting our patio umbrellas with the use of patio umbrella covers.

There are many obvious reasons why we need to provide covers for outdoor umbrellas. However, they are just plain reasons that you or some people might ignore. Now I wanted to get you to the real terrible reasons why the need of an outdoor umbrella cover is a must. I am not just trying to scare you off, but wanted to warn you of the possible misfortune of your outdoor patio umbrella. Now here are the reasons.

Colors Fading and Abnormally Fading
Fading umbrella canopy color may look natural but what about fading abnormally? This happens to an umbrella that is closed for while under the harmful sunlight without any cover. Even expensive umbrellas are no exception to the changing sunlight and heat wave that is getting worst these days. After a while when the umbrella is re-opened, fading appear on the most exposed parts creating visible lines. The lines will appear on any parts of the fold randomly, isn't it ugly looking?

Ugly Molds and Mildew Over the Prints and Colors
Okay, covers cannot really protect any patio furniture because molds and mildew can appear on any spot but we have a saying that prevention is better than cure. This saying also applies because molds and mildew are like skin diseases that grows and rotten the affected objects. To prevent this, some outdoor elements must be blocked from getting into the umbrella. The only thing needed is an umbrella cover. Take note that the cover must be made to resist the elements that cause mold and mildew such as water and dust. Doing this will prevent ruining the color, text, or maybe a picture printed on your precious umbrella.

Nasty Insects Invade and Ravage
There is no exception to this, even the most expensive patio umbrella. Insects will make this a breeding place and most likely to destroy your investment. They love to hide, live, build a lair in an enclosed place. A closed umbrella is one of the best place for them. So when you open a patio umbrella that is closed for some time now, prepare to face these nasty creatures.

So when in time you retire your patio umbrella and buy a patio heater for the winter or buy a new one in changing a patio theme, don't forget to buy a cover for it. Securely put the cover and place it in a safe place.Link

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patio Dining Set Styles for All Needs

Anything you add to the patio affects the design of the overall setup. It could be unnoticeable sometimes but the difference is visible to others most of the time. So it is very important to see first if the style of a piece that you wanted to add can go well with the theme and size of the patio. This is true for larger items that you wanted to add such as outdoor furniture, outdoor umbrellas or shades, and other utility fixtures.

One of the large-sized furniture that can be added is a patio dining set. Due to its size and usual placement, which is the center of the patio, it can affect the looks of the setup. Choosing the right one is important because you are creating a place with a purpose. The criteria for deciding which is best is not just its design. We should also check the size, shape, color and finish, and materials used.

The reason why we put a dining set to an outdoor room is that it is great if sometimes we can have a change in our dining style at home. Outdoor patio dining is fun and a worthwhile activity where the ambiance is great and a wider view. A picnic on weekends can also be fun in your patio where you have the freedom of doing things that you love like cooking right at the comfort of your own home.

To get a nice and spacious patio, the dining set must be space saving and has the design that goes well with other patio furniture.

There are just four common shapes of a table which are square, rectangle, oblong, and round.

Squares are relatively small in size. Though they can be greatly utilized, they are not commonly used as dining table for a large preparation. However, a small table like this is great for a romantic dinner date or for a small family get-together.

Rectangle and oblong table are the best choice for a large outdoor dining especially in times of occasions. This type of table can occupy a large space so make sure you have enough patio space left to roam around. If space is an issue in your outdoor space then there are alternatives. An innovative table design which can be adjusted from smaller to larger and vice versa is the answer for smaller patio space.

A round table is a nice place for get-together where everyone around the table can talk to each other comfortably. This is good for sharing thoughts and foods. This type promotes a smooth designed environment. It just can claim a larger space though.

If a patio umbrella is to be used for a shade, select those that have a hole in the middle for it.

After you chosen the right dining table, it just can sit in the patio alone but it may be boring to look at. A handful of table top add-ons can bring a bit of contrast and balance to the patio decoration.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Heaters and Fireplaces Help Grow Your Business

I know this article is slightly not related to the topic of this blog. But let us discuss about how patio heaters and fireplaces become essential asset to a business. This could help business minded people especially those having a home business.

Clients or customers make a business alive and they are vital in its growth. To keep the customers coming and loyal, they must be treated well so that they can feel the benefits and satisfaction of being part your business.

Good customer service is a must in a business and part of it is providing them comfort while inside the premises. We know how uncomfortable it is to cope with the chilly environment especially during winter. And any customer would seek the place that is not just heartwarming but also really warmth giving. This is the situation that patio heaters and fireplaces can be of great help for your business especially when your establishment is not well protected against the cold weather.

Traditional fireplace has been great in the past but are not practical as electric ones these days and are not recommended for businesses. They can be a hassle the operation and may produce smoke that you should not let your clients experience. Alternative to that, these are the types of outdoor heaters that are beneficial to different types of establishment you might have.

Electric Heater and Fireplace
This type is known to be efficient, safe and hassle-free to operate. All you have to do is plug it into an electric outlet and you can have an instant warmth to comfort your customers. Many of this type now come with a remote control for easy operation. This also come in several other types such as convection, halogen, and infrared. Because of the safety and being maintenance-free of these electric heaters they come in various forms such as wall-mounted, hanging, and free standing. There are some especially the infrared types are now made for patio umbrella which can be attached to the umbrella pole. This is useful when you have a business in an outdoor setup such as a bistro or an outdoor café which you only use an outdoor umbrella as shade.

Gas Powered Heater and Fireplace
This type of heater is fueled with natural gas or propane. It is more powerful in generating heat which made it recommended for the very cold outdoor weather and to accommodate a larger group of people. Recommended to use in an outdoor area where the heat can quickly scatter. Typically constructed as free standing with some trendy designs. It can also serve as an accent to the outdoor setup or indoor decor. Best to use at the center of an area where the heat can evenly spread around in a 360 degree angle.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Patio Furniture Buying Tips

There many characteristics of a patio furniture that we need to consider before buying one to add to our outdoor rooms. These characteristics which are crucial to the purpose of the patio design and theme include material, design, style, and color. Sometimes it's not easy to decide which one to choose because there several things to consider. These tips will help you think before you buy so that you can come to a good choice. These tips will also apply to buying an outdoor umbrella.

Metal, Wooden, or Plastic?

Metal made furniture items are durable but you have to take care of it because it can get rust especially if it is made of iron. Except for fully rust-resistant metals such as aluminum, make sure that the whole steel is insulated well. Check first if the powder coating is thick enough to resist moist. Make sure the joints are properly affixed. Aluminum is known for being rustproof but it is not as strong as iron. When you buy aluminum furniture, see if it is thick enough to hold weight especially for chairs and tables.

Wooden furniture items are beautiful in nature, strong with the right wood choice, and durable with rigid construction. Before buying one for your patio, check if it has the right characteristics for your patio. Because there are several wood tones and finish, it should match with your patio theme. Check to see if the wood has been applied with sealant to avoid it getting rot with the outdoor elements.

Plastics are lightweight and best in portability for any outdoor setup. PVC and resin plastics are best known used for furniture making because these are heavy duty for outdoors to withstand different weathers. The best thing about plastics is that they are flexible which enable to mimic the looks of other types of furniture such as wooden and wicker patio furniture sets.

Classic or Contemporary?

With all the patio design and styles, we can only sum up these into two, classic or contemporary. Of course, we should choose those designs applicable with our theme when we buy a patio furniture. Classic is for classic themed furniture and contemporary or modern designed furniture for modern decor.

What Color?

Color is one factor that set the mood of out setup so choose the best one that is appropriate for your patio theme. This is more applicable for patio umbrellas where its color reflects to the overall look of the setup. For example, choose yellows, greens, and lighter shades for a lively and festive outdoor.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Best of Infrared Patio Heaters

There are many types of patio heaters in the market today and an infrared patio heater is one of the greatest. This type is also an electric heater. Among all other outdoor patio heaters, this one operates differently. If other types use natural flame, convection, and halogen, this one uses infrared heat waves to heat directly the objects and people, not the air in the middle You can feel instant warmth that is consistent even there is a breeze. By this behavior, the heat generated can be focused to a spot and does not scatter with the air and fade away. Thus, no energy is wasted.

There are many convenience that electric appliances had brought to our homes. Since infrared patio heaters are electric, unlike the traditional way of heating, you can enjoy the warmth it gives without any hassle. Just plug it, turn on and let it do the heating while you are enjoying your leisure time. Plus, it promotes a healthy environment because it does not produce toxic fumes nor smoke.

Infrared patio heaters come in various styles and design applicable to all outdoor situation.

Wall hanging is a space-saving design. Because infrared heaters are typically small they can be easily and safely be attached to a wall or post. You can save some space below while the heater effectively give warmth to a group of people from above.

Pole mounted type also offer convenience. Though it may take a space but very little. Usually, you can buy this type together with the beautifully built pole with accents. It can be a decorative addition to the patio furniture setup and decoration. Another benefit of this design is flexibility in which you can move the heater anytime to focus on a specific spot in your patio.

Infrared patio heaters are now also available for your existing outdoor umbrellas. This design makes the heater be attached to the patio umbrella pole so you can enjoy the outdoors with warmth on cold nights.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outdoor Umbrella for a Patio Furniture Setup

There are so many ways create a wonderful outdoor room. Adding items such as patio furniture, decorations, and appliances makes your patio, deck or backyard a lovely and comfy place to stay. We will just need to install and arrange these items properly and in order.

One of the amazing outdoor patio addition is an outdoor patio umbrella. In designing, this furniture has a significant effect in the patio as it is the first thing to see from afar. Its color especially the canopy affects the mood of the patio setup. Manufactured with different designs and styles it surely would supplement any outdoor shade needs.

As patio umbrellas can also set the mood of outdoor room, we must choose those that can be best paired with other patio furniture. We must also consider the patio color theme you are creating. As we know, colors will set a specific mood of a place and the color of a patio umbrella reflects to a large part of the area.

Whatever space and outdoor type we have at home, this doesn't limit us from having the advantage of using a patio umbrella. There are so many design styles and form of outdoor umbrellas available today that enables us to use them in any situation. The styles of outdoor umbrellas available today includes offset umbrellas, wall mount umbrellas, half canopy umbrellas, tilting umbrellas, and of course the most widely used standard form.

The standard umbrella is the most commonly used form and have served us for so many years. They are inexpensive, but still maintain the elegance wherever they are used. For a bistro table setup a standard umbrella design is appropriate. This design also allows us to add more accessories such as patio light and lamps and a portable stereo which can be attached to the umbrella pole. There is also an infrared patio heater designed for this umbrella types to help you get the warmth for comfort during cold weathers. This outdoor heater can be easily and safely attached to the umbrella pole.

Tilting patio umbrellas are much like the same as the standard ones but with additional benefit. Aside from being unique, you can tilt them to have a shade so you can enjoy the outdoors whatever the position of the sun is.

Half canopy umbrellas are unique too. As its form suggests, you can place them adjoining the wall to use this little space. This can be a beautiful addition to enhance that boring wall of the house or building.

If you want to save some space an offset patio umbrellas would be a better choice. Setting it up and maintenance is not as simple as the standard type but having them in our outdoor room brings remarkable benefits. You can avoid the obstruction of the pole with the offset design which the pole is set outside the canopy. This design allows us to move freely around the table or around the patio furniture setup. This very helpful in giving a shade for a larger patio furniture setup.

Wall mount patio umbrellas offer the same benefits of offset type but are usually for a small setup. One thing that makes this great is its strength which is inherited from the wall where it is attached. Great for utilizing the outdoor areas. They are used commonly in setting up outdoor cafe's.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Outdoor Heater Should You Have

Not all heaters are created equal but all can perform at its best when used accordingly. Before you buy one for your outdoor room, consider the environmental conditions and available space in your area. And before you use it, review the characteristics of all the things around your patio. Some patio furniture, outdoor umbrellas, and other outdoor decoration are susceptible to heat at some degree. So be careful how you arrange them that they may not be affected by the heat. Usually, it is not advisable to put some items near the heat source. Then, it will be up to you to decide which type you should have that fills your needs.

The characteristics of a good outdoor heater includes functionality, durability, and beauty. Certainly everyone wants to have a functional and stylish heater. It is needed not just to give comfort but also as a decoration complement.

Fire Bowls and Fire Pits
Outdoor fire bowls and fire pits enables the creation of real glowing fire. These are best addition to the patio if you want to experience the ambiance and the view of glowing flame that dances, great at night time. These heaters requires gas or alcohol based fuels every time you use.

Freestanding Gas Heaters
These heaters include natural gas and propane fuelled. These can generate much heat which make them best for a larger outdoor area. If heat is badly needed for cold outdoors especially during winter, then this type should be considered.

Gel Fireplaces
Come as a pot or lantern, these little handy fireplaces or heaters can be used in almost anywhere. Basically these are for one or two persons only and can be placed on table top as a companion during your time alone or as a little feature on your table. Using gelled alcohol as fuel, this type of heater can give enough personal heat and an amazing flame without residues.

Electric Outdoor Heaters
This type is known to be clean, hassle-free and economical. Efficient in generating instant uniform heat that can be set at a desirable level and operates with less user intervention. Most modern electric fireplaces also come with special effects that mimics the crackling sound and dazzling fire.

Infrared Heaters
This is another electric heater type but performs quite differently. Using infrared heating technology, this is best for heating if only heat is needed. It generates a focused heat which means it only heats the spotted area and not the air in between. Only heats the location you wanted instead of warming the entire area. Just like other other electric heaters, an infrared heater appliance comes in various forms such as freestanding, pole mounted, wall mountable, and hanging. This type of heater is the best accessory for a patio umbrella.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Renewing a Patio

There is a saying that first impression lasts longer, but I can say it is not long enough. There will come a time when a patio gets boring and out of style. It is helpful to rearrange it to get a new exciting look. A new place for receiving visitors and guests is great for a good friendship and neighborhood. Bringing a patio to a new look is easy to do and there are inexpensive ways to accomplish it.

New years and season transitions like a coming winter is the best time for a change. Changes occurs in many aspects such as themes, color scheme, and style. There are also certain design trends that improve and changes over the course of time. So better dress up a patio with a new set of color, design, and arrangement.

Rearranging a patio can apply to the patio furniture and plants. The landscape can also be changed but not necessary as it is more expensive and unpractical. The overall looks of a patio will still be based on decorations anyway. It has been a good practice to use potted plants so it is easier to rearrange them. If you are getting new plants, try the potted ones.

Here are some useful tips that can help you decide whether to get a new set of patio furniture or just repair them. For patio umbrellas, modern built umbrellas are made tough that lasts for years. But the looks of outdoor shades cannot stay the same and it gets old looking as it ages. You can go to get a new one but wait, an old outdoor umbrella can still get a new fresh look. Just get it a new canopy and paint to make it look new.

If your patio furniture gets too old and have some damages, you can repair them and give a new paint. If repairing is not an option and you have enough budget, then this time of the year is best for buying a new set. Look for new styles and designs that could also match with existing patio decor.

Another way to renew the patio furniture is to get them some new dress. Yes, furniture can wear special dresses. You can get a cover for a table and for chairs, new covers for outdoor cushions or a new cushion for outdoor sofas and chairs. This way you can really give a new look to the furniture and to the patio.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Quality Outdoor Time with a Patio Heater

A quality outdoor time can be obtained with the right combination of space, decor, a reliable outdoor shade such as an outdoor umbrella, and a lovely ambiance. A patio is commonly used as a place for relaxation after a tiresome work or as a cool and breathable space for our hobbies like reading books and magazines coupled with a favorite drink. The use of patio place is not limited to just leisure time but also for different activities with family and friends. Such activities include a little get-together, party, picnic, outdoor dining, and other activities that we can think of to make our free time worth spending.

Space is important as the main purpose of creating a patio is to have an additional breathable space outside the house.

Decoration is basically what makes the patio a lovely place to stay. This gives life to the environment so that we will not get bored as time goes on. Decorating a patio involves the setup arrangement, landscape and pavement, patio furniture, and other accents.

A patio heater makes a setup complete. A beautifully designed heater creates the ambiance and enhance the decoration. The warmth from the heater keeps us warm when it is cold. There are a lots of outdoor heater types to choose from such as gas, alcohol, and electric powered. All these heating solutions are efficient even though they may perform differently. Some heaters will even make a sweet warm smell of the air.

Electric fireplaces and patio heaters are the most convenient to use. This type is the answer for most of our heating and decor needs. They come in several forms and in a wide array of design and style. From ceiling to wall hanging to free standing. There are also electric heaters that can be attached a patio umbrella. It can give an adjustable uniform heat without any interruption while it is plugged into an electric outlet. You will never have to think about it after you turn it on, just pure relaxation.

Gas fireplaces are powered with propane or natural gas which is powerful in giving heat. Best to use in outdoors especially during the coldest season. These heaters are available in free standing and table top designs. Portability is another great advantage of this heater type, you can bring them and place to any spot where you need it and when you need it.

For personal pleasure and for just enjoying a little warmth and a nice accent to a table, gelled alcohol powered heaters come in handy. You can bring this little personal fireplace wherever you want, a nice companion while reading a book or magazine.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Topiaries, Another Amazing Patio Decoration

Topiary is an artwork made of live plants sculptured and formed into something like life forms, giant objects and shapes. This kind of art has been in practice since ancient times. It creates an amazing display of greenery at the parks and gardens instead of just planting free growing plants. Topiaries are simple and inexpensive but are another great patio addition which are also used in parks as fences, walls, and mazes for fun.

Introduce some topiary to your patio or garden to create a unique and wonderful display. Having more plants in a form of topiary also help to improve the ambiance and add freshness to the breeze. They are a good companion to your patio furniture in designing a patio or garden. You can form plants into a pathway fence, a topiary fence looks fresh and inexpensive too. You can also create a unique sun shade, best protection against intense sunlight. Because any form is possible, there are so many design options you can make. You can form a shade into any shape and even mimic the form of a patio umbrella, parasol, or trellis.

You can opt to buy a pre-made topiary or create your own. But here's the best part, creating a topiary is a fun thing to do.It is a stress relieving home work, a great leisure activity. The things you need are just few, a minimum of plant cutter, pliers and some wires. You can create a topiary out of potted plants and non-potted plants. Plant types to form are those having small leaves or needles. All you have to do is cut and bend to shape the plant to a desired form. Use wires to bend the branches to form and cut the excess branches and leaves. That's it, you have your own topiary.

Topiaries need maintenance but at no cost if you do it yourself. It is easier and fun, just cut the excess growing leaves and branches and you're good to go.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Patio Heater and Cushions Give Comfort

A patio heater and outdoor cushions bring comfort to an outdoor room all year long. Different types of outdoor heater such as gas and electric make a comfortable outdoor setting by creating a cozy ambiance and giving warmth during cold weathers and cold nights. Outdoor patio cushions on the other hand makes outdoor seats more comfortable which also help supporting our back, and legs for a greater comfort while we lay down. These patio additions especially the cushions can also be used in decorating the outdoor room.

Modern outdoor patio heater technology enables us now to enjoy the outdoors even on those coldest weather. We now have a wide array of choices to select the best heater suitable to the outdoor environment we have and to the capacity we need so that we can extend the summer feeling and enjoy the outdoors longer. Choosing a patio heater type and its capacity depends on your needs with the consideration of outdoor weather condition. A gas powered heater for example can give a huge amount of heat, it is a good choice to accommodate a larger group. Electric heaters are efficient in giving an adjustable and constant heat without any hassle which can also save you a lot of money.

Outdoor patio cushions can enhance the patio seats' look which can also give more comfort. Made in different styles and a wide array of color, you can select those that enhance the design of the patio furniture and those that can match with your outdoor umbrella or shade to create a beautiful place to stay. Sitting and laying down on your back can feel more relaxing that makes your leisure time worthwhile.
Along with a nice shade of a patio umbrella, outdoor heaters and patio seat with comfy cushions are just some of the items you need in the patio but these are enough to create a lovely place for relaxation, get-together, and picnic just right at your own home.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Outdoor Furniture for a Garden

There are so many types of furniture emerged in the market today but only few of them are suitable to use in a garden. Usability of an outdoor furniture will depend on the type of garden setup. Some patio furniture need outdoor shade to keep them dry always and some will endure all elements of an open outdoor environment without cover. The performance of a furniture will depend on the materials it is made of.

Most people want wooden furniture. Well, it is because the beauty of a wood furniture is perfect for a garden setup. They are a nice addition to a floral or tropical setup as the wood furniture can go well with the plants. But remember that wood furniture are vulnerable to molds and decay so take some safety measures to let the wood furniture last longer. Make sure that the wood is applied with sealant to avoid getting rot and decay from wetness and protection from destructive insects. Provide it with cover when not in use to protect against outdoor elements especially water. A patio umbrella is also a good shade for the entire patio furniture setup.

Metal furniture are heavy duty to endure longer time of use. If a metal outdoor furniture is durably constructed, it would usually take years before a wear appears. Wrought iron is the popular choice in this furniture type because of the texture that can go well with the garden decor. This type of furniture is a nice accent to a garden setup because the rustic texture that somehow mimic the look of wood. Given that this type of furniture is coated well with paint to avoid rust, it can be left at the garden even without cover or shade. There are other metal furniture that are rustproof such as aluminum-made but their look is not suitable for a garden unless you are creating something different. If you want these to place in the garden, you can complement it with other decor to make it look harmonious with the garden outlook.

Plastic furniture such as PVC or resin are also great for outdoors. You can place them in an outdoor environment without any worries because they are waterproof. There are plastic furniture that mimics the texture of wood, great for garden decor. One example of plastic furniture is a wicker outdoor furniture made of resin. Just add cushion and the setup will look great and feel comfy.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leave a Free Space on the Patio

In designing a backyard, lawn, or patio, most of us often think of filling it up with patio furniture, appliances and decorations until only a small open space is left. Yet, it is very helpful if we leave a larger space outside our homes. Though it is not required but there may come a time that the space will be needed. Events such as parties and get-together will require and will be much enjoyable in a wider open area.

Kids loves to play not just toys but also running and jumping around. Leaving a space for kids to play is a good idea that makes kids love to stay home. It has two benefits, that is for the kids to enjoy life and to have their daily exercise. Just make sure that all things are properly arranged to be safe. Aside from patio furniture, adding a hammock or swing is also a good idea, kids love will really love it.

A party is more enjoyable when done outdoors. And if there will come a time that we have to host a party, the best place to offer is our patio. Party in the patio is more comfortable where the area is wider and there is a lot breathable fresh air. Getting the guest feel well in at a home party would surely impress them for being so welcoming. So if you are expecting to host a party, better leave some extra space in your patio.

If if you ran out of patio space and needs more, there are still ways to get some. After taking out or excluding other patio furniture from the setup, try getting some space saving furniture.

Here are some outdoor furniture designed to help you save a lot of outdoor space. For outdoor shades, it is common to us now that we use a patio umbrella. Outdoor umbrellas such as offset outdoor umbrellas and wall mount umbrellas can offer the same shade as the conventional free-standing umbrellas yet they occupy lesser space. These umbrella types are specially designed so that the pole will not become an obstruction and take some valuable space. For outdoor heaters, an example of space saving designed are those wall mount or hanging heaters. For furniture, there is a lot of trendy and space-saving items available such as foldable outdoor tables and chairs.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Add Vibrancy and Comfort with Outdoor Cushions

A beautifully designed outdoor seat, chair, or sofa is best paired with a comfortable and lively outdoor cushion. These pads can give the desired comfort on your relaxation, let you feel easy while you sit or lay down on your back. Patio furniture setting can get more luxurious with the right combination of cushion colors and styles to your seats. Adding pillows will even further the desire to grab a seat to enjoy the leisure time comfortably. Whatever type of outdoor seats you may have in your patio now, they surely have a matching cushion available.

The size really matters when buying a cushion for your seat furniture. It is better to select those that fit best for the seats, too tight will create ugly bumps and too loose will make the easy to be displaced when used. Consider the thickness too for it will have an affect to the looks of a seat. Avoid too much thick pad, it will just make your seat shallow and may look funny.

Outdoor cushions are made of different fabrics such as acrylic, polyester, or jacquard and are of different texture. The best choice for outdoor are those cushions with covers resistant to outdoor elements especially water. The outdoor elements can introduce molds or mildew and will also result into wear and tear to the cushion. But make sure the fabric still feels smooth.

Select the right color and color combination that will match with the outdoor furniture, this will make the looks of your decor vibrant. The colors will also enhance the outdoor decoration and can help set the mood of the setup you are creating. You may choose those color that goes with the color of the furniture or those in contrast. The important thing to keep in mind is how it will look to the overall outdoor design. You may pattern the color choice with the outdoor shades as its color is more dominant. It is also nice to see when the cushion goes with the color of the canopy of a patio umbrella.Link

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heating Solutions for Each Cold Situation

Heaters and fireplaces are our best comforters in a cold weather. Each can supplement heat to a place to give the comfort of warmth against the chilly environment. Adding these heating appliances to business offices impress guests and clients on how they are catered and welcomed with a cozy ambience every time they come. Not only that, modern fireplaces and heaters are beautifully designed that match any indoor and outdoor decoration.

There are a lot of indoor and outdoor heater and fireplace types. All of them are efficient depending on how and where we use them. As for the design most modern heaters are made to complement interior and exterior decoration. The following are the situations and what kind of heaters are best to use. Link

Traditional fireplaces have been good at giving warmth and ambiance to a room. But now, if you don't want the hassle of hauling wood, soot, and ash, electric fireplace must be your choice for a total convenience. You only have a limited air to breathe indoors so we make sure no other particles that go with the air inside such as smoke and dust. So when you need warmth, electric fireplace is the best choice.

Patio, Deck, or Garden
Usually this outdoor place is an open area where the breeze constantly moves the heat to blend with the coldness and fade away. The considerable heater types to use in these areas are those that give sufficient and steadfast heat. There are just two of them, the gas powered and electric infrared heaters.

Infrared heaters give a focus heat and warms only the things and people. The heat is not driven away by the breeze which in turn it uses energy efficiently. These infrared heaters come in many forms such as hanging, wall mounted, and free standing with pole. There are also designed as a patio umbrella accessory to fit into the pole so you can enjoy outdoors in cold weather under your favorite patio umbrella.

But when you have to accommodate more guests, a gas patio heater is your best option. They are much powerful in generating heat that can withstand the rigors of outdoor environment. Though there are a few gas types to power an outdoor heater, propane is the most widely used. Commonly, they are free standing and will only vary with size and design.

Outdoor Nights
For an exciting night in an outdoor environment, a fire bowl or fire pit is the best companion. Nothing beats the thrill of real dancing flame and warmth in one, especially when you want to enjoy the outdoors at night.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stylish Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades made into various styles and designs fulfill all outdoor needs. Their main purpose is to provide us and our outdoor furniture setup a protection from sun and rain but they also help us in designing our garden, patio, lawn, and even business establishments.

The umbrella canopy that keeps us safe against sun and rain can be made of several fabric types. They were just made of ordinary fabrics but because of today's need against harsh climate, several modern fabrics have surfaced. Specially treated fabrics can protect our skin from the damaging sun rays such as Ultra Violet Rays (UVR). And the more these fabrics are made to protect, the more they are made to be stylish. Several colors range from plain, stripes to printed expands our power to select the best for our outdoor setup design. Faux thatch canopy outdoor umbrella is also a great feature for a special outdoor setup.

For usability and functionality sake, modern umbrellas are engineered to become easy to use. Either manually or automatically, we can operate the modern functionalities of these umbrellas in a stylish way. Today we can open and close umbrella with a push of a button or in just pull of a string. We can now adjust to the desired height using the easy crank mechanism. We can now get covered from the sun all day long with little adjustment of the umbrella pole to tilt.

The notable stylish patio umbrella types are the offset umbrellas and its cousins, the rotating arm and wall mount umbrellas. Offset umbrellas are the popular choice for places used for get-together and dining. The pole is on the side so that it will not become an obstruction. Some have its pole curved to a sexy shape and the canopy is hung over. Most modern canopy have vents which are not just helpful in exhausting the warm air but also are addition to the style.

The rotating arm and wall mount and rotating arms patio umbrellas are the choice for outdoor cafes. They can also make a wonderful setting to attract guests to come. Most rotating arm have several canopies in an arm forming a bunch of mushroom look.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Electric Fireplace and Heater Safety Tips

Every home appliance has a safety concerns especially those that emit heat and fire which includes stoves, fireplaces, and heaters. But we cannot afford not to have these at home because we need them in our everyday living.

Except for the traditional wood fireplace and heater, gas and electric are other two types of heaters and fireplaces according to its fuel source. Gas fuelled heating appliances have special safety guidelines and should be strictly performed. Though electric types are known to be safer than gas and traditional ones, it is not one hundred percent guaranteed. Sometimes lack of precaution is what causes some problems.

Every brand new electric product comes in a package with instructions and safety manual. But sometimes the manual may not be available and can get lost especially when you are buying a pre-loved unit. These safety tips can help protecting the units, your properties, and your family.

Keep the unit in a dry place. Any electric appliance will become grounded when get wet. It will become so dangerous to touch when plugged in or still plugged, anyone will suffer electric shock and some appliances will even explode. Ensure that the electric fireplace or heater is not placed near water sources. Any outdoor heater should be properly covered when placed in the patio as water droplets either by rain or snow can get inside the unit. A patio umbrella can also keep an outdoor heater dry in outdoors.

Give the unit some breathable space. A heater gets hotter when used especially those metal made. If not taken cared, it may overheat and may heat your patio furniture and decorations which should not be. It is better to give them a little extra space, even just a quarter inch on the sides. Keep away the things that must not be heated.

Watch the little kids and pets. Modern fireplaces are designed to be safe for kids and pets. Yet, this does not guarantee a total safety. Watch your pets also because sometimes they get wild and curious.

Keep away flammable items. It is very dangerous for flammable items to catch a fire because electric heaters still emit flame. Also include curtains, shade sails and other light materials.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Decorating a Home with Patio Umbrellas

Add some unique features to your home exteriors with patio umbrellas. Any styles and types can surely introduce a new look for your outdoor home decoration. It can be done easily by creating a little new place just outside your house. Or, you can place outdoor shades connecting your house and patio. Setting up this place also adds a space that can be used for a quick relaxation, reading books, drinking a cup tea or coffee, or while reading a magazine. It will become a really nice focal point outside the house instead of just a boring wall.

A half-canopy free-standing outdoor umbrella is just right for the house walls. It is especially designed to fit into a flat wall. It looks so unique that some may be surprised that it existed. If you have not seen this kind of umbrella, think of a regular standing umbrella and cut it into a perfect half. That is how this creative umbrella looks. If space is your number one concern then this one can be a perfect choice too.

Anyway, all the umbrella types will do. It will just depend on how you would want the setup looks. For example, you can arrange a little coffee table for two with an umbrella. This can be a nice feature for your lawn. If you need extra, add some patio furniture to reserve seats for unexpected guests. Maybe add seats with outdoor cushion for more comfort and decor style. To have a cozy ambiance and warmth especially in the cold night, add patio lights and an outdoor heater. There are more things we can do to have a nice outdoor place at home that we can stay with the help of patio umbrellas and these are just some of them.

Another great home exterior enhancements are the outdoor shade sails, awnings and privacy screens. These are useful for porch and decks.

Shade sails and awnings make it possible to have an instant house extension without the need for a major house work and renovation. You can extend and take off the shade at anytime you want to.

Privacy screens on the other hand can give us privacy but there are more benefits we can get. The screen can also reduce the glare of the intense sunlight and can block most of the harmful UV rays. And we can get these benefits without fully blocking the outdoor breeze and view.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Use Tabletop Patio Heaters?

Tabletop patio heaters are relatively small and lightweight which made them perfect companion for outdoor leisure. You can have the comfort and style to enjoy your outdoors under a patio umbrella on cold nights and even in winter time. The heaters are made of different types such as gelled alcohol fuelled, gas fuelled, and electric. Each of these offers different warmth experience. These heaters can be used as a personal heating device or for general heating. Though they do not give much heat compared their larger counterparts, they have several benefits worthy to be considered.

There are times when we want to spend our patio or garden leisure alone, so we do not need a large patio heater. A personal heater will do enough to give us comfort with warmth. For an ultimate portability, choose personal heaters that are gas or gelled alcohol fuelled so you can bring them to any spot you like. It's a great companion for a solitary relaxation or while reading your favorite book in a cold outdoor.

Also, there are tabletop outdoor heaters that can give substantial heat to warm a group of several people. Great for outdoor dining and get-together, a tabletop patio heater can give warmth to the people around the table. Heater types with this capability are designed to give warmth in a 360 degrees around to ensure the heat is evenly spread to the place.

Ease of Access
Tabletop heaters can be easily reached and controlled because they just placed at the table. You do not need to move away from where you are seated to turn it on, adjust the output, or turn it off.

Tabletop patio heaters are a nice accent to the table display. Having a heater on a table especially those with a real or realistic flame can give additional highlight, a table with would surely look interesting and inviting to your guests. A tabletop patio heater can be a wonderful decorative addition to your table arrangement that would help you create a romantic patio setup.

Safety Tip
While tabletop patio heaters are safe, heaters that produce real flame are not good to use under an outdoor umbrella. If you need to, it is better adjust the umbrella height high enough so that it will not get affected by the flame.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Choose Outdoor Cushions

Cushions and Uses
For a comfortable pastime around the patio, outdoor cushions are the best helper. These pads will enhance your chairs and outdoor sofa sets to become more comfy to sit on and beautiful to look at. Whatever your chairs' and sofa sets' size and style, they surely have a ready made cushion that fits. If none, especially for a custom-made patio furniture, there are manufacturers that make a customized cushion that will definitely fit into your seats. One advantage of custom-made is that you can choose your desired design, color , and style.

If you want to buy cushions now, here are some tips that can help you to decide which cushion to choose.

The first thing to remember before buying cushions is the materials that made-up the whole cushion which includes the cover and the filling. Consider the environment or the outdoor setup where you want to use the cushion. Especially for open type of outdoor setup or a patio using only a patio umbrella as shade, make sure the cushions have a fabric cover that is resistant to outdoor elements but still feels comfy. Elements such as water may introduce molds or mildew to the fabric. Other elements may cause wear and tear, makes color fade, and sagging. To make it easy to remember keep the following list.

  • Soft and comfy cover fabric
  • Cover fabric is resistant to outdoor elements especially water
  • Color fast cover fabric
  • Filling that will not sag easily

The key purpose of any outdoor or patio setup is to have a comfortable place for relaxation and a lovely space for get-together and other leisure activities. To keep an appealing outdoor setup, select cushions with colors that enhance your outdoor setup. Different colors will help you set the mood of the setup. Creating a romantic place for example, a comfortable cushion with a romantic color combination will give a charm to a loveseat. So select those color which will blend with your outdoor furniture, outdoor umbrella, or to the theme of the setup.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Make a Patio Garden Come Alive at Night

Let there be lights! The only way a garden can come alive at night is to put lights on. A garden is a wonderful view at day where the colors are so vivid with the bright daylight. But having bright lights that can mimic daylight at night is impractical and expensive. The best way to do it is to have assorted mini lights. Add some lighting tricks and your garden may even look more amazing.

There are many types and colors of light that can be applied. These simple tips should help.

Let's begin at the heart of setup which is the patio furniture setup. Usually, you have a set of table and chairs, or a sofa set, outdoor cushions, and maybe a patio umbrella. This area should be lighted well so that you could see the surrounding furniture and your things. The best place for the light is to attach it above or at the umbrella shade if prefer. By the way there are also specially made patio umbrella lights with nice effects that are easy to install. The light color and intensity should also be considered as it could set different moods. Bright white gives coolness, yellowish is to warm, shades of red is to romance.

Now let's go to the plants. You may add strings of colorful lights to the plant tops recreating the plant forms with colors. Small colored spot lights would also create effects highlighting the plants. Try putting it on the ground facing upwards and spotting the stem up to the leaves would make a lovely feature.

Light up also the pathways with low lights or lanterns. It doesn't need to be so bright, just medium brightness that makes the path visible. Too much bright light may distract the view of the plants and furniture setup from afar.

Another great type of light for a garden or tropical patio setup is a tiki torch. It will create the feeling of total outdoor or a tropical adventure.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outdoor Umbrellas for Sun and Rain

Installing an outdoor umbrella is an easy way to have a real sun protection and cover from the rain. More than that, a beautifully designed patio umbrella is a great enhancement to any outdoor setup. With the right choice, the umbrellas can set the mood and beauty to a patio and brings luxury to outdoors like in the beach.

During summer or on places where the sun is so hot especially in the middle of the day, sun protection is badly needed. Excessive exposure to the sunlight can hurt and damage our skin. Sometimes the damage is noticeable through our naked eyes as sun burn but the severe damage cannot be easily seen. This kind of damage is caused Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) which is not visible to our naked eyes. If sun burn can be seen quickly and heal in days, damage from UV radiation on the other hand may slowly develop a carcinoma or cancer which is long term maybe lifetime disease that can lead to death.

As an advice, do not forget to wear sun protective suits or sun block cream when you are out under the intense sunlight and bring an umbrella whenever possible.

Outdoor umbrellas offer an ultimate sun protection. The shade naturally blocks most of the sun rays preventing them from penetrating to our skin. To get the most protection, select those umbrellas having canopy fabric that has a high Ultra Violet ray (UV) blockage while reducing heat at the same time. Sunbrella fabric is one of the well known fabric that can give this kind of protection. However, there are many of them available and mostly are treated fabrics. Look for modern types also such as tilting patio umbrellas and rotating arm wall mount outdoor umbrellas. These are especially designed so that you can adjust them to have a good shade from any angle.

For rain, this situation is not so dangerous to our health unless we are ill already. But surely much of the time we want to keep ourselves dry. A large patio umbrella can help keep our outdoor setup and patio furniture dry.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outdoor Cushions - Choosing the Right Color

Outdoor cushions make sitting and lying down comfortable. These soft pads are made to support our body from top to bottom for a soothing rest and deep relaxation. Not only that, cushions can cover a larger part of the furniture so they are a great enhancement to the design and style. So the next time you buy a set of outdoor cushions, choose those that could add a fine look to any outdoor furniture.

The general style of cushion depends on the type of outdoor seating you have. But there are several features that make a cushion great. These features may include the quilt, lining, filling, cover fabric, and color. For a patio or outdoor design, color of the cushion is most important feature to keep in mind when you buy a set for your chairs and outdoor sofa set. You may sometimes wonder what color to choose. Well if confused, you may ask for a second opinion. For better results, ask a friend or from an expert in decorating. You can also learn it for yourself if you want to, all you need is the hows.

I have here some simple guidelines for choosing the right color and color combination. There is only one key to this, think on the mood you want to setup. Yes, colors can affect the mood of any setup, your choice makes the most of your design.

Depending on the theme or mood you want to achieve, the colors play a big role. Your setup may become, classic, festive, romantic, or something the goes with nature such as a tropical paradise. Colors like yellow, orange, and light variations of red are more of a lively and festive colors. They more used for picnic, get-together, or any festive leisure. While on the darker variations of these colors set the mood for dining. Greens are also festive but more of a tropical or garden theme. Dark color variation of red, brown, an even gold can set a warm and romantic mood. Like one of the color of the year 2011 "vintage wine" is really great for a romantic get-together.

Here's another tip if you have a colored outdoor shade or patio umbrella. The color of the canopy of these outdoor umbrellas can be the most dominant in the setup. You have to consider buying cushions with colors that blend well with the shade.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Outdoor Umbrella Applications

Outdoor umbrellas of today come in several types of designs and styles. Although all these types can be used in most situations, there are just some of them that performs best in specific environment.

Several outdoor setups and situations these patio umbrellas can be used includes backyard garden, patio, outdoor leisure, and businesses. To get the best out of an umbrella, one should know how to choose the best one for a specific environment. Here some situations and how to choose the best umbrellas for them.

Home Exterior Decoration
Outdoor umbrellas can be used to decorate the exteriors of your house. The half-canopy and wall-mount patio umbrellas can be a beneficial feature to the house walls. You are not just adding a unique feature to your house but also an extra shade.

Backyard or Patio
A backyard or a patio place are some of the best place at home for an outdoor relaxation and a pleasant place for receiving guests. Creating this outdoor space is easy with patio umbrellas and with the help of an outdoor heater for some cozy ambiance when it is cold outside. A freestanding patio umbrella along with some comfy patio furniture can set the mood of the overall outdoor design.

Outdoor Leisure
When it is summer and the sunlight is at its peak, do not go out in the open area without sun protection. Sun's rays can be harmful to our skin and may lead to serious diseases like cancer. Bring an outdoor umbrella with you especially when you go out to the beach to have a shade when the heat is not bearable. For a worry free relaxation look for those resistant to wind and having a higher UV protection.

When you are planning or having business like cafe, it is wiser to extend the area and use the outdoor space. All you need are sets of tables and chairs with an outdoor umbrella. These umbrellas will make your business look attractive from the outside. Commercial patio umbrellas are also a tool for advertising. This type of umbrella can be printed with logos, pictures, a text to advertise your business or cause.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Better Patio with an Outdoor Heater

Do you love to stay often at your patio? What about during cold weather?

Most people love to stay at the patio for relaxation with a fresh outdoor air to breathe after a tiring day or just getting out from the pressures of indoors. For this reason we always want to make our patio as beautiful and as comfortable as it can be. The are comfy outdoor seats, sofa sets, and patio furniture that helps in creating this. But seasons change, the comfort of patio will not stay the same all throughout the year even if you have all the comfort of furniture. There are times when the outdoor condition becomes uneasy and winter is the most unbearable season.

The best comforter during the cold weather is an outdoor heater. Depending on your needs, patio heaters can help make you feel better. You can have the feeling of summer even during the coldest winter.

There are several types of outdoor heaters and are available in a wide array of styles. Each of these types are great in which sometimes it becomes a difficulty to choose the right one for you. A simple way to find out which is which is to know the type of environment and how you want to spend your time staying at the patio. For example, a gas-powered patio heater is best for extreme cold weather and can generate enough heat for the entire family. But if you don't want the hassle of refuelling and just want an instant heat, an electric heater could be the best option. An outdoor fire pit on the other hand is best for night-time where you can enjoy the cozy ambiance, smooth air, and the view of dancing flame in the dark.

For your outdoor patio umbrella, there is an infrared patio heater that is specially designed for convenience and style. This heater can be easily attached to the pole above giving the warmth below the shade. This could be one of the best patio umbrella accessories you'll ever have.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Heart Warming Garden with Outdoor Heater

A backyard garden is a cool place to stay after a tiresome day. But too cool isn't cool, chilly outdoors will make us feel uneasy especially in winter time. The best solution to stay in the garden even if it's a cold weather night or a chilly winter day is to get an outdoor heater. Outdoor or patio heaters of today are powerful enough to generate enough heat to make any outdoor environment comfy.

It is common today that a garden is no longer a place for flowers and plants. Often, a garden is designed as another place at home where we can stay for a while when we want to feel relaxed. We make sure it can give the breath of fresh air and the smell of our favorite aroma from plants. So we give a spot in the place for some patio furniture so that we can have a comfortable seat, a couch, and even a small table for a tea or coffee. For some shade, outdoor umbrellas are our best friend. They protect us from sun, rain, and snow. Handy patio umbrellas are available in many styles and colors that can add to the outdoor design. In short we create a heart warming garden to stay.

Outdoor heaters completes our relaxation and leisure time in the garden. Though they differ from one another, all can generate heat to make the environment cozy and the ambiance to become lovely. Depending on the type of environment you are creating, you can select the best heater applicable to your surrounding.

Gas patio heaters are simply fuelled with gas and can give sufficient heat for any outdoor environment. Gas fuel type used are natural gas and propane, we know these gases performs well in giving heat to a home.

Electric patio heaters on the other hand are also available in few types. These are halogen, infrared, and the conventional heaters using hot wire. Electric heaters are known to be a hassle-free heater and are consistent with the generated heat. Just plug it in and you don't have to think about it running out of fuel. You can have a pure relaxation in cozy environment.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Color Is Your Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas come in a wide variety of colors ranging for dark to bright. You can buy outdoor umbrellas in your nearest department stores and furniture shops where you can select your color of choice. With the availability of internet, it is also great to shop online where you can select from a wide variety of color options. Most of these online stores even allow you to customize your choices of colors and fabrics.

No matter what type of outdoor umbrella you choose, color is the factor you should observe when it comes to creating a specific theme or design for your patio. Just remember that color can create and enhance an ambiance. For example, shades of dark red and brown is warm, a good choice when creating a warm place with a help of an outdoor heater when its chilly.

How to decide on color option? Here are simple tips that can help you choose the appropriate color for your outdoor decoration. If it is placed together with other patio furniture such as a table, consider the color that goes with it. It don't have to be of the same shade but it must create a beautiful combination. For example dark wood furniture is nice to be paired with a red or shades of brown.

When you are to create a specific theme, please don't forget that the color of patio umbrella canopy will reflect to the surrounding. When it's daytime and the sun is brightly shining, the color will vividly shine especially when the color is light. If you don't want this to happen, try some darker colors of outdoor patio umbrellas with thicker canopy fabric so that the light will not pass through or reflect.

Colors can create or enhance a feeling. If you desired for happy and lively theme, select yellows with greens, these are nice for tropical setup. Shades of red and brown is the right color when you want a romantic place, reds can even be better at night with proper lighting. Select blues for lightness and formality.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Change the Looks of Patio Seats

Changing some or overall looks of the patio furniture aims to have a new appearance or to renew them to their mint condition. We do this several times a year in a scheduled time or as needed by a circumstance.

The are several things in which we can do to accomplish this task. Retouching and repainting sounds similar but they are done differently and the result will not be the same. All these tasks will require hard work and an amount of money but it is inexpensive and practical than just quickly buying a new set of furniture for replacement.

Retouching can be done easily with little effort. It brings the item condition to its original state mostly the finish. There are a lot of ways to do it but the goal is to ensure that the original texture, color, and shape is restored and preserved.

Repainting is also simple to do but with more effort. It brings the item to a whole new look. The color may still be the same but it is more cleaner than just removing stains and repaint scratches.

For outdoor patio seats, you can change the looks even without touching the original item finish. There are just two simple things to accomplish this that is to put some cover or enhance them with outdoor cushions. This step is simpler if you already have a cushion, you can just change its cover.
Adding outdoor cushions give a whole new outlook to the furniture and to the patio decoration as well. It also offers more than the looks by giving a comfortable seat to support your bottom, back and even legs for a better relaxation. You can stay longer to enjoy the outdoors under an outdoor umbrella even if it is winter, just use a patio heater to bring back the feeling of summer.

To help protect and preserve your patio furniture, give them outdoor shade especially when they are not resistant to harsh outdoor conditions. Sun, rain, and snow are the elements that threatens your investments. Outdoor patio umbrellas can give them instant protection and provide them a cover when not in use.