Sunday, August 21, 2011

Topiaries, Another Amazing Patio Decoration

Topiary is an artwork made of live plants sculptured and formed into something like life forms, giant objects and shapes. This kind of art has been in practice since ancient times. It creates an amazing display of greenery at the parks and gardens instead of just planting free growing plants. Topiaries are simple and inexpensive but are another great patio addition which are also used in parks as fences, walls, and mazes for fun.

Introduce some topiary to your patio or garden to create a unique and wonderful display. Having more plants in a form of topiary also help to improve the ambiance and add freshness to the breeze. They are a good companion to your patio furniture in designing a patio or garden. You can form plants into a pathway fence, a topiary fence looks fresh and inexpensive too. You can also create a unique sun shade, best protection against intense sunlight. Because any form is possible, there are so many design options you can make. You can form a shade into any shape and even mimic the form of a patio umbrella, parasol, or trellis.

You can opt to buy a pre-made topiary or create your own. But here's the best part, creating a topiary is a fun thing to do.It is a stress relieving home work, a great leisure activity. The things you need are just few, a minimum of plant cutter, pliers and some wires. You can create a topiary out of potted plants and non-potted plants. Plant types to form are those having small leaves or needles. All you have to do is cut and bend to shape the plant to a desired form. Use wires to bend the branches to form and cut the excess branches and leaves. That's it, you have your own topiary.

Topiaries need maintenance but at no cost if you do it yourself. It is easier and fun, just cut the excess growing leaves and branches and you're good to go.

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