Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Unique Backyard Garden Design Ideas

One of the must-haves of every home design is a Garden. There are many benefits of having one. Top on the list of garden benefits include beauty, fresh air, and adds value to your property. So, are you planning to re-create your garden or planning a new one? These unique backyard garden design ideas can help you.

Incorporating a garden in your patio or deck design is not hard. You will only need to be creative to achieve it. But if it feels hard to be creative, do not worry. You can easily find garden and patio design inspiration in the internet using the words below to unleash the creative part of yourself.

It makes flowerless garden, yet full of life. You can add the greenery and other colors but without the tricky and high maintenance of flower gardening. There are so many varieties of non-flowering plants which add beauty to your backyard.

Bonsai is an art to miniaturize a tree or shrub. This practice is originated from Japan. The plants are manipulated to retard their growth to normal size. Then they are trimmed to make a beautiful ornamental plant.

You can recreate the wonderful natural landscape miniaturized in your patio or deck. Bonsai garden is very rare. It makes a unique and attractive backyard that can impress your friends.

Also a flowerless garden and can be a combination of bonsai plants. Topiaries help create a unique looking backyard. It is somewhat artificial but the plants are real and they help make a fresh environment. You can create a theme park with several forms like life-sized living and non-living things.

Depending on one’s creativity, any design can be made possible. You can create a maze, an artwork, or even an outdoor canopy to help you shape your a patio.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient art and science from China. The practice thought to help balance the energies of a space to bring good fortune and for health. It is just about the proper arrangement of plants and outdoor furniture. It tells us how to position the outdoor patio furniture set and what direction should it be facing. Experts would also suggest what type plants to have in the setup.

Applying the principles of Feng Shui in garden design would make a beautiful garden at the same time.

Vegetable gardening and flower gardening are still great even though they are common. But if you want something unique, you can consider these ideas.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautiful Water Fountain Ideas and Benefits

Outdoor water fountain is the most sought after addition in almost all landscaping project. They add beauty, life, and balance to the design and they have so many benefits. They can be placed in any location but strategically to make a surprising feature. These water features has a great impact in the outdoor landscape.

The main purpose most people think about water fountain is for design and decoration. But most folks least recognized or seldom think about the underlying many benefits. Beautifully flowing water has a sound that is so relieving that helps ease stress. Water fountains also help the surrounding plants by providing humidity during dry season. In general, water is the essence of life and we can make them flow beautifully in a fountain.

Garden Water Fountain
A backyard garden is probably a great feature for your home. How about incorporating a water fountain? It would surely make the landscape a driving focal point. The water fountain feature is just a right addition that would go well with the garden and help your plants grow better also.

Corner Water Feature
If you do not have a space for a garden or for just a contemporary fountain, then we can use the corners. This is also a great way to add a water feature for a patio or deck.

You cannot simply put water fountains in the middle of a patio. However, if you wanted it along with your patio furniture setup, there are portable versions. With the little water fountains, you can enjoy the benefits of water while relaxing in a comfy chair and under a protective outdoor canopy.

Unique Wall Fountain
Wall fountains are not new but are uncommon. They can help create a unique wall that is entertaining, and relaxing at the same time. Do not just watch in an empty wall, make it beautiful with decorations. A wall fountain is a good focal point for the space in the wall.

The Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, these four elements of nature are the ingredients for creating a great outdoor place. The beautiful landscape is of the Earth, the sweet and smooth breeze is of the Air, the warmth and comfort from your patio heater or fireplace is of the Fire, and the soothing sounding fountain is of the Water.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Backyard Space Ideas

Are you planning to remodel your backyard or create something beautiful out of it? There are many options you can find online, in magazines, and even in your local community. But here are the top backyard space design ideas that you can start with.


Most people choose backyard gardening not just because it is easy to make, but also because it is very beneficial. It makes a fresh atmosphere, you can get a good scent, and you can grow your own good food. These can be achieved by growing flowers, foliage, herbs, and vegetable plants.

Talking about designing you backyard, this project idea alone offers a lot of opportunities. You can create a unique landscape using flowers and plants that you can cultivate, trim, and shape as they grow. You can buy potted plants, “bonsai”, or topiaries as a quick gardening solution. The style possibilities are many such as cottage style, country look, or a tropical inspired.

Save some money and grow your own food. You can do it in your garden and many have done it now. You can practice organic gardening too to produce naturally grown vegetables sometimes.

Outdoor Living Area

Creating an outdoor living area is also a popular idea. You can build a patio, deck, or an outdoor room. Though you need to shell out some money, these projects are so rewarding. Your backyard will become an extension to your house where you can use it for so many reasons and occasions. You can entertain your guests in a good place, spend your weekends, and host a party or get-together within your safe haven.

You can quickly create a patio with just some furniture and fixtures. First you need to lay patio pavers. There are so many paver options such as concrete, stone, bricks, and gravel. The choice can be based on the type of your house or your preference. Next you need to place some patio furniture items. Depending on the size and on what you want to achieve, you can put a small bistro set or a large outdoor wicker set to provide more seats. Then add a protective sun and rain cover. You can use a patio umbrella, or a shade sail which adds style to the setup.

Building a deck can be expensive and takes some time to finish. However, this is a valuable project that you can also enjoy. It adds value to your property if ever you will need to sell it. You can build a permanent shade but quick shade solutions can also be used. You can install an awning or use an outdoor umbrella.