Sunday, March 27, 2011

Outdoor Umbrellas for Business

Selling outdoor umbrellas is a big business and they can also help grow business. Any kind of business can get a big help, either use it in the establishment, as giveaways, or as a promotional item. There are so many ways these patio umbrellas can be utilized to bring a business to success. All you need is an imagination combined with creativity.

For business establishments of any type, extending the place to outdoor premises makes a big difference. It helps create an inviting view from afar and a relaxing outdoor space for customers. One example is a café type of business, adding tables and chairs or a comfy outdoor furniture with an outdoor umbrella outside attracts more customers and makes them loyal. Another great benefits of this is that your space becomes bigger to accommodate more clients. Other types of business can create the same setup to give clients a place to relax while waiting.

Outdoor umbrellas can be used as a giveaways too and it works in two ways, a compliment for good customers and as a promotional item. Surely everyone would use this umbrella and your clients will feel grateful and valued by giving this very useful item. To promote a business or a cause, commercial patio umbrellas is the right choice where printing a custom logo text and photo is possible.

When giving away umbrellas, don't forget to tag or put your business name on it. The best spot of the name is on the umbrella canopy where it is visible. This works very well because when the umbrella is used especially in a crowded place like in the beach, the umbrella attracts and so does the name will be seen by the people.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Space Saving Patio Heaters

Leaving enough free space is essential to a patio design. We do this for a purpose, to obtain a larger space to move freely and a less complicated place to stay. The stuffs that fill up the patio space are also important and one of the significant things we put on the patio is an outdoor heater which would somehow take up an amount of space. Other important patio furnishings such as an outdoor umbrella may not take a large space but its design can become an obstacle to move freely. The best option for outdoor shade is to select an offset patio umbrella which has a space-saving design. It is helpful to choose those space-saving patio furniture and appliances to save some space. Here are some of the space-saving designed patio heaters.

Hanging Patio Heaters
These heaters are specially designed to have a heater that directly heat the ground but placed overhead. It gives warmth without any obstacles and the heat can easily spread around. These patio heaters are usually electric-powered so they are hassle free to operate, just plug it and turn on and off easily from below.

Wall Mount Patio Heaters
Wall mounted patio heaters are the classic choice for space-saving heaters. They can be gas or electric-powered and can easily be mounted to any wall. These heaters mostly offer a focused heat to warm the spot directly.

Pole Mounted Heater
Although this type can take a space on the ground but very little and the pole base can serve as decoration too. They are gas or electric-powered and can be operated easily. These heaters are best for spot heating especially the infrared types which the heat can be focused where you need it.

Other patio heaters the can help you save some space in your patio are the table top types. These heaters come in different styles from personal to general heating. Personal heaters are usually fuelled with gelled alcohol. The gas fuelled table top heaters are capable of heating around the table.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making a Patio Romantic

Ever dreamed of a romantic place that you've always wanted to be in? A place that is somewhat foreign, but have everything you want personally. A haven that you can go either just for some romantic relaxation alone or with someone you loved. Setting up this place at home is easy and you can have it just in your backyard. If you have a patio, you can redesign it for a lovely date especially for the season of love.

Here's how to do it.

Basically, you need to know what appeals romantic from the arrangement, design, color, and ambiance. You can also add something that you see romantic to you and your partner. It could be something memorable and those having a sentimental value.

For the patio arrangement and design, make sure it is not too spacious and not too crowded with decorations. Add some privacy because romance is also about it. Picking the right patio furniture is a must. Choose a table for two but be sure not to attach an outdoor umbrella at the center. If you want some outdoor shade, an offset patio umbrella is the right choice. Love seat or bench where you can have the moment on each others' side is also lovely. Classic designed furniture are nice, yet any type will do. Just complement it with some romantic decoration. Then you can arrange the additional decorations like we normally do or the way you wanted it to.

Color and ambiance, together will give the romantic effect. We know that red is the color of love, but only darker shades of red are romantic. Vintage wine, which is one of the latest color trends will also make a romantic setup. You may add other dark colors like golds and browns. These colors can visually enhance the ambiance of an area. Next is to add the actual warmth to the setup. A warm ambiance is what really completes a romantic place. The are many types of heaters to choose from, wood fuelled, gas, and electric heaters. Gas and electric outdoor heaters are the practical and applicable ones today because they can give the right heat and are hassle-free to operate.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adding Music and Sound Effects to a Patio

Music is the food for the soul. It fills us to whatever we want to feel. On the other hand, a patio is a location for a relaxation and for any celebration. Outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters helps create a warm and relaxing environment. Adding music to the place brings the ambiance up to another level. A relaxation in any form can be obtained at a higher level with music. Too much silence can be deafening sometimes. Imagine relaxing under a lovely patio umbrella while listening to your favorite music, isn't it lovelier than without?

Different music genres activates different feelings. It is better to have a stock of different music for different events. Get ready those music all the time for such event comes, you are ready to enhance the ambiance making you guests feel the celebration or the scene.

Another soothing patio enhancement aside from comfy patio furniture is by adding nature sound effects. This is great for tropical and garden setup. If you like the sounds of nature like the singing birds, animals, and some insects but don't want the hassle or don't have the privilege of bringing them at home. The resourceful way is by adding the sound effects with a stereo. The sound effects also helps in setting up a tropical paradise at home.

Setting up is easy, it does not require an expensive stereo system except you need it for a party. A small stereo will do, you can buy them at lower cost. To be creative, place the unit in a safe spot and concealed. This way is best for nature sound effects, you and your guest can hear the sound just like in nature without knowing where the sound came from. There is a stereo system unique to patio, it comes as a patio umbrella accessory that can be attached to the umbrella pole.