Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Backyard Garden Safety

Expect the unexpected. As the weather changes often and mostly come unexpected, we should be always cautious to avoid problems. The best way to keep safe is to expect what would happen next if something goes wrong. Let us talk about backyard garden safety.

Garden plants are harmless in general, but it is the things that we add can cause the damage to our garden. Outdoor patio umbrellas are likely dangerous than any other outdoor furniture. If not installed properly they may fly and fall when heavy wind blows come and eventually will hit things around. And other outdoor furniture may also ruin a garden arrangement. In addition to that, poor furniture arrangement will hide the beauty of a garden.

To install an outdoor umbrella securely, we need to provide it with a durable umbrella base or stand. Getting an umbrella base or stand will depend on the type of umbrella. For a wall mounted outdoor umbrella, they can be installed securely to a wall. You’ll just need to make sure that the wall can hold it. A solid wall can give a considerable strength. But for a freestanding outdoor umbrella, you’ll need a perfect stand or base for outdoors. Preferably a heavier base can give greater strength against harsh outdoor condition. You can close the umbrella for safety but a lot of times tough weather comes as a surprise so don’t be surprised. Secure your umbrella in a heavy base and the pole must be perfectly fitted unto the base hole. There are also bases with holes that can be used to attach it securely to the ground. A table that can be used to hold umbrellas offers greater stability to hold it in place. Installing an outdoor umbrella securely not only saves your garden, you can also avoid disasters that can cause damage to properties and hurt people. Outdoor furniture and fixtures seldom cause damage but should also be taken cared of especially those that are standing tall and wall hanging item.

To maintain a safe and relaxing backyard, one must keep everything safe. You can enjoy a safe and sound garden leisure that can last longer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Outdoor Umbrella Shape Factor

Patio Umbrellas or Outdoor Umbrellas come in many colors, styles, and shapes. Before buying an outdoor umbrella one must consider some important factors. These factors affect the beauty and functionality of the setup you are making. Choosing the right characteristics of your outdoor umbrella determines how your outdoor setting would look. A good selection would result into a lovely outdoor setting. Whatever setup you are planning to create, there are numerous umbrella types to choose from that would perfectly complement. Outdoor umbrellas are not just for beauty, they are also helpful in protecting us. It protects us from harmful sun rays and from the rain. It also serves as shade for our outdoor furniture.

One factor to consider before buying an outdoor umbrella is the shape. Outdoor patio umbrellas come in various shapes, from classic shapes to modern stylish ones and some have tassels. Most typical umbrellas come in polygonal shape. There are those that have six sides, eight sides, and some have more sides. More sides give strength your umbrella would be, but in today’s modern architecture this is not necessary.

The choice will be based on your setup. If you are to put it to shade a table, it is obvious to choose the one that shaped like the table. If your table is square, choose square umbrella, if it is rectangular choose rectangle. And for round tables you can choose to use polygonal shaped as polygons are somewhat rounded. But if you have no table yet or you are not to place a table, the choice will now depend on how you want your setup would look. Consider also your space because not all houses have large space and home spaces have different shapes too. A round shaped umbrella may consume more space, so if want to save space for other furniture or display, it would be nicer to use square or rectangular shaped. But more people likes rounded or polygonal shaped because they are elegant and classy.

These are just ideas through observation. You can still customize and create a setup of your own preference.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indoor Plants and Their Benefits

Life outdoors is a relaxing experience and you can have it in your deck or patio. An outdoor furniture setup with lovely plants creates a relaxing space where you can have a relaxing day under the sun and protected with a lovely patio umbrella. Enjoy the wonderful night stargazing at a clear sky while lying down in a relaxing outdoor cushion. You can enjoy these experiences for most days of the year, but what about when rainy season or winter comes? You can no longer enjoy the view and ambiance of a patio garden during these seasons. Maybe you can create an outdoor shade for the deck or patio, but things will still be different. Good thing we have options to bring the life of an outdoor patio garden inside our home with the indoor plants.

Live indoor plants or houseplants are not only good as addition to interior decoration in your home or office, their benefits are many. As for decoration, indoor plants can give life and excitement to a dull room. There are lots of indoor plants that can help enhance any interiors. You can place these plants almost anywhere in your home. From windows up to the inner rooms, there many plant types that are suitable for almost any indoor situation. You can even create an indoor garden. This is possible in today’s lifestyle.

Indoor plants also are helpful in maintaining a healthy home in all seasons. It can help keep a room cool and provides a fresh environment. Just any other plants, they absorb carbon dioxide and in return they release fresh oxygen. These plants can even absorb bad odours this is why many have placed plants in their lavatories to keep the place fresh and odourless.

Having and taking care of houseplants not as tricky as outdoor gardening. There are indoor plants already planted and grown in pots. And keeping them is so simple. These plants generally need attention only once a week. Cultivating plants indoor is easy and you just need to pay attention to the following requirements.

Indoor plants are generally grown with specialized soils. These soils mostly compost combined with peat and vermiculite or perlite.

Indoor plants need to be fertilized every once in a while because soil nutrients can easily depleted in a potted environment. It is required to supplement these plants with the right fertilizer to keep then healthy.

Indoor plants have different moisture requirement. It is good to know the moisture requirement of these plants and to check the soil moisture. Over-watering and under-watering can be detrimental to them.

Plants need light to produce their food to grow but indoor plants don’t require much light as outdoor ones. And not all indoor plants’ light needs are equal so it is best to know the required light before acquiring them.

Enjoy the freshness of a garden ambiance even indoors. You can have a beautiful and healthy home to enjoy with the entire family with the help of indoor plants. Not only you can create a better place to live, you also contribute for the better environment.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Garden Café – An Uncommon Setting

Commonly, a drink that is associated with garden is tea. But for us who loved coffee, we can also have them in the garden. For a perfect coffee time in a garden setting, the uncommon Garden Café setup will be best. By the way, the word "café" is derived from coffee and it is the term used to call a place to drink coffee. Here’s a simple scenario of this idea.

A backyard garden is commonly used for relaxation in today’s busy lifestyle. For a refreshing ambiance and a lovely view, it would be nice to have more flowers. Ad if you need a soothing ambiance, add some aromatic plants. Select those aromatic plants that helps relieve stress. You can add some fountains to add a touch of nature’s wonder. Adding pets like fish is also a good help in stress relieving. Then add some outdoor furniture and an outdoor umbrella to complete the relaxing setup.

Now to create a Garden Café, we’ll simply add the café setup to a garden. An outdoor cushion would do but to get the look and feel of an outdoor café, a coffee table with chairs will be the best addition. Cover it up with style using a fashionable outdoor patio umbrella, it will not just provide a shade but an elegant style too. You can choose whatever type of outdoor furniture you like. Whether you want a metallic look or a natural wood finish to complement with your garden, it’s just a matter of personal preference. As long as the set of furniture you choose will complement with each other, it will result to an elegant setting because the garden will just complement to any outlook. Imagine this; the look of wood finish furniture that complements to the natural look of a garden would look so beautiful in any perspective. And the elegance of modern furniture with metallic finish will look so wonderful in any garden setting. The coolness of the sleek metallic furniture will blend with nature.

In today’s busy lifestyle we always seek for the nearest possible retreat to relieve the stress we feel on each day. There are numerous places to go for a relaxation, but for many, there’s no place like home, a home where you can have a boundless retreat.

Monday, August 2, 2010

How a Hammock Can Add Excitement to a Garden

A garden full of flowers can look so lovely on its own. Just add some outdoor furniture where you can sit back and relax covered with the shade of a protective outdoor umbrella or a sun shade sail. With this simple setup you can enjoy your weekend in a very soothing way. You can enjoy a weekend get-together with your family without traveling far from home. At home you can enjoy your leisure time to the fullest without the worries. You can have a hassle-free outdoor leisure right at your own backyard garden. Everything is all set.

Now, add some excitement to your garden without affecting the tranquility. To do this you will just need an outdoor hammock. Most people cannot resist the lure of a hammock. Any outdoor setting can get so exciting with this eternal thing. Yes, you can get a total relaxation with a reclining outdoor cushion, but sitting and riding in a comfy hammock is different. It’s like a charm that creates a very relaxing feeling. Place it in any spot and it will create an eye-catchy place. Surely, everybody will go that way. An outdoor or garden relaxing will become more exciting. It helps us to have more time for a rest after a tiring day.

There are numbers of hammock styles and made of different materials. Outdoor types are made to endure harsh conditions. They are weatherproof so you can place it outdoors permanently without the worry. But the durability does not compromise the comfort. Still they are very comfy and some are shaped to give support to a tired body that will give the ease of relaxation. Modern hammocks become more fashionable. They can add an awesome beauty to any garden arrangement. They more innovative, there are several types that are portable and lightweight. Durable hammock stands are available that are easy to assemble and with wheels for easy mobility. You can move it around the garden for a lovely and comfortable spot. Life can be easier and smooth, unwind in a calm place where you can lie down and relax while riding on the waves of sweet memories.