Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indoor Plants and Their Benefits

Life outdoors is a relaxing experience and you can have it in your deck or patio. An outdoor furniture setup with lovely plants creates a relaxing space where you can have a relaxing day under the sun and protected with a lovely patio umbrella. Enjoy the wonderful night stargazing at a clear sky while lying down in a relaxing outdoor cushion. You can enjoy these experiences for most days of the year, but what about when rainy season or winter comes? You can no longer enjoy the view and ambiance of a patio garden during these seasons. Maybe you can create an outdoor shade for the deck or patio, but things will still be different. Good thing we have options to bring the life of an outdoor patio garden inside our home with the indoor plants.

Live indoor plants or houseplants are not only good as addition to interior decoration in your home or office, their benefits are many. As for decoration, indoor plants can give life and excitement to a dull room. There are lots of indoor plants that can help enhance any interiors. You can place these plants almost anywhere in your home. From windows up to the inner rooms, there many plant types that are suitable for almost any indoor situation. You can even create an indoor garden. This is possible in today’s lifestyle.

Indoor plants also are helpful in maintaining a healthy home in all seasons. It can help keep a room cool and provides a fresh environment. Just any other plants, they absorb carbon dioxide and in return they release fresh oxygen. These plants can even absorb bad odours this is why many have placed plants in their lavatories to keep the place fresh and odourless.

Having and taking care of houseplants not as tricky as outdoor gardening. There are indoor plants already planted and grown in pots. And keeping them is so simple. These plants generally need attention only once a week. Cultivating plants indoor is easy and you just need to pay attention to the following requirements.

Indoor plants are generally grown with specialized soils. These soils mostly compost combined with peat and vermiculite or perlite.

Indoor plants need to be fertilized every once in a while because soil nutrients can easily depleted in a potted environment. It is required to supplement these plants with the right fertilizer to keep then healthy.

Indoor plants have different moisture requirement. It is good to know the moisture requirement of these plants and to check the soil moisture. Over-watering and under-watering can be detrimental to them.

Plants need light to produce their food to grow but indoor plants don’t require much light as outdoor ones. And not all indoor plants’ light needs are equal so it is best to know the required light before acquiring them.

Enjoy the freshness of a garden ambiance even indoors. You can have a beautiful and healthy home to enjoy with the entire family with the help of indoor plants. Not only you can create a better place to live, you also contribute for the better environment.

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