Monday, June 27, 2011

Decorating a Home with Patio Umbrellas

Add some unique features to your home exteriors with patio umbrellas. Any styles and types can surely introduce a new look for your outdoor home decoration. It can be done easily by creating a little new place just outside your house. Or, you can place outdoor shades connecting your house and patio. Setting up this place also adds a space that can be used for a quick relaxation, reading books, drinking a cup tea or coffee, or while reading a magazine. It will become a really nice focal point outside the house instead of just a boring wall.

A half-canopy free-standing outdoor umbrella is just right for the house walls. It is especially designed to fit into a flat wall. It looks so unique that some may be surprised that it existed. If you have not seen this kind of umbrella, think of a regular standing umbrella and cut it into a perfect half. That is how this creative umbrella looks. If space is your number one concern then this one can be a perfect choice too.

Anyway, all the umbrella types will do. It will just depend on how you would want the setup looks. For example, you can arrange a little coffee table for two with an umbrella. This can be a nice feature for your lawn. If you need extra, add some patio furniture to reserve seats for unexpected guests. Maybe add seats with outdoor cushion for more comfort and decor style. To have a cozy ambiance and warmth especially in the cold night, add patio lights and an outdoor heater. There are more things we can do to have a nice outdoor place at home that we can stay with the help of patio umbrellas and these are just some of them.

Another great home exterior enhancements are the outdoor shade sails, awnings and privacy screens. These are useful for porch and decks.

Shade sails and awnings make it possible to have an instant house extension without the need for a major house work and renovation. You can extend and take off the shade at anytime you want to.

Privacy screens on the other hand can give us privacy but there are more benefits we can get. The screen can also reduce the glare of the intense sunlight and can block most of the harmful UV rays. And we can get these benefits without fully blocking the outdoor breeze and view.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Use Tabletop Patio Heaters?

Tabletop patio heaters are relatively small and lightweight which made them perfect companion for outdoor leisure. You can have the comfort and style to enjoy your outdoors under a patio umbrella on cold nights and even in winter time. The heaters are made of different types such as gelled alcohol fuelled, gas fuelled, and electric. Each of these offers different warmth experience. These heaters can be used as a personal heating device or for general heating. Though they do not give much heat compared their larger counterparts, they have several benefits worthy to be considered.

There are times when we want to spend our patio or garden leisure alone, so we do not need a large patio heater. A personal heater will do enough to give us comfort with warmth. For an ultimate portability, choose personal heaters that are gas or gelled alcohol fuelled so you can bring them to any spot you like. It's a great companion for a solitary relaxation or while reading your favorite book in a cold outdoor.

Also, there are tabletop outdoor heaters that can give substantial heat to warm a group of several people. Great for outdoor dining and get-together, a tabletop patio heater can give warmth to the people around the table. Heater types with this capability are designed to give warmth in a 360 degrees around to ensure the heat is evenly spread to the place.

Ease of Access
Tabletop heaters can be easily reached and controlled because they just placed at the table. You do not need to move away from where you are seated to turn it on, adjust the output, or turn it off.

Tabletop patio heaters are a nice accent to the table display. Having a heater on a table especially those with a real or realistic flame can give additional highlight, a table with would surely look interesting and inviting to your guests. A tabletop patio heater can be a wonderful decorative addition to your table arrangement that would help you create a romantic patio setup.

Safety Tip
While tabletop patio heaters are safe, heaters that produce real flame are not good to use under an outdoor umbrella. If you need to, it is better adjust the umbrella height high enough so that it will not get affected by the flame.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Choose Outdoor Cushions

Cushions and Uses
For a comfortable pastime around the patio, outdoor cushions are the best helper. These pads will enhance your chairs and outdoor sofa sets to become more comfy to sit on and beautiful to look at. Whatever your chairs' and sofa sets' size and style, they surely have a ready made cushion that fits. If none, especially for a custom-made patio furniture, there are manufacturers that make a customized cushion that will definitely fit into your seats. One advantage of custom-made is that you can choose your desired design, color , and style.

If you want to buy cushions now, here are some tips that can help you to decide which cushion to choose.

The first thing to remember before buying cushions is the materials that made-up the whole cushion which includes the cover and the filling. Consider the environment or the outdoor setup where you want to use the cushion. Especially for open type of outdoor setup or a patio using only a patio umbrella as shade, make sure the cushions have a fabric cover that is resistant to outdoor elements but still feels comfy. Elements such as water may introduce molds or mildew to the fabric. Other elements may cause wear and tear, makes color fade, and sagging. To make it easy to remember keep the following list.

  • Soft and comfy cover fabric
  • Cover fabric is resistant to outdoor elements especially water
  • Color fast cover fabric
  • Filling that will not sag easily

The key purpose of any outdoor or patio setup is to have a comfortable place for relaxation and a lovely space for get-together and other leisure activities. To keep an appealing outdoor setup, select cushions with colors that enhance your outdoor setup. Different colors will help you set the mood of the setup. Creating a romantic place for example, a comfortable cushion with a romantic color combination will give a charm to a loveseat. So select those color which will blend with your outdoor furniture, outdoor umbrella, or to the theme of the setup.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Make a Patio Garden Come Alive at Night

Let there be lights! The only way a garden can come alive at night is to put lights on. A garden is a wonderful view at day where the colors are so vivid with the bright daylight. But having bright lights that can mimic daylight at night is impractical and expensive. The best way to do it is to have assorted mini lights. Add some lighting tricks and your garden may even look more amazing.

There are many types and colors of light that can be applied. These simple tips should help.

Let's begin at the heart of setup which is the patio furniture setup. Usually, you have a set of table and chairs, or a sofa set, outdoor cushions, and maybe a patio umbrella. This area should be lighted well so that you could see the surrounding furniture and your things. The best place for the light is to attach it above or at the umbrella shade if prefer. By the way there are also specially made patio umbrella lights with nice effects that are easy to install. The light color and intensity should also be considered as it could set different moods. Bright white gives coolness, yellowish is to warm, shades of red is to romance.

Now let's go to the plants. You may add strings of colorful lights to the plant tops recreating the plant forms with colors. Small colored spot lights would also create effects highlighting the plants. Try putting it on the ground facing upwards and spotting the stem up to the leaves would make a lovely feature.

Light up also the pathways with low lights or lanterns. It doesn't need to be so bright, just medium brightness that makes the path visible. Too much bright light may distract the view of the plants and furniture setup from afar.

Another great type of light for a garden or tropical patio setup is a tiki torch. It will create the feeling of total outdoor or a tropical adventure.