Sunday, January 29, 2012

Motorized Patio Awnings

Installing a patio awning is a practical and an easy way to add a shade in the patio or deck that is just an extension to a house. It is a quick shade solution to avoid major house renovation of adding a permanent roof that would take a long process before a controlled weather can be enjoyed in your patio. The installation would be faster than you might think because modern awnings are ready to install in just a matter of minutes. Now these are just the basics of an awning and there are more features that will excite you more when you come to know motorized patio awnings.

In pursuit of convenience, designers found solutions to revolutionize outdoor umbrellas and shades to meet patio shade needs these days. They have added more features to a standard awning and incorporated mechanisms to it. And the result is a dynamic shade that can transform to provide a shade that you need at any time.

The motorized patio awnings can;
  • give you shade at the press of a button,
  • adjust to a shade coverage needed, and
  • roll in when not needed and roll out when needed in seconds.

Moreover, modern styles include a remote control so that you can conveniently roll it in and out without even stepping to the patio. Don’t worry when there is no electricity, just like manual patio awnings, most of these have manual crank system to enable operation even the power is out.

You can get a lot of exciting benefits when you have this awning installed in your patio.
  • The remote control lets you operate conveniently.
  • You no longer  interrupt conversations or leave your guests just to adjust the shade.
  • Gives you freedom from the hassle, great for those who are less capable of rolling an awning manually.
  • Most motorized patio awning don’t have posts, anyone can move around when awning is open.
  • Most have fabric made of sun protective materials that are not just resistant to sun and rain but also blocks UV rays. So you are surely protected while enjoying the fresh outdoor breeze.
  • Protection for patio furniture from the sun and rain.
  • Helps lower electric bills because it helps keep your house cool when the sun is very hot at summertime. You no longer use more air conditioning time to cool down the house.

This type of patio shade is really worth as an investment. It provides convenience, protection, and security for you, your outdoor furniture, and patio installations.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Benefits of Offset Umbrellas

To help you better understand the real benefits of offset umbrellas, let us know first what makes an offset umbrella.

This type of outdoor umbrella has its pole on its side in contrast with the standard ones which is on the center. Its side pole is the key and unique feature among other umbrellas which has a lot of advantage. It has a horizontal beam or a slightly slanting beam that holds the umbrella canopy which is why they are also called as cantilever umbrellas. The side pole is usually attached to a solid and heavy umbrella base. This is required to counterbalance the weight of the canopy which is hanged on the horizontal beam.

With unique features, flexibility and accessibility comes to your outdoor area with this type of outdoor umbrella. More of this space saving type have styles and design to help you create a focal point and really amazing patio setup.

Here are more benefits:
  • A greater freedom to arrange and rearrange a patio furniture setup. You are not bothered anymore with the pole.
  • Ability to change the angle anytime to get a perfect sun and rain shade.
  • No obstacle in your view. Best shade for an outdoor relaxation and conversation area.
  • Its design can easily adapt to any existing outdoor setup you have. Perfect choice if you already designed a backyard, patio, or deck.
  • You can enjoy and impress some people with its unique form that is rarely seen in public places.
  • You have more style options because it can be designed with less limitations because it has no center pole.
  • It can be placed and relocated anywhere in the area with ease.
  • No need to buy center table with holes and you don’t have to drill a hole in an existing table just to have a shade.
  • Lets you have a larger shade because this type can be as large as needed. Most of the offset umbrellas are designed to cover an entire outdoor furniture setup.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How Sun Shades and Outdoor Umbrellas Give Sun Protection

Nowadays, it is not always safe to stay under the sun unless you have a protective cover. You can not enjoy outdoor relaxation without any shade especially when the sun is very hot. Even if you can endure the heat, you may still get sunburn on skin that can be very irritating and ugly looking. The sun also radiates UV rays which are very dangerous, it is one of the unnoticed outdoor elements that might cause skin cancer.

Well, we don’t have to worry about these risks anymore because there are solid solutions. Using shade sails and outdoor umbrellas is best you can have to enjoy outdoor relaxation on sunny days and even on rainy days. You can use these just anywhere you wanted.

Modern outdoor shade sails and patio umbrellas are more than just protection from the intense heat of the sun. They can really protect us from the invisible ultraviolet(UV) rays. The UV rays can pass through an ordinary shade but not through the modern fabrics used by these modern shades.

The fabrics used by these modern outdoor shades are treated with UV protection. The fabrics are of high quality and can be made from different materials such as PVC, canvas, olefin, and others. There are well-known fabric brands around that you can trust. One of them is the Sunbrella brand which is usually used on patio umbrellas.

Outdoor shade sail is the best sun and rain protection that you can have if you are on a tight budget. The reason they are cheaper is that they don’t have built-in pole and ribs to support. However, it is easy to install this type of shade. You just spread it and tie the ends to a solid pole or fixture. You can adjust the height and angle if needed. Best of all, this shade is very handy that you can carry to any outdoor activities you might need it.

Outdoor umbrellas on the other hand the most widely used sun and rain protection. There are many types and styles to choose from that you can use to your home, business, and other outdoor leisure time like in the beach. You can choose regular patio umbrella, offset patio umbrella, wall umbrella, or half-canopy umbrella to use in different situations. You can also find some umbrellas that can be tilted to let you have a sun shade anytime during the day.

These outdoor shades are not just for sun and rain protection however. They can also protect your outdoor furniture against sun's heat and rain. They can also be used in creating a focal point in your patio design.

Monday, January 9, 2012

When and Why Use Shade Sails

Shade sails are alternative to fixed roofing and outdoor umbrellas. Though they are very different, they also are effective sun and rain protection for you and your patio furniture sets. But they are not as common as patio umbrellas to be used in a patio setup or deck. So some have wondered why use a shade sail.

Here are some reasons why use a shade sail and when to use them.

Shade sails are cheaper because they don't really have solid parts. Unlike outdoor patio umbrellas, they don't need built-in poles to stand. Just spread the shade and tie firmly on any solid pole or fixture.

So if you are in a tight budget, outdoor shade sails are the best and effective protection you can have against the sun and rain. And they can work perfectly well in many places, from home, to your business, and even on outdoor activities.

Because shade sails can be tied to any solid pole or fixture, they are tough enough to hold against wind blows. This make them perfect for a place that frequently experience strong winds.

This type of shade is quite portable. The shade which is usually a cloth can folded so you can easily carry them. They are a perfect tool that you can have handy for outdoor activities such as picnic and camping.

They can also be used for a unique patio or deck design. Shade sails can be made of different shapes, styles, and colors. And because they are not common in outdoor decorating, you can have them in your patio to help you create unique focal point.

This type of shade can also be in different sizes and you can even order a custom size and shape to fit into your furniture setup. So if you can't find a patio umbrella large enough to fit in your setup, then a shade sail can be the right choice.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Enjoying Nature’s Goodness at Home

Living with nature even for a short period of time refreshes our state of life. It clears our mind from the complexity of our daily work and activities. Breathing and feeling the fresh ambiance of nature revitalize our body and soul.

However, going to places to enjoy this nature’s goodness is not always possible because of our hectic daily schedules. But if there is a will, always there are solutions. One of the best way to enjoy nature is by bringing it at home. It is not literally bringing the natural environment at home but by creating a miniature version. The advantage of this that you can enjoy the goodness in almost everyday.

The backyard, garden, or an open space can be utilized to create nature at home. A garden is the best place for this because it naturally brings us closer to nature itself. We will just need some accents to complete this such as water fountains, fake water falls, and additional small trees. This can also be possible for patios and decks by adding potted plants and tress. Water fountains and fake water falls can also be used.

Life is another essence of nature so adding some live animals and insects is great. But what you can have is very limited. However, creating a small natural environment basically need some birds and fish in a small pond or aquarium. Useful insect such as butterflies, lady bugs, and others naturally come to your place if they sense it is livable, a good sign that you actually created a place with the ambiance of nature.

When everything goes well, its time to add some things you need so that you can stay comfortably in the backyard, patio, or deck . The first thing you need is a set of patio furniture where you can sit or lay down to relax. Wicker patio furniture will be the best type you can have because it can blend well with nature. Adding an outdoor umbrella or a shade sail is not required but you need them on sunny days. It would also be great if you choose a patio umbrella designed with a little touch of nature.