Monday, January 9, 2012

When and Why Use Shade Sails

Shade sails are alternative to fixed roofing and outdoor umbrellas. Though they are very different, they also are effective sun and rain protection for you and your patio furniture sets. But they are not as common as patio umbrellas to be used in a patio setup or deck. So some have wondered why use a shade sail.

Here are some reasons why use a shade sail and when to use them.

Shade sails are cheaper because they don't really have solid parts. Unlike outdoor patio umbrellas, they don't need built-in poles to stand. Just spread the shade and tie firmly on any solid pole or fixture.

So if you are in a tight budget, outdoor shade sails are the best and effective protection you can have against the sun and rain. And they can work perfectly well in many places, from home, to your business, and even on outdoor activities.

Because shade sails can be tied to any solid pole or fixture, they are tough enough to hold against wind blows. This make them perfect for a place that frequently experience strong winds.

This type of shade is quite portable. The shade which is usually a cloth can folded so you can easily carry them. They are a perfect tool that you can have handy for outdoor activities such as picnic and camping.

They can also be used for a unique patio or deck design. Shade sails can be made of different shapes, styles, and colors. And because they are not common in outdoor decorating, you can have them in your patio to help you create unique focal point.

This type of shade can also be in different sizes and you can even order a custom size and shape to fit into your furniture setup. So if you can't find a patio umbrella large enough to fit in your setup, then a shade sail can be the right choice.

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