Sunday, January 15, 2012

How Sun Shades and Outdoor Umbrellas Give Sun Protection

Nowadays, it is not always safe to stay under the sun unless you have a protective cover. You can not enjoy outdoor relaxation without any shade especially when the sun is very hot. Even if you can endure the heat, you may still get sunburn on skin that can be very irritating and ugly looking. The sun also radiates UV rays which are very dangerous, it is one of the unnoticed outdoor elements that might cause skin cancer.

Well, we don’t have to worry about these risks anymore because there are solid solutions. Using shade sails and outdoor umbrellas is best you can have to enjoy outdoor relaxation on sunny days and even on rainy days. You can use these just anywhere you wanted.

Modern outdoor shade sails and patio umbrellas are more than just protection from the intense heat of the sun. They can really protect us from the invisible ultraviolet(UV) rays. The UV rays can pass through an ordinary shade but not through the modern fabrics used by these modern shades.

The fabrics used by these modern outdoor shades are treated with UV protection. The fabrics are of high quality and can be made from different materials such as PVC, canvas, olefin, and others. There are well-known fabric brands around that you can trust. One of them is the Sunbrella brand which is usually used on patio umbrellas.

Outdoor shade sail is the best sun and rain protection that you can have if you are on a tight budget. The reason they are cheaper is that they don’t have built-in pole and ribs to support. However, it is easy to install this type of shade. You just spread it and tie the ends to a solid pole or fixture. You can adjust the height and angle if needed. Best of all, this shade is very handy that you can carry to any outdoor activities you might need it.

Outdoor umbrellas on the other hand the most widely used sun and rain protection. There are many types and styles to choose from that you can use to your home, business, and other outdoor leisure time like in the beach. You can choose regular patio umbrella, offset patio umbrella, wall umbrella, or half-canopy umbrella to use in different situations. You can also find some umbrellas that can be tilted to let you have a sun shade anytime during the day.

These outdoor shades are not just for sun and rain protection however. They can also protect your outdoor furniture against sun's heat and rain. They can also be used in creating a focal point in your patio design.

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