Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Electric Patio Heater Enhances a Patio Décor

An Electric Outdoor or Patio Heater brings a cozy ambiance to your outdoor setup. Because it’s electric, it efficiently gives warmth without any hassle and mess allowing you to relax and have a good time under an outdoor umbrella without any worries and interruption. But modern electric outdoor heaters give more than just comfy warmth; it also helps to enhance the patio decoration.

Because of the flexibility and safety of electric heaters, they come in a wide array of designs and style that could be safely placed to any spot in the patio without the worry of catching fire. It can even be placed under any patio umbrellas, and there are small but efficient electric heaters that can be placed on a table. This innovation allows you to choose the design that can be paired with your patio furniture or the ones that can become an attraction to the patio decoration.

Sleek, elegant, decorative, and lively. These are the visual characteristics of these modern electric fireplaces that make them a great addition to an outdoor setup. Mostly made of steel which looks great and some have a fine finish in a wide array of colors. Some of these heaters have the capability of mimicking the traditional wood fireplace and gas fireplaces.

When it comes to rearranging your patio setup, there will be no hassle and difficulty of moving the electric heater. You don’t have to reinstall and rewire because you can just plug and unplug it to an electric outlet. Most free standing heaters have wheels for easy mobility and they are lightweight.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Space Saving Outdoor Umbrella Designs

Outdoor patio umbrellas play an important role when it comes to outdoor setup. They protect people and outdoor furniture against the harmful sun’s rays and rains. They also provide an accent to the decoration available a wide array of design options, from style to colors.

There are certain aspects the must be considered before getting an outdoor umbrella to our setup, and one of those is the availability of space in our outdoor area or patio. Not all patios, decks, or outdoor spaces are created equal, and these outdoor spaces normally are not made wide except those for commercial uses. Different space sizes require just the right size of an outdoor umbrella, but to save more spaces to use, we need the right design and style of an umbrella. The right style is that would perfectly fit in an area without sacrificing the convenience of the guests.

The first space-saving outdoor umbrella design is the Offset Patio Umbrella, also called Cantilever Umbrella. This type of umbrella is built with its pole support is outside the canopy, not at the center. Commonly the pole is slightly angled to the top and the canopy is hanged over. This umbrella structure helps save space because you don’t have to put the umbrella at the center or attached it to a table. It means that you can place the shade from any angle giving you the opportunity to arrange the patio furniture freely. Modern offset patio umbrellas feature a reliable crank mechanism for ease of use. Additionally, you and your guests will not be annoyed with the umbrella pole anymore.

Half-canopy Patio Umbrella is another space-saving outdoor shade provider. Uniquely designed with its canopy is literally made half. Similar to offset umbrellas, its pole now is on the side so it could perfectly be placed on the building or wall side. This umbrella construction is perfect for utilizing any unused house or building side wall spaces. The structure itself is decorative; it can be an attraction for bistro’s and café’s.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to Electric Fireplace or Heater

Modern electric fireplaces and electric outdoor heaters have become energy-efficient. They effectively convert power input into heat to give warmth in an instant. Thus, more electricity is conserved and lowered the operating cost, a big savings for home owners. A modern electric fireplace or heater is also efficient in its very own functionality. The heater or firebox is made very compact yet still powerful to safely embed them to many types of mantel or casing such as wood, metal, or concrete and stone. This innovation makes a modern electric fireplace and heater suitable for any application from indoors to outdoors and available for all room types. In effect, the fireplace or heater becomes efficient in indoor decorating or outdoor designing when they are paired with a nice and decorative mantel or casing.

What makes an electric fireplace or heater so convenient is simply because you will just plug it into an electric outlet, turn it on, and then you can have a warm and cozy ambiance instantly. Unlike traditional ones where there are a number of hassle steps before you can experience warmth, while having a fireplace ambiance with electric fireplace or heater is just a snap. Most modern fireplaces come with a remote control, they offer an ultimate ease of operation where you can just sit down at your comfort and turn on the fireplace with just a press of a button. You don’t have to worry much about the maintenance because it does not produce ashes or wastes.

An electric fireplace does not require a house renovation because it doesn’t need any outside ventilation. It’s freestanding; meaning it can be moved from place to place in your home or to another home. An outdoor heater is purposely made portable where you can move it in any spot or beside you under the patio umbrella. Portability isn’t just because it’s freestanding; more modern electric fireplaces and electric heaters come where the heat output can also be controlled, whether placed on a smaller or a bigger room you can adjust the heat setting to have just the right ambiance for the room.

Modern electric fireplaces and heaters are made with its heater encased in a safety box which is safe to touch. You don’t have to worry when kids or pets play near the fireplace or heater. You can place other decoration or furniture near without the worry of catching fire. An electric fireplace is thermostatically controlled; when the heat exceeds the limit, it automatically shuts down or turned off to avoid overheating. Also, an electric outdoor heater doesn’t produce excess heat like the burning outdoor fire pits do, so it is safe to use them under an outdoor umbrella or shade without causing damage to the shade and other patio furniture.

Environmentally Friendly
Obviously, an electric fireplace or heater does not produce smoke so no harmful emissions. No toxic residuals too because it does not even produces waste. It’s safe for household health and the environment.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Significant Reasons to Buy Home Furnishings Online

There are two ways to buy home furnishings we needed, either we go to brick-and-mortar stores or just sit down on the favorite spot at home and shop in an online store. But there are times that we don’t have enough time to spend shopping. Sometimes we are not able to go out of our house because of some circumstances. So we resort to shop online. Here are other reasons why we should buy home and patio furniture online.

We can know certainly that the item we want is available. We know how it feels bad when we go to a brick-and-mortar store only find out that what we are looking for is not there. In online stores, amazingly we could find enormous products and in a wide array of options. These online stores for sure have posted items for sale on their website are available, and some stores cleverly put how much is available for sale and are updated instantly when the number changes.

We have a number of options that will answer our needs. We can browse a large number of item designs and color easily by selecting only the options which are applicable to our choice. Additionally, more online stores now provide its customers options to customize a product design when buying. An outdoor umbrella for example, you can customize by selecting what type and color of canopy, you can also select other additions to the umbrella you want. This ordering scheme also applies to some electric fireplaces and other patio furniture. Buying online now is as easy as ordering a cake.

Other advantageous reasons of buying online is that no more additional expenses and stress of travel. It also saves us time for other tasks such as preparing a space for the item we buy or we can decorate the patio.

If you are in doubt of shopping due to security reasons, please don’t be, because there are a lot of trusted online stores now like PatioShoppers.com and ePatioUmbrellas.com who have a proven track record of providing fast, secure, and easy online transaction. Online stores such as these have complied with the government laws of business. Look for their customer support for help and answer your questions.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Five Patio Enhancements for Christmas

Assuming one has a cool patio with all the necessary outdoor furniture including a patio umbrella, then it needs to be transformed to have the spirit of Christmas because it will be utilized to hold a little party, a get-together with family members and as a reception area for visiting friends. It’s a nice idea to decorate the patio or deck to create a cool Christmas and a warm place in an outdoor setting. It will also be lovely sometimes staying in your patio or deck while watching the kids and the kids-at-heart play in the snow.

Here are the 5 enhancements to transform a patio into a Christmas themed space. The idea is to create a cool decoration and a warm ambiance to add comfort in the cool outdoor temperatures.

Christmas tree
This tree is a universal symbol for Christmas and every decoration can be completed with it. Whether it’s a natural or artificial Christmas tree, it represents life in every celebration. The trees are commonly displayed and decorated indoors but they are a great attraction in an outdoor setting too especially at night when you add sparkling lights.

Christmas Garlands
These kinds of garlands are a great addition to the walls and patio fences. The garlands come in many types, colors, and color combinations so choose the best match for your patio color theme. However, the evergreens work great and they really do well in most settings especially when it’s Christmas.

Christmas Wreaths
The Christmas wreaths make a lovely decoration on walls and a great accompaniment to garlands. They can also be gorgeously placed on doors. There are wreaths come in many beautiful combinations of different ornaments, in floral or fruity.

This is the most special enhancement to any decoration. Christmas lights create a lively environment. And if an outdoor umbrella will be used, patio umbrella lights are a great addition. They can brighten the place under the shade and may create a lovely sight too especially the string types.

Patio Heater
Staying in an outdoor setting especially at night can be comfortable when a patio heater or an electric fireplace keeps a warm or cozy ambiance. Keeping a warm environment is important to avoid the discomfort of outdoor coolness. Having a fire bowl or fire pit works great too as it works in two ways, giving warmth and displaying a dazzling glow of real fire at night. Treat your guests in a delightful place with warmth so you can have a remarkable Christmas.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The 3 Main Uses of Patio Umbrella Lights

Patio umbrellas serve well at daytime by providing us a lovely shade and protecting us from the harmful sun’s UV rays. They stand proud and beautiful which complements the outdoors. They are a great addition to our patio or decks, and they are very helpful in some outdoor cafe or bistros. And when the sun comes down and the darkness fills the entire surrounding they are of no important use and be closed to rest. But their functionality is not limited at daytime anymore. Through the use of patio umbrella lights, they can still stand and show their elegance at night. Outdoor umbrellas tend to become more attractive with proper lighting in the midst of darkness. That is why more and more people love outdoor night under their patio umbrellas. The following are the three main uses of patio umbrella lights.

Brightening Up The Surroundings – This is the main use of lights. Adequate lighting illuminates the area enables us to see everything we put on the table, our patio furniture, and the faces of everyone. With enough brightness we can enjoy the dinner outside the house, reading books, playing games, and a quality time with family and friends.

Adding Colors And Ornaments – This is an exciting use of patio umbrella lights. Colored lights added to the umbrella create a delightful decoration and exciting view at night. String lights are more applicable for this. The attractive colors of your umbrella and patio furniture are less appreciated at night in outdoors. But the colorful and bright lights make an enchanting display and even enhance the beauty of all patio furniture.

Creating a Special Ambiance – Setting up an entirely different mood for an outdoor night can be made possible through the use of proper lighting. Different lights and intensity affects the ambiance ad aesthetics of every decoration. For example, a soft glow and warm light creates romantic outdoor dinner or get together. A diffused light makes a relaxing feeling. Setting up a desired mood can be perfected with the right adjustment and mixing of lights.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Color Themes and Combinations

Christmas decorations are meant to be colorful but targeting a specific color theme is also wonderful and trendy. There are a lot of color schemes to choose from. You can choose from realistic to plain colored to metallic theme. You can customize any looks to complement a room decoration and show your creative home designing. Since decorating for Christmas is centered on trees, most themes will be based on them.

The most common and overused theme but still gorgeous of all time is the realistic evergreen. The simple pine tree and green garland or wreath pine leaves are perfect for any ornaments. However, do not add excessive Christmas ornaments if you want to maintain the traditional theme of evergreen. Metallic ornaments such as gold or silver are great ornament add-ons to greenery because they add a glow to the greens. This combination creates a warm home and complements with a fireplace which is perfect for winter during Christmas. By the way, be careful and not to place your Christmas tree or decoration near a real burning fireplace to avoid catching fire. An electric fireplace is a safe one to use indoors. There are modern electric indoor or outdoor fireplaces that look and feel like a real one available in nearest appliance stores or online now at PatioShoppers.com.

The wintry theme is also a greenery type but it has a snowy look. Christmas trees have snow features on leaves. This type of decoration is usually placed in non-wintry places to have the look of winter.

Today, there is an increasing popularity of non-traditional colored Christmas tree or decoration. Trendy plain colored schemes include the metallic color such as gold and silver and other colors such as red, blue, pink, white, and more. To some these plain colors have significant meaning. But whatever meaning these colors express, they make a joyful decoration with the help of creative minds. These modern Christmas trees mostly are used in minimalist interiors and they really work best. You can add some ornaments to them but be careful with the color combination to maintain the minimal design. Usually, no more than two different colors of ornament should be added. For an example, if your Christmas tree is purely white then you can add red or blue colored ornament or a combination of two.

These are just simple suggestions. The best way to find out what’s best is by doing it. Probably you’ll discover and learn as you go along.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What To Do With Patio Umbrellas During Christmas?

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas are great and helpful in creating a lovely outdoor place. But when Christmas time comes, there are just two things you can do. You may store and keep them safe or keep them outdoors but it will depend on every situation.

For wintry places, outdoor patio umbrellas should be stored. However, there are some circumstances that you cannot store your patio umbrellas inside the house or garage. Particularly if an umbrella is fixed in a place and cannot be moved, it should stay outdoors for longer time. Well, you can still keep them safe by providing a patio umbrella cover. Just ensure that the cover is weatherproof. The umbrella should be properly closed and the cover is securely fitted and sealed to avoid the moisture from penetrating. But before you’ll do that, we need to do some proper preparation. This is to ensure that your umbrella is safe when stored indoors, at a garage or just covered outside. The possible effects to an umbrella stored without proper preparation can reduce its lifespan and may also damage it instantly.

Proper preparation before storing is easy. Just make sure to completely clean the whole patio umbrella and it should be completely dry before putting on the cover and storing. This is to prevent molds and mildew from appearing. Adding grease to the crank and joints helps preserve its strength especially when it’s made of metal. Putting grease on metal also prevents rust from appearing. Then you can put the cover on and tie and seal it completely. Additionally, when an umbrella cannot be stored indoors and must stay outdoors. It is best to double the tie and add some support ties on the sides to hold it upright firmly.

For non-wintry places, outdoor umbrellas are of good use. They can be useful to set up a perfect outdoor Christmas venue, a venue for a small party or get-together outside the house. You can decorate them to have a theme for Christmas. Put patio umbrella lights to have a bright surrounding. Patio umbrella lights especially the string types are also great decoration for a Christmas theme. Some of these string types are colored just like the Christmas lights. Adding colored lights and Christmas lights makes a sparkling and lively outdoor Christmas nights. Then add all the Christmas decorations you have and decorate the entire patio including the patio furniture. But do not over-decorate your patio and maintain the balance of elegance and festive of Christmas decoration.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Decorating for Christmas

Christmas is not just a holiday to have a vacation and to take some time for ourselves. It is a time to remember that Christ have come and dwelt on earth to save us. It is also a time of giving, giving not just gifts but also time for our family and friends. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year where we can spend longer hours with them at home. To bring the spirit of Christmas at home, we always decorate it with various decorations and displays. We tend to makeover it from the inside and out even before the actual season comes. It’s a tradition that is worth to keep.

Christmas decorations come in several types used during Christmas time or even beyond. Majority of these decorations have been created long ago and was handed from generation to generations. Designs and styles have evolved up until now but they still posses the beauty of the traditional ones. The usual color of a Christmas decoration is green but there are also others that represent a different kind of mood. If you want a snowy look, you can use blue colored decorations with some kind of white for a snowy appearance. Metallic colors like gold and silver are also common especially for decoration accents.

The top decoration in this long celebration is a Christmas tree. This type of decoration completes any home and is accented with lights and ornaments. Traditionally it is placed and used at home but are now showcased outdoors especially in town centers and parks. And some are tall that can be seen from far away. Other decorations that can add the spirit of Christmas are the Christmas icons. We have several icons for this Christmas celebration. Number one is the baby Jesus whom is the center of this celebration. Typically this is placed in a nativity scene with Mary and Joseph. Then there’s the star of Bethlehem traditionally hanged on the ceiling, wall, and over the top of every Christmas tree. There is also Santa Claus, an icon of gift giving that gives joy to the children.

This Christmas season is a perfect time to share with family and friends. Decorate your home to have the spirit of Christmas. Decorating a home is not a hard task. Although it may take time but the result will be so rewarding. Basically, you’ll only need a Christmas tree and some ornaments, garlands and wreaths for your walls and doors. You can buy all these from a nearby department store or easily order them over the internet like in PatioShoppers.com. And don’t forget to add an indoor fireplace or a patio heater to give your family and visitors comfort and warmth during this cold season.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Perfect Home Heating Solution

A home certainly needs heating solution during cold seasons especially in wintry places. As humans we need heat to warm our body in order to have comfort and maintain a healthy life. To have a warm home, we need a fireplace just right in a corner of a room. Traditionally, a fireplace is built-in a room corner with a chimney so that smoke will go outside the house. And we need to haul wood for fuel so that we can get the warmth we need. In these days, there are modern electric fireplaces which produce heat efficiently with convenience. More of these modern fireplaces even produce sound and flame effects to mimic a real wood burning fireplace. There are also gas fuelled fireplaces and patio heaters that are still safe to use for both health and the environment.

But what really makes a perfect home heating solution? Well, every person has his own personal preference. Although there are just great tools or appliances that we can say a perfect one, but it is still a personal choice if a person will really be satisfied with a particular option. To be truly satisfied with the solution or option that we choose, one must consider some factors.

The first thing most people are considering is the FUNCTIONALITY. The question often asked is, is it applicable or is it practical? Every heating solution has its own unique characteristics and function that is only applicable to a particular setup. The second thing to consider is the BEAUTY. This factor is always paired with functionality and is always been taken into account by most of us consumers. There are a lot of options that could complement most of indoor settings, from classical theme to contemporary or modern decoration. The most important factor that must not be taken for granted is SAFETY. We know that all heating solutions have complied with quality and safety standards. However, safety will still depend on how we take care of them.

Traditional fireplace is great; it can give an ambiance and beauty of natural wood fire. However, traditional fireplace is less applicable in today’s lifestyle. Modern and hi-tech indoor and outdoor fireplaces may not be perfect for some, but they are the most applicable and practical these days. Having a perfect home heating solution depends own personal choice, that is why modern fireplaces come with different style and functionality. You can even order customized fireplace.

If you are to buy a new fireplace, don’t be overwhelmed with lots of choices. Think first on what you really want of a perfect home heating solution and write it down in a list. You can conveniently search on the internet before buying. You can also order online like in PatioShoppers.com, they have a friendly customer service to help you choose a perfect heating solution for you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Patio Umbrella Lighting

The main purpose of lighting is to illuminate the surroundings against darkness so that things can be visible. But lighting not limited to just giving brightness, it is also used in beautification especially in an outdoor setup. It accentuates patio decorations and makes them visible in the dark. Lights alone can also be a vibrant decoration for any setup and can give life to a dull place.

These purposes also applies to patio umbrellas, lights give brightness and emphasis transforming an umbrella into a romantic and lively addition to any patio setup. Some patio umbrellas are sold with lights built-in but you can also buy a separate one to customize in a mood you like.

There are many trendy and stylish designed patio umbrella lights to choose from. String lights, these are available in many colors that can create a lively sight. Chandelier lights, this can give a touch of elegance and will complement with patio furniture. There are also lights that are spherical in shape made to fit in an umbrella pole. These lights come very handy and decorative.

Different types of bulbs matters as they perform differently. LED bulbs are the most widely used and recommended these days. These bulbs cost less to operate as these would consume a very low amount of power. But these bulbs are dimmer compared to other types and you’ll need more of these to create a bright lighting. But then again, this is not necessary if you’ll only need a little or dimmer light for a desired setting. If you really need a brighter light, incandescent and fluorescent are perfect. Although they are more expensive to use, they give off a brighter light you need. And if you want a warmer look use incandescent and for a cooler look use fluorescent. Consider also the choice of light colors if you want to really customize the mood of your settings. Most often used light color is white but there are many colors to choose from. Different colors create a really different kind of ambiance. For example, you can combine different colors for a Christmas feeling. Add some Christmas decoration, and then you can have your patio themed for the season.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Warm Home for a Cool Christmas

Christmas time happens during the coldest season of the year that it transforms the entire surroundings differently. It’s another perfect time for family gathering and get together with long time friends. It makes a white Christmas that is so cool where every tree tops become white that glisten and the land become brighten, except for tropics. It’s a wonderful time of the year that we enjoy the outdoors differently. This time, outdoors can be enjoyed by making a snowman and play snowballs together with family and friends. Maybe take a sleigh ride or ice skating. But no one wants to spend a long time in the snow. Everyone still needs warmth to keep the body relaxed and energized.

A warm ambiance of indoors will make us relaxed after a cool outdoors. And every home will not become lively without the warmth that is comfy. To create a warm home these days is easy. Unlike the old times that we need to haul wood for fuel and face the mess of a traditional fireplace. Today, even if you have a very busy lifestyle, you can still have a warm home to share with family and friends. There are lots of modern electric fireplaces that can create a cozy ambiance in an instant. There are outdoor heaters available also so that you can enjoy the sight of outdoors comfortably with warmth.

This Christmas is a perfect time of sharing and giving, family and friends usually come and visit you at your home. You may host a party or a reunion for the clan. In this cold season, just don’t forget to give your guests a warm welcome and share the gift of love with hospitality. Impress them with your home decoration with a comfy and warm ambiance. Electric fireplaces that display a realistic flame will be perfect. You can place a beautiful Christmas tree beside it without the worry of catching the fire. The electric fireplace’s realistic sparkling flame effect is perfect to accentuate the dazzling Christmas decorations. What a wonderful setting it would be for the happy holidays.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Significance of a Christmas Tree

Christmas is near and everyone are now preparing for this wonderful time of the year. Every establishment starts putting together their own Christmas ornaments. All department stores are now busy showcasing new and trendy Christmas decorations. And almost everywhere there is now presence of the ever lasting Christmas tree. No matter how big or small and how prestigious or simple, a Christmas tree still a symbol that joyous season is at hand.

A Christmas tree plays a key role in every Christmas season. It's more than just a decoration that beautifies a home. It’s a tradition that began long time ago. This was a representation that we are celebrating the gift of life through Christ. It is a must-have for every home even if Christmas time is still few months or days away. This will indicate that a household is preparing and celebrating a long Christmas season. Adding this wonderful decor to a home will bring the spirit of Christmas full of life and love to your home.

Long time ago, a Christmas tree was used only at home symbolizing that Christ is the center of every home. But these days they are now used in outdoors. Christmas trees, no matter how big or small are now displayed in public areas. Most of them are created by the people of the community. They are now shared not just for the household but for entire community, city, or even a country. Thus, Christ is now the center of the community. The good thing about placing these huge Christmas trees in the public is that the people are cooperating with each other in creating the mark of joyful life with Christ and forging a brotherhood among them.

In today’s busy and always on the go lifestyle, it would be very nice to slow down a bit and have your spare time spent in preparing your home for this wonderful season. Give time to beautify your home and set the mood of blissful Christmas. For your convenience, PatioShoppers.com offers a wide variety of Christmas decorations plus electric fireplaces and patio heaters. It will be so joyful that one day of this season of giving you can share the gift of love with your family and friends right at your home.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Offset Patio Umbrella Advantage

One of the most adored outdoor shade types today is the Offset Patio Umbrella. It is the first choice of many people when it comes to comfortable outdoor relaxation. There are a lot of reasons why more and more people choose this type for various outdoor setups. Basically the reasons that come are style and shape, flexibility, durability, and strength.

Style and Shape
Unlike the conventional outdoor umbrellas, this type comes in a new style that does not only looks appealing but also a big help for space saving and organizing the outdoor furniture setup. When used to shade a table, you don’t need to buy a table with hole or create a hole in your existing table. Because its pole is placed offset or away from the center, it will not be an obstacle of your view. This type also comes in many styles and designs that you can choose to complement with your setup.

There are also conventional outdoor umbrellas that offer flexibility but the offset types are the best. Tilting patio umbrellas gives sun shade in any angle but you are limited with its pole. The offset types give greater coverage and its pole will not be an obstacle. For an ultimate flexibility, there are rotating arm offset patio umbrella available. These characteristics combined with elegant canopy and fine finishes make an offset patio umbrella beautiful, stylish, and flexible. You can place it in almost any setup with ease.

Durability and Strength
Because of its sophisticated design, these umbrellas are normally durable. Usually made of stainless steel, aluminum, and durable fabrics, these umbrellas are made to withstand the outdoors. These umbrellas are equipped with heavy base to stand firmly and to void to be carried away by wind blows.

In today’s busy lifestyle, umbrella manufacturers continued to find ways to make a better home and a better life. In this latest innovation, they have revolutionized the way we use outdoor umbrellas. Outdoor umbrellas become hi-tech and can now be used with ease.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How Protect Wooden Furniture for Outdoor

Wooden furniture are naturally beautiful addition to a home or outdoor setting. Although there are synthetic made outdoor furniture that have wood tone or color, still nothing beats the natural magnificence of real solid wood. But these are very vulnerable to the effects of weather especially wetness or moisture. When a wood is wet for a certain period, some fungus may grow which leads to decay and ruin your treasured furniture.

There are few ways to protect wooden furniture outdoors but these can be a hassle and may not be applicable to your lifestyle. You may store them inside but this is unreasonable to do every time you want outside and doing this takes a lot of effort. Giving a shade and covering is a better option. Typically with shade sails or outdoor umbrella, but it is not an assurance. The outdoor climate especially in a backyard garden will still introduce moisture to the furniture.

For an added protection to wooden furniture, it is wise to weatherproof it. This is to preserve your valued furniture to enjoy its beauty longer. To weatherproof a wooden furniture is not much complicated. You’ll just need to apply it with paint or weatherproofing sealer. We will not cover how to weatherproof in detail, but doing it is just as easy as painting. First, make sure that the furniture is clean and completely dry. You can use soap and wash cloth or brush to clean the wood thoroughly let if dry completely. You can buy a weatherproofing sealer from any hardware or paint shop. Ask the vendor for instructions on how to properly apply the sealer. This is to make sure that you don’t ruin the finish of you furniture. You can hire a painter to do a professional job but you can do it yourself if you want. Sometimes it can be relaxing and fun doing things at home where you can also add a personal touch.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Furniture for Outdoors

Adding outdoor furniture to any outdoor setting makes outdoor leisure remarkable. Outdoor cushions helps in relaxation and create a lovely place for get-together with family and friends. An outdoor table should also be available for little outdoor meals, snacks, and a place to put your things on. An outdoor patio umbrella is a big help for a safe and sound outdoor leisure. It will cover you and your furniture when it’s raining and will protect you from the damaging sunlight and even the harmful sun’s UV rays. These are just few of the furniture needed for an enjoyable outdoor setup.

To make things run smooth around an outdoor setup and make a safe place to unwind, we need to make sure that we put things properly and that they fit in an outdoor condition to avoid adversity. Especially when in a harsh weather, we need to make sure that thing are properly installed and protected. But it is not just about protecting the furniture and fixtures; it is also about the materials these furniture are made of. All-weather furniture are best for outdoors. Durable, usually made of synthetic fiber, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Solid construction, made to endure harsh weather conditions.

Most modern outdoor furniture and fixtures are made to suit every outdoor need. There are outdoor umbrellas made to endure gusty wind blows. These wind resistant outdoor umbrellas are made of fiberglass and durable fabric, making it durable and flexible. And most of these umbrellas also have the beauty of wood market umbrella. This type of outdoor umbrella combines the beauty with durability and flexibility. The stunning beauty of wicker furniture can now last longer. With an all-weather wicker set made of synthetic wicker or rattan, you can have a beautiful set of furniture that gives a long lasting comfort. You’ll never worry about the moist of outdoors that stain and molds anymore. The outdoor furniture and fixtures made of stainless steel and aluminum also offer durability and resistance against rust.

To create a long lasting outdoor retreat, it is not just the installation and protection should be taken cared of. Another important thing to remember are the materials these furniture are made of. For outdoors, simply we need those that can endure any weather throughout the year.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garden in a Deck

Weekend relaxation can be so fulfilling in a garden sitting on a relaxing outdoor cushion and savoring the fresh ambiance of a garden. Gardening is not only limited to a backyard, you can create a garden from almost anywhere. From the ground backyard up to a high rise building a garden can be seen, and from the outdoor to indoors gardening is now possible. But the outdoor breeze enriched by the mood of a garden is so relaxing and it helps relieve stress.

A garden setup helps recreate a deck and make an inviting place to relax and get-together with family and friends. Setting up a garden in a deck is so easy and does not require high gardening skills. To get the gardening plants into a deck is somewhat costly but you’ll reap greater rewards. The setup will be so flexible, this garden can be rearranged in many ways so you can set and recreate a garden on a desired mood.

You can select any type of plants you’ll need depending on the mood you want to create. Add aromatic plants for a relaxing ambiance; you can opt for greens if you love nature or get more flowers to create a lovely feeling in your deck. The important thing to remember when getting a plant on the deck is that it should be potted or those plants that need less soil and water because most decks are made of wood. Anyway, you can still put any plants you loved. Just take the potted plants out of the deck when watering and let the bottom of the pot dry before placing it back. This is to avoid decay on the deck due to wetness especially if your deck is made of all wood.

Setting up will be easy, you can undo every arrangement that doesn’t look good without the difficulty of changing landscape like backyard gardening. Once you have the plants, all you can do is arrange it according to your mood. Arrangement will have no limits at all. You can add outdoor furniture to the setup to create a place for getting-together with family and friends. You may need an outdoor shade to create a safe shade under the sunlight. A patio umbrella will also be a big help, it’s more than a shade it also adds beauty to the arrangement.

Imagine yourself relaxing in a paradise garden just right in your deck. Life can be so lovely just around your home. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Backyard Garden Safety

Expect the unexpected. As the weather changes often and mostly come unexpected, we should be always cautious to avoid problems. The best way to keep safe is to expect what would happen next if something goes wrong. Let us talk about backyard garden safety.

Garden plants are harmless in general, but it is the things that we add can cause the damage to our garden. Outdoor patio umbrellas are likely dangerous than any other outdoor furniture. If not installed properly they may fly and fall when heavy wind blows come and eventually will hit things around. And other outdoor furniture may also ruin a garden arrangement. In addition to that, poor furniture arrangement will hide the beauty of a garden.

To install an outdoor umbrella securely, we need to provide it with a durable umbrella base or stand. Getting an umbrella base or stand will depend on the type of umbrella. For a wall mounted outdoor umbrella, they can be installed securely to a wall. You’ll just need to make sure that the wall can hold it. A solid wall can give a considerable strength. But for a freestanding outdoor umbrella, you’ll need a perfect stand or base for outdoors. Preferably a heavier base can give greater strength against harsh outdoor condition. You can close the umbrella for safety but a lot of times tough weather comes as a surprise so don’t be surprised. Secure your umbrella in a heavy base and the pole must be perfectly fitted unto the base hole. There are also bases with holes that can be used to attach it securely to the ground. A table that can be used to hold umbrellas offers greater stability to hold it in place. Installing an outdoor umbrella securely not only saves your garden, you can also avoid disasters that can cause damage to properties and hurt people. Outdoor furniture and fixtures seldom cause damage but should also be taken cared of especially those that are standing tall and wall hanging item.

To maintain a safe and relaxing backyard, one must keep everything safe. You can enjoy a safe and sound garden leisure that can last longer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Outdoor Umbrella Shape Factor

Patio Umbrellas or Outdoor Umbrellas come in many colors, styles, and shapes. Before buying an outdoor umbrella one must consider some important factors. These factors affect the beauty and functionality of the setup you are making. Choosing the right characteristics of your outdoor umbrella determines how your outdoor setting would look. A good selection would result into a lovely outdoor setting. Whatever setup you are planning to create, there are numerous umbrella types to choose from that would perfectly complement. Outdoor umbrellas are not just for beauty, they are also helpful in protecting us. It protects us from harmful sun rays and from the rain. It also serves as shade for our outdoor furniture.

One factor to consider before buying an outdoor umbrella is the shape. Outdoor patio umbrellas come in various shapes, from classic shapes to modern stylish ones and some have tassels. Most typical umbrellas come in polygonal shape. There are those that have six sides, eight sides, and some have more sides. More sides give strength your umbrella would be, but in today’s modern architecture this is not necessary.

The choice will be based on your setup. If you are to put it to shade a table, it is obvious to choose the one that shaped like the table. If your table is square, choose square umbrella, if it is rectangular choose rectangle. And for round tables you can choose to use polygonal shaped as polygons are somewhat rounded. But if you have no table yet or you are not to place a table, the choice will now depend on how you want your setup would look. Consider also your space because not all houses have large space and home spaces have different shapes too. A round shaped umbrella may consume more space, so if want to save space for other furniture or display, it would be nicer to use square or rectangular shaped. But more people likes rounded or polygonal shaped because they are elegant and classy.

These are just ideas through observation. You can still customize and create a setup of your own preference.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indoor Plants and Their Benefits

Life outdoors is a relaxing experience and you can have it in your deck or patio. An outdoor furniture setup with lovely plants creates a relaxing space where you can have a relaxing day under the sun and protected with a lovely patio umbrella. Enjoy the wonderful night stargazing at a clear sky while lying down in a relaxing outdoor cushion. You can enjoy these experiences for most days of the year, but what about when rainy season or winter comes? You can no longer enjoy the view and ambiance of a patio garden during these seasons. Maybe you can create an outdoor shade for the deck or patio, but things will still be different. Good thing we have options to bring the life of an outdoor patio garden inside our home with the indoor plants.

Live indoor plants or houseplants are not only good as addition to interior decoration in your home or office, their benefits are many. As for decoration, indoor plants can give life and excitement to a dull room. There are lots of indoor plants that can help enhance any interiors. You can place these plants almost anywhere in your home. From windows up to the inner rooms, there many plant types that are suitable for almost any indoor situation. You can even create an indoor garden. This is possible in today’s lifestyle.

Indoor plants also are helpful in maintaining a healthy home in all seasons. It can help keep a room cool and provides a fresh environment. Just any other plants, they absorb carbon dioxide and in return they release fresh oxygen. These plants can even absorb bad odours this is why many have placed plants in their lavatories to keep the place fresh and odourless.

Having and taking care of houseplants not as tricky as outdoor gardening. There are indoor plants already planted and grown in pots. And keeping them is so simple. These plants generally need attention only once a week. Cultivating plants indoor is easy and you just need to pay attention to the following requirements.

Indoor plants are generally grown with specialized soils. These soils mostly compost combined with peat and vermiculite or perlite.

Indoor plants need to be fertilized every once in a while because soil nutrients can easily depleted in a potted environment. It is required to supplement these plants with the right fertilizer to keep then healthy.

Indoor plants have different moisture requirement. It is good to know the moisture requirement of these plants and to check the soil moisture. Over-watering and under-watering can be detrimental to them.

Plants need light to produce their food to grow but indoor plants don’t require much light as outdoor ones. And not all indoor plants’ light needs are equal so it is best to know the required light before acquiring them.

Enjoy the freshness of a garden ambiance even indoors. You can have a beautiful and healthy home to enjoy with the entire family with the help of indoor plants. Not only you can create a better place to live, you also contribute for the better environment.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Garden Café – An Uncommon Setting

Commonly, a drink that is associated with garden is tea. But for us who loved coffee, we can also have them in the garden. For a perfect coffee time in a garden setting, the uncommon Garden Café setup will be best. By the way, the word "café" is derived from coffee and it is the term used to call a place to drink coffee. Here’s a simple scenario of this idea.

A backyard garden is commonly used for relaxation in today’s busy lifestyle. For a refreshing ambiance and a lovely view, it would be nice to have more flowers. Ad if you need a soothing ambiance, add some aromatic plants. Select those aromatic plants that helps relieve stress. You can add some fountains to add a touch of nature’s wonder. Adding pets like fish is also a good help in stress relieving. Then add some outdoor furniture and an outdoor umbrella to complete the relaxing setup.

Now to create a Garden Café, we’ll simply add the café setup to a garden. An outdoor cushion would do but to get the look and feel of an outdoor café, a coffee table with chairs will be the best addition. Cover it up with style using a fashionable outdoor patio umbrella, it will not just provide a shade but an elegant style too. You can choose whatever type of outdoor furniture you like. Whether you want a metallic look or a natural wood finish to complement with your garden, it’s just a matter of personal preference. As long as the set of furniture you choose will complement with each other, it will result to an elegant setting because the garden will just complement to any outlook. Imagine this; the look of wood finish furniture that complements to the natural look of a garden would look so beautiful in any perspective. And the elegance of modern furniture with metallic finish will look so wonderful in any garden setting. The coolness of the sleek metallic furniture will blend with nature.

In today’s busy lifestyle we always seek for the nearest possible retreat to relieve the stress we feel on each day. There are numerous places to go for a relaxation, but for many, there’s no place like home, a home where you can have a boundless retreat.

Monday, August 2, 2010

How a Hammock Can Add Excitement to a Garden

A garden full of flowers can look so lovely on its own. Just add some outdoor furniture where you can sit back and relax covered with the shade of a protective outdoor umbrella or a sun shade sail. With this simple setup you can enjoy your weekend in a very soothing way. You can enjoy a weekend get-together with your family without traveling far from home. At home you can enjoy your leisure time to the fullest without the worries. You can have a hassle-free outdoor leisure right at your own backyard garden. Everything is all set.

Now, add some excitement to your garden without affecting the tranquility. To do this you will just need an outdoor hammock. Most people cannot resist the lure of a hammock. Any outdoor setting can get so exciting with this eternal thing. Yes, you can get a total relaxation with a reclining outdoor cushion, but sitting and riding in a comfy hammock is different. It’s like a charm that creates a very relaxing feeling. Place it in any spot and it will create an eye-catchy place. Surely, everybody will go that way. An outdoor or garden relaxing will become more exciting. It helps us to have more time for a rest after a tiring day.

There are numbers of hammock styles and made of different materials. Outdoor types are made to endure harsh conditions. They are weatherproof so you can place it outdoors permanently without the worry. But the durability does not compromise the comfort. Still they are very comfy and some are shaped to give support to a tired body that will give the ease of relaxation. Modern hammocks become more fashionable. They can add an awesome beauty to any garden arrangement. They more innovative, there are several types that are portable and lightweight. Durable hammock stands are available that are easy to assemble and with wheels for easy mobility. You can move it around the garden for a lovely and comfortable spot. Life can be easier and smooth, unwind in a calm place where you can lie down and relax while riding on the waves of sweet memories.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Outdoor Café Pleasure at Home

Coffee, food, music, and a breath of fresh air! If this is your trip you can go to an outdoor café for a relaxing weekend or free time. But there are times when we don’t want the crowd or the hassle of traveling far from home. Yet we still want to experience an outdoor café ambiance. Why not create one at home. You can even customize the look for a more personalized view. Having an outdoor café at home has many advantages. You can spend your time endlessly and you can have it your own way. It means that you can do anything you want. You can have the feel of an outdoor café without leaving home. Like it’s said, “Home Sweet Home”. You can even impress your friends by inviting for free café leisure at the comfort of your own home. Now, here’s a simple idea to get that outdoor café relaxation at home.

The Setup
An outdoor café setup is simple. You will just need some outdoor furniture such as;
• A little table for two or a larger one if you want share it with your family and friends. The shape will depend on your preference.
• Chairs, but some tables on the market come with chairs but you can select one for yourself. It could be a regular chair, a bar stool, or a semi-relaxing chair.
• More importantly of course is an outdoor shade. Any type of an outdoor umbrella would do but for a more relaxing setup, it would be nice to use an offset patio umbrella. Because the pole will not be an obstruction, it can be a very relaxing view outside.

The Ambiance
A cup of coffee and the sound of your favorite music can be so lovely. But it will be much more relaxing if you can feel the extra warmth and ambiance of a fireplace especially during cold seasons and nights. A portable patio heater will do the trick. You can have the ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of maintenance and refueling. Your relaxation will go smoothly in serenity.

The Food and Drinks
Coffee is an all-time favorite on cafés, but you can have whatever you want. For those of us who loves coffee, most of the favorite coffee flavors can be prepared at home. You may buy a premixed coffee flavor. And a portable coffee maker is now available on the market. For a food, there are a lot of food that can be easily prepared at home. For a quick delicious recipe, please visit Martha Stewart.

You can customize your own setup but as a start-up you may follow this simple idea. You can now enjoy an outdoor café, with a cup of coffee and your favorite book or magazine. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All About Sun Safety

One of the most common problems we face these days is the harmful effects of suns rays. Especially that the earth’s ozone layer cannot filter out the harmful radiation coming from the sun, we cannot escape from it. Everything under the sun can be damaged, outdoor appliances, outdoor furniture, and most especially our skin. But we can do something to protect our skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Let us first know the types and levels of UV rays. There are three types of UV radiations with different levels of effects on our skin.

This type of UV radiation is one of the causes of aging. When our skin is exposed, it will result to wrinkling and contribute to skin cancer. This type is the primary radiation that we are exposed on because it can pass through the ozone layer. This is commonly used for skin tanning, but be aware that excessive exposure is not good.

This is a dangerous type, this invisible ray of light can cause sunburns and can cause cataract. It can also contribute to skin cancer. The most common form of skin cancer caused by UVB burns is Melanoma. This radiation is absorbed by the ozone layer, but enough amounts of these rays will pass through which will damage our skin.

This is the most dangerous, but we don’t have to worry about it (no yet) because it is blocked by the ozone layer and will not reach the earth.

We can protect ourselves by using lotions and sun block creams with higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which will partially protect and reduce the effects or sun’s radiation. But the best protection is to stay away hidden from the damaging sunlight. On the other hand, we don’t like to stay indoors for long. We always seek outdoor leisure. And there are also other circumstances such as outdoor work or activity that we need to go out. Well, we can use outdoor shades and outdoor umbrellas to protect us from the sun’s radiations. But not just any shades, we need to ensure that they can protect from harmful UV rays. Especially when we use fabric type shades, we need to choose that has UPF. Just like lotion and sun block creams have SPF, fabrics have UV Protection Factor (UPF).

The factors that increase the UVB blockage are the weave density and structure and materials used. Acrylic made fabrics such as fine woven Sunbrella fabric used in outdoor umbrellas and outdoor shade sails has UPF 50+ or 98% UV Protection. Olefins are also good, aside from being durable and beautiful they have UPF 30+ or 96% UV protection. Some fabrics are manufactured with ingredients to boost the protection factor. The other factor that affects the blockage of UV rays on fabrics its color. Off-white colors have 95% blockage, and black and olive colors have 99% blockage.

Environmentalists say we can reduce this problem in general by contributing to the green revolution. By planting trees, protecting our environment, reduce-recycle-reuse our trash, and even just a simple backyard gardening will help. Well, it could help but it would normally take long. For now, all we need is protection.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Patio Furniture Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Not all patio furniture are created equal. The beauty, functionality, and durability may vary on materials used. Some are simple and some very luxuriously designed, some are extremely durable and some are not tough enough for an extreme condition. But the life span of a patio furniture will still depend on how we use and care for it. For example, a wood umbrella will not endure a gusty wind, and a patio furniture made of iron will not be suitable in a wet area because it will get rusty. Choosing the right patio umbrella will not only depend on strength and weakness. Remember that buying a new addition for a patio is not just about functionality, it’s also about harmony in beauty. A patio or garden should always a beautiful place to entertain and relax. A less attractive place will not be entertaining and relaxing. The following are the types of materials used in patio furniture with its beauty and functionality, advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Patio Furniture
Patio furniture made of Aluminum is the most commonly used type especially for Outdoor Umbrellas. Finished products mostly are painted with powder coating to create a fine texture. You can choose a pre-colored furniture to mix and match with your current house or patio motif. This metal type of furniture is extremely durable, has a longer lifespan than wicker and wood furniture. Best for frequent use!

Wicker Patio Furniture
Traditionally made from the stems of any one of 600 palm species, stems are tightly woven into interlocking section to form into a desired style. Some modern wicker furniture is made from synthetic resin to increase its life span and to reduce the manufacturing costs. Wicker designs are very impressive and stylish due to its flexibility. They look natural and would complement any patio or garden setting. The downside of wicker Patio Furniture is its durability is not much, although it may last longer under normal use, it may wear down if used with heavy weight excessively. If it is made from palm, you must keep it dry because it is not water resistant. It can be easily damaged by water or moist.

Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture
Outdoor-type of wood patio furniture add classic elegance to any outdoor setting. Mostly available in natural wood finish, harmoniously blend with the ambience of a garden and of a traditional patio decor. Painted wood furniture are also available that would complement with your existing theme. The most common wood finishes are teak and cedar because they are resistant to moisture and insect. Teak naturally contains silica, known resistant to fungal decay and may reduce the effects of water such as swelling and warping. Resistant to chemicals and fire also.

Cast Iron Patio Furniture
Also called wrought iron furniture, they are more decorative. Because iron can be formed gracefully, they come in decorative designs and styles. These are also the most durable type of furniture that will last longer than any other types. The downside of this type is that they are very heavy, rearrangement can be difficult. Although mostly have rust resistant finish, you must also give some extra care because iron will get rust easily.

Resin Patio Furniture
Often made of recycled plastic, obviously it is weather proof. With the latest technology, an incredibly durable material is produced. It does not fade and will not crack even exposed on all weather condition. Patio furniture of this type is molded to resemble a real wood or wicker. Design and style possibilities are endless. It does not need to be painted because the color is embedded in the material.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aromatic Garden Recreation

After a tiring activity or work our body needs rest to regain energy. It also helps regenerate cells and replaces the old ones to keep us young and healthy. Our mind also needs a deep rest to refresh it. There are many types of settings to obtain a great and fulfilling recreation. That includes spas and fresh outdoors. But if you want an ultimate relaxation with a little therapy for an exhausted and weakened mind and body, an aromatic spa or garden recreation is perfect for you.

If you are already tired and don’t want the hassle of going to commercial spas to relax, it is wiser if you have your very own aromatic garden right at your patio, deck, or backyard. Aside from being very accessible because it’s just at you home, you will also save lots of money and you and your friends and loved ones can enjoy a great soothing recreation not far from home. Owning an aromatic garden is easy and less expensive. You will just need a space of course. It could be in your patio, deck, or backyard. Here some ideas and steps in creating your very own aromatic garden.

Patio or Deck Aromatic Garden
Imagine having an aromatic garden in a legendary hanging setting. It would be very impressive right? Delight your loved ones and friends by welcoming them and letting them experience recreation in your own aromatic patio or deck garden. Setting up is easy. Basically, you’ll just need;
The outdoor cushions should be comfortable where you could lay down to relax. You may add a lovely hammock which offers more comfort. A Patio Umbrella that is not only decorative but also protective from suns rays. Aromatic plants and flowers planted in pots can be purchased at an affordable price. You can have assorted aromatic plants but you should consider arranging them in groups depending on their scents, mixed scents could be surprisingly amazing or terrible sometimes. These plants and flowers could also add beauty to any patio or deck arrangement.

Backyard Aromatic Garden
If you have a backyard, it will be much better because you can customize the setting in any way you want. Plus, there are also aromatic plants and flowers that are best when planted on the ground. And the ambience is much better on the ground garden.
To start off you’ll just need;
  • Outdoor furniture, cushion and a table
  • Outdoor Umbrella, to shade
  • Aromatic plants and flowers, to be planted on the ground and pots
The cushions should also in comfortable design where you could lay down. Also a hammock can be more relaxing in a garden. You could use an outdoor umbrella but a Gazebo is more elegant in a ground garden. For starters, an Outdoor Umbrella is still beautiful. Grow taller plants because they can add more freshness to the ambience. If you love gardening then planting on the ground will be more exciting. Plants and flowers planted on the ground grow and multiply faster. Thus, it will be rewarding. Aromatic plants and flowers in a pot are still practical if you want to frequently change the arrangement.

You may add pets, ideally fish and birds to make your aromatic garden livelier. If you don’t want the hassle of raising pets, it is best if you can put some nature sound effects for a more relaxing ambience. You can also listen to your favourite music.

To help you out on choosing an aromatic plants and flowers that are best for you, here’s a short list.
  • Citrus – Adds a refreshing citrus aroma• Fennel – provides a robust licorice scent
  • Lavender – available in a wide range of variety and very popular, provides a sweet summer scent
  • Thyme – popular herbal plant, Lemon and lime varieties add a special 'touchable scent'
  • Scented Vines - Honeysuckle, Jasmine, or the ever popular Climbing Rose. Aside from giving great scent they good to create cover. Wisteria is also a fantastic spring bloomer that can get your summer off on the right foot!
  • Verbena – Highly popular scent, especially its lemon variety
  • Night bloomers - Moonflower or Nicotiana Sylvestris are best for night times

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunbrella Fabric – Highest Grade Fabric for Patio Umbrella and Cushions

Sunbrella is the leader in performance fabrics. For over 45 years, they have earned a reputation in leading the performance fabric industry. To keep up with today’s demanding lifestyle they consistently come up with new fabric innovation. Manufacturing on demand with the latest fabric technology, they’ve made high quality performance fabrics with sophisticated styling and best-in-class warranties. Major furniture manufacturers and designers trust Sunbrella for their fabric needs.

Through the years of being consistent in providing the world's best quality fabrics, they have earned various prestigious recommendations and certifications. By providing fabric that has ability to filter out sun’s harmful rays they’ve earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. They also received the Green Guard Children and Schools Certification for its contribution to clean and green environment and very low emitting products. It is the most trusted brand when it comes to modern performance fabric. Sunbrella fabrics present ultimate beauty creations and clean living.

Why Sunbrella fabric?
Why not? It’s the number one performance fabric around. Sunbrella fabrics are durable and tough enough to stand even on harsh conditions. They are built to last and will endure any season. They are manufactured with special weaving techniques to strengthen the fabrics against tearing by stretching and corrosion. Using this leading-edge technology and specialized technique, exquisite, durable, and worry-free fabrics are produced. Ultimately stain resistant, perfect even for rainy outdoors and the risk of mildew is very low. It is a cleanable fabric wherever you use it. When used as Patio Umbrella shade or outdoor shade sails, you can just hose it with water. You may apply mild detergent to remove stain without affecting the colors. With sophisticated finishing techniques, the fabric color is locked in to the core so it retains its colors. Great for outdoor cushions due to its resistance against stain, can be easily cleaned.

Sunbrella fabrics can be used to a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. They are made to have an exceptional beauty and usability to answer today’s needs. These fine fabrics are decorative, you can choose from numerous fabric colors and type that suits your decoration needs. These fabrics are used as cushions, curtains, outdoor umbrella canopy or shade, and shade sails. In fact they are used by major outdoor product manufacturers and selected by major outdoor furniture shops. If you want to buy the best product that uses fabric, ask for Sunbrella, most shops have them.

Aside from being durable and beautiful, they are also good as sunlight protection during sunny days. We know these days that sun’s rays are very harmful and dangerous to our skin. Especially the UV rays can cause damages to our skin and may lead to cancer. Good thing Sunbrella’s innovation has offered fabrics that can protect us. These fabrics, especially those use used in Outdoor umbrellas and outdoor shade sails can repel most of the sun’s heat and block harmful UV rays.

As a pioneer in revolutionizing of performance fabric, Sunbrella offers countless advantages to make life easier and liveable. Live in elegance, comfort, and safety of Sunbrella.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Different Types of Fabrics for Outdoor Umbrella

An umbrella cannot be an umbrella without its canopy or shade, of course. It is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying an outdoor umbrella. The sunlight protection level and the fabric durability will depend on the fabric types used.

There are numerous types of fabrics used in umbrella manufacturing. We will discuss only those that are commonly used in outdoor umbrella manufacturing. All these types are good to use depending on how and where you use it. They have advantages and disadvantages.

This fabric is usually solution dyed so it retains its colors to last for several years, good for outdoor decoration. Lightweight but durable! Weather-resistant and stain and mildew resistant, it stands any outdoor conditions. But be careful not build fire and no heat producing elements nearby, exposure to extreme heat can cause it to melt and may shrink the fabric. It is easy to clean and dries faster. It does not hold moisture so this type is good for rainy seasons to shade and cover other outdoor furniture.

Spun Polyester
One of the most widely used fabrics, low shrinkage and retains color for longer years. It is an all weather fabric, great for outdoor use because it is resistant to chemical and abrasion. It is made of strong material that can withstand frequent stretching. Some are made smooth to have a cotton-like texture.

Best for wet and rainy season, this fabric is waterproof and does not retain moisture. It is strong, mildew and rot resistant, and abrasion resistant, great for garden shade. Nylon fabric is smooth and more lightweight than any other outdoor or patio umbrella fabrics. Be careful not to dry it using an automatic dryer as it can cause piling. It has a poor resistance to heat.

As the name suggests, it is a combination of polyester and cotton. Polycotton fabric is a nice blend of polyester’s strength and the coolness of cotton. The polyester adds resistance against wrinkle to the fabric so it can last even on prolonged use. The fabric is nice and light but you should give it a proper care. This type may hold moisture which could cause stain, molds and mildew to appear.

If you want a protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, Vinyl is just right for you. It has an excellent UV protection that can repel most heat from the sun. They are usually made with UV stabilized pigments. Does not retain water and dries quickly, best for outdoors. Easy to clean and resistant to stain and mildew.

This type is extremely heavy duty, durable that it lasts for years if with proper care. This fabric is great to use during hot sunny weather, it is usually made from cotton so it is cooler than any fabrics. You just need to use it with proper care, cotton is usually water absorbent which may cause stain and mildew to appear, so keep it dry always before storing. Here’s the good news, for less worry, modern canvass fabrics are made with water resistant element.

These fabrics are good to use with its advantages. With proper selection of fabric types for a specific environment or outdoor settings, the beauty and durability of your outdoor umbrella can last for longer years.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Safe and Sound Outdoor Recreation with an Outdoor Umbrella

First thing in mind when it comes to unwinding is to go outdoors. You can do it in groups or your own solitary way. But you cannot get the best relaxation without the perfect setup. You would not want to get burned under the sun just to relax. It would be disappointing to see your skin burnt after a few hours of spending outdoors especially in beaches. To get an optimum relaxation without getting burn scars, you could use an outdoor umbrella to protect you and your family from skin-burning sunshine. If you are a health conscious person, you know that harmful UV rays would still pass through in an ordinary shade. Well, you shouldn’t be worried anymore because with the latest fabric manufacturing technology, UV protective umbrella and shade fabrics are available and being used on specialized outdoor umbrellas today.

Some beach resorts provide beach umbrellas and there are also outdoor umbrellas for rent. But you are not guaranteed to be satisfied with what they provide. Some outdoor umbrellas may not have UV ray protection, some my not match the color, size or style you want, some may not be durable and are dangerous to use. To be safe and get the outdoor recreation you want, it is nicer if you can customize the setup the way you want it and the way you like it. You can buy your own outdoor umbrella and other outdoor furniture you want. Of course, it will be easy if you buy those that are portable but it will still depend on your preferences. It is better to have your own outdoor needs because it will come handy whenever you want to go out.

Sometimes, carrying an outdoor umbrella can be so hassle especially if you want to go to places where you need heavy umbrella stand. Well, if you don’t want the hassle of carrying an outdoor umbrella, maybe carrying outdoor shade sails would be the best option. Like outdoor umbrellas, there are shade sails that can protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Modern shade sails comes in various shape, colors, and materials that suits everybody’s needs. Shade sails are very light, portable and easy to setup, you just need to choose a location where you can set it up. But if you want to experience a luxurious and delightful outdoor leisure it is a wise choice to use an outdoor umbrella.

Always remember that the careful selection of an outdoor umbrella and stand is important. Keep in mind that outdoors especially in beaches often experience gusty wind blows. Surely, an umbrella would catch a blow and without proper installation it will be lifted and may hit other things around that would cause damage to other outdoor furniture and properties. It would be a frustrating outdoor leisure if you only get trouble with your umbrella. I have known an umbrella related beach incident once where it creates severe problem that caused tension. You wouldn’t want that to happen right? Please read the “Simple Rules to Keep You and You Outdoor Umbrella Safe”.

When all is setup and secured, you can have a great and relaxing outdoor relaxation leaning on a relax chair covered and protected with a fashionable umbrella with a side table and a glass of fruit juice and a fresh dessert - recipe by Martha Stewart. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple Rules to Keep You and Your Outdoor Umbrella Safe

Do you think outdoor umbrellas always keep you safe sound? Yes they are, but you need to be careful on using and setting them up. They can sometimes cause damage that costs much money and loss of property. Here are some simple rules to keep a safe umbrella usage.

The Wise Choice!
The choice of outdoor umbrella is very important. To choose between patio umbrella and market umbrella depends on how you use it and where you use it. If you are to use a patio umbrella for your lovely garden be sure select one that is stable and safe. Because garden will always be wet, the best choice for garden would be aluminum and other waterproof types. Do not use iron and wood type as these would be rotten and as time goes by these types would break and fall that would cause damage to your outdoor furniture and plants. For windy areas especially at the beaches, the wind resistant umbrellas are the best choice. It may not be necessary to buy expensive umbrellas, but it would be nice if we can avoid serious troubles in the public places that costs greater. Wood market umbrellas are best for patios or decks because they are very flexible and looks more appealing to the eyes, they are great for outdoor decoration. Wood or Market umbrellas today are built with metal support to make it more durable, but not necessary if you only use it in your patio or decks.

Without proper selection, you may wake up one day seeing your umbrella broken and create lots of damage around.

Safety Setup!
You should not depend on your umbrella strength alone. Set it up with safety measure. If you set it up as a freestanding umbrella, use a durable umbrella stand or base. Keep in mind that the heavier outdoor umbrella the heavier and wider the base too. Select a base with hole that best fit with the umbrella pole to keep it tightly attached to the stand. If you use it in gusty places such as beaches, use a heavier base to avoid the umbrella being lifted by a sudden wind blow. You may use those that have mounting holes to mount it securely to the ground. It would be best if you can mount it to a table because it has greater strength.

Proper Care!
Umbrella strength will not last forever, but with proper care it would last longer. Taking care of you umbrella is just as simple as ABC. You clean it and store or keep it in you garage when not in use. Most umbrella canopy fabrics are made of vinyl, polyester, and other non-water-retaining materials so they are very easy to clean. And because normally they only accumulate dust, you can just spray or hose it with water and let it dry. On heavy dirt, you can simply use mild soaps and rinse it. Be sure to always keep it dry before closing and keeping it to your garage to avoid stain and mildew to the fabric and to the pole. This simple caring will lengthen the durability of your outdoor umbrella.

Keeping these simple rules can help to avoid damages not only to your outdoor umbrella but to all of your outdoor furniture and appliances.

Friday, May 14, 2010

An Outdoor Umbrella Just Right for You

There are different kinds of outdoor umbrellas available in the market, especially during summer season. One of the most common umbrellas is the aluminum patio umbrella. It is popular because of it strength to stand up on the heat of the sun, storm and any other forms of weather. Another is the wood patio umbrella. It is frequently known because of its uniqueness in making your place more traditional yet wonderful and amazing. Another one is the offset patio umbrella, which is very elegant due to its design and style.

All of it is great and perfect together with a wicker patio set. It can make your place to become comfy and ideal. Some of it may be in a casual design, but it is just a right thing for a wonderful house. It could be considered as a luxury, but I am sure that you will be happy for its outcome.

An Ultimate Patio Umbrella for Perfect Season

One of the ultimate out-of-doors umbrellas for the coming season is the offset patio umbrella. It has a big and heavy base making the umbrellas durable. It is considered as one of the wind resistant patio umbrellas. It is also generously sized to block the sun rays all day long and will give you a unique design.

The style of the umbrella is composing of great combinations of the different fabrics it used and the idea of having a side post. It is really one of a kind plan for it covers the greater area of your outdoor. You can also place a patio heater under it, especially during rainy days to make you feel warm. It can add more factors in making your place cool and wonderful. It may be expensive but you are resting assured that you will enjoy every single moment of your life in your patio.

The Long Lasting Outdoor Decorations

People want something that will last for as long period of time. It is one way to save money and at the same time enjoy those things they have. For those who love designing their house including their outdoors, teak patio furniture and tiki patio umbrella is a perfect combination. It can stand up any type of weather because of its durability. Also, your place will become more stylish and conveying due to the rarity of the decoration you have in your patio.

Teak furniture is ideal to use due to resilience and natural resistance to decay. The endless designs of the furniture make it to be popular compare to other decorations. It is great and wonderful if the furniture will be placing with a patio cushion to add more elegance to your outdoor. It may be considered as one of your luxuries in life but for sure those cushions will make your place more comfortable and relaxing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Art of Backyard

In the past few years a growing trend of luxury furniture made for outdoors has emerged, and it just makes your backyards to look more marvelous and wonderful. Having nice furniture in your backyard will add up the spice and comfort, but you must not just have to put any kind of furniture’s in there, instead you must take in consideration the kind of materials that the furniture is made of in order to make it not regret in your choices.

It is the time to change about the outdoor furniture mindset; we must admit that we will need this tool when we have a limited budget to build a bigger house or a large terrace. There are many kinds of patio furniture that you can buy, and also many sizes and colors you can buy depending on your need. No matter how attractive your outdoor furniture is, it won't look very inviting if the cushions are worn and shabby so it will look more wonderful if you will put a patio cushion. But, the most important thing to consider when you want to buy patio furniture is the basic material.

Summer in Beach

It’s the heat of the summer and it will be marvelous to go out in the beach with your family, friends and special someone. Wouldn’t it be nice if when you go out and enjoy the heat of the sun where you will still be protected by the sun without being out of fashion and being burned out?

A practical thing to bring will be an umbrella bringing the thatch umbrella with you will simply make your stay on the beach an unforgettable one. It will give you a cool shade and will be a nice decoration in your beach. Find something to spice up your experience with a touch of the exotic tiki patio umbrella or a tiki umbrella, it has a natural appeal of materials like bamboo, straw and thatch that will definitely make your beach stay memorable. With these umbrellas in the beach, it will surely be lot more fun.

A Dream Backyard

Are you looking for a good umbrella that will make your backyard an extraordinary one? Are you tired of having an umbrella where you are going to adjust your lifestyle and not the other way around? Well, worry no more because I will be giving you some tips and suggestions.

One of the best ways to make your garden more magnificent to the eye is by putting an aluminum outdoor umbrella on your backyard. It will make your backyard extraordinary and will surely capture the eyes of your visitors. They will also envy you because of the great art that you made to your garden. But it has to be not just an ordinary offset umbrella but it has to be an aluminum patio umbrella where you can be able to extend the sides of your umbrella in any ways you want it to be. It will also add some life if you will put a wicker patio furniture, it will not just give nice scenery to your place but will surely give comfort to people who will use it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Evolution of Umbrellas

Umbrellas are one of the most amazing inventions in the world. From generation to generation, umbrellas change according to the need of the people on that specific era. Now, we see outdoor patio umbrellas that are so stylish with a touch of the latest technology to ensure that the style of that umbrella would never be left out as generations continue to unfold.

Umbrellas today come in different style and class. There are those umbrellas that are simple yet very attractive and appealing to the eyes. There are also those umbrellas that are extravagant and built in high quality materials and are intended for a long time use. Say for example, the thing they call offset umbrellas are made just to suit the need of the people who want to talk under an umbrella without having to worry and see that barrier pole in the center. Offset umbrellas make the talking experience under that very convenient and comfortable. Another type of umbrella is the beach umbrella. Before there are no stuffs like this but as years go by and as people realize they need such thing to protect them from too much heat, they made one.

Generations and times affect the umbrellas made by people. I can’t wait what type of umbrella would come out in the coming years.

The Best Style You Are Looking For

Nowadays, there are hundreds of outdoor umbrellas you can choose from. Wood umbrellas are one of it. Some say that it is weak and fragile in match up to others. However, it is in contrast from the fact because today’s wood umbrella has added metals on the umbrella stands and bases. It makes the umbrella more durable and robust which can stand for a long period of time.

It is better together with the resin wicker patio furniture. The furniture is made of synthetic resin strands making it very light, easy to move and impermeable to the nature. It produces unique method, which makes the place to look very pleasing from the eyes of the people. The style is also great and well designed. It answers the fashion that you are looking for whether it is traditional or modern one. However, all of this stuff really depends on your taste and on the allotted budget you hand from making your place as comfortable as ever.

A Stunning Thatch Umbrella

Thatch umbrellas are great in adding more tropical ambiance in your backyard, patio and poolside. It is already tested that it can stand up the heat of the sun, storm and any form of weather. It is because of the thatch materials used in making the umbrella which is composed of dried leaves. All of it is weaved in order to form a very sturdy roof-like covering. It really fits in a place which is prone to storms but still has a wonderful landscape.

Instead of using the usual commercial outdoor umbrellas, the thatched umbrella is better to be used to make the environment more relaxing and elegant. You can have a good ventilation and greater shade with it making the area very cool and refreshing. It can guarantee you that it is one of the best wind resistant outdoor umbrellas available in the market. It is also cheaper compare to other outdoor umbrellas.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Offset Umbrella for Summer Season

You can spend your summer in your pool to save money during the season. However, in order to make it more real, you need to have an outdoor umbrella. You can have it and place it near the poolside in preparation for the summer season. It has different style according to the motif of the place. You can choose any variety you want to depend on your budget.

One of the finest and most commonly used outdoor umbrellas in a resort is the offset umbrellas. The umbrella stands is positioning in the corner of the umbrellas different from others, which are located at the center. It is more comfortable and the design is very elegant. Also, the umbrella base is durable making you to be confident that it can withstand any type of climate. You can really assure that this kind of umbrella is long lasting, which can help you save lots of money.

One of the Finest Outdoor Umbrellas

There are instances that you need to keep the outdoor umbrella and furniture you have, especially if you are out for some activity. And the best way for this is to have all those things which can endure and resist different types of weather. If you wish to have it then you must know all of outdoor umbrellas.

The greatest among all outdoor umbrellas is the aluminum patio umbrellas. It can stand all the way from all kinds of weather. It is available from different styles to make your outdoor look well designed, clean and neat. It is durable and in good quality.

The aluminum patio umbrella is helpful to everybody for it withstand any weather conditions. It is also affordable and long lasting. You can enjoy using it for more than years if you have proper ways in taking care of it. It is best together with all weather wicker furniture. You can let it in your patio or backyard all the time making you worry free from any destruction. You just need to maintain and clean it so that it will look new all the time.