Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Different Types of Fabrics for Outdoor Umbrella

An umbrella cannot be an umbrella without its canopy or shade, of course. It is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying an outdoor umbrella. The sunlight protection level and the fabric durability will depend on the fabric types used.

There are numerous types of fabrics used in umbrella manufacturing. We will discuss only those that are commonly used in outdoor umbrella manufacturing. All these types are good to use depending on how and where you use it. They have advantages and disadvantages.

This fabric is usually solution dyed so it retains its colors to last for several years, good for outdoor decoration. Lightweight but durable! Weather-resistant and stain and mildew resistant, it stands any outdoor conditions. But be careful not build fire and no heat producing elements nearby, exposure to extreme heat can cause it to melt and may shrink the fabric. It is easy to clean and dries faster. It does not hold moisture so this type is good for rainy seasons to shade and cover other outdoor furniture.

Spun Polyester
One of the most widely used fabrics, low shrinkage and retains color for longer years. It is an all weather fabric, great for outdoor use because it is resistant to chemical and abrasion. It is made of strong material that can withstand frequent stretching. Some are made smooth to have a cotton-like texture.

Best for wet and rainy season, this fabric is waterproof and does not retain moisture. It is strong, mildew and rot resistant, and abrasion resistant, great for garden shade. Nylon fabric is smooth and more lightweight than any other outdoor or patio umbrella fabrics. Be careful not to dry it using an automatic dryer as it can cause piling. It has a poor resistance to heat.

As the name suggests, it is a combination of polyester and cotton. Polycotton fabric is a nice blend of polyester’s strength and the coolness of cotton. The polyester adds resistance against wrinkle to the fabric so it can last even on prolonged use. The fabric is nice and light but you should give it a proper care. This type may hold moisture which could cause stain, molds and mildew to appear.

If you want a protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, Vinyl is just right for you. It has an excellent UV protection that can repel most heat from the sun. They are usually made with UV stabilized pigments. Does not retain water and dries quickly, best for outdoors. Easy to clean and resistant to stain and mildew.

This type is extremely heavy duty, durable that it lasts for years if with proper care. This fabric is great to use during hot sunny weather, it is usually made from cotton so it is cooler than any fabrics. You just need to use it with proper care, cotton is usually water absorbent which may cause stain and mildew to appear, so keep it dry always before storing. Here’s the good news, for less worry, modern canvass fabrics are made with water resistant element.

These fabrics are good to use with its advantages. With proper selection of fabric types for a specific environment or outdoor settings, the beauty and durability of your outdoor umbrella can last for longer years.

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