Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outdoor Umbrellas for Sun and Rain

Installing an outdoor umbrella is an easy way to have a real sun protection and cover from the rain. More than that, a beautifully designed patio umbrella is a great enhancement to any outdoor setup. With the right choice, the umbrellas can set the mood and beauty to a patio and brings luxury to outdoors like in the beach.

During summer or on places where the sun is so hot especially in the middle of the day, sun protection is badly needed. Excessive exposure to the sunlight can hurt and damage our skin. Sometimes the damage is noticeable through our naked eyes as sun burn but the severe damage cannot be easily seen. This kind of damage is caused Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) which is not visible to our naked eyes. If sun burn can be seen quickly and heal in days, damage from UV radiation on the other hand may slowly develop a carcinoma or cancer which is long term maybe lifetime disease that can lead to death.

As an advice, do not forget to wear sun protective suits or sun block cream when you are out under the intense sunlight and bring an umbrella whenever possible.

Outdoor umbrellas offer an ultimate sun protection. The shade naturally blocks most of the sun rays preventing them from penetrating to our skin. To get the most protection, select those umbrellas having canopy fabric that has a high Ultra Violet ray (UV) blockage while reducing heat at the same time. Sunbrella fabric is one of the well known fabric that can give this kind of protection. However, there are many of them available and mostly are treated fabrics. Look for modern types also such as tilting patio umbrellas and rotating arm wall mount outdoor umbrellas. These are especially designed so that you can adjust them to have a good shade from any angle.

For rain, this situation is not so dangerous to our health unless we are ill already. But surely much of the time we want to keep ourselves dry. A large patio umbrella can help keep our outdoor setup and patio furniture dry.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outdoor Cushions - Choosing the Right Color

Outdoor cushions make sitting and lying down comfortable. These soft pads are made to support our body from top to bottom for a soothing rest and deep relaxation. Not only that, cushions can cover a larger part of the furniture so they are a great enhancement to the design and style. So the next time you buy a set of outdoor cushions, choose those that could add a fine look to any outdoor furniture.

The general style of cushion depends on the type of outdoor seating you have. But there are several features that make a cushion great. These features may include the quilt, lining, filling, cover fabric, and color. For a patio or outdoor design, color of the cushion is most important feature to keep in mind when you buy a set for your chairs and outdoor sofa set. You may sometimes wonder what color to choose. Well if confused, you may ask for a second opinion. For better results, ask a friend or from an expert in decorating. You can also learn it for yourself if you want to, all you need is the hows.

I have here some simple guidelines for choosing the right color and color combination. There is only one key to this, think on the mood you want to setup. Yes, colors can affect the mood of any setup, your choice makes the most of your design.

Depending on the theme or mood you want to achieve, the colors play a big role. Your setup may become, classic, festive, romantic, or something the goes with nature such as a tropical paradise. Colors like yellow, orange, and light variations of red are more of a lively and festive colors. They more used for picnic, get-together, or any festive leisure. While on the darker variations of these colors set the mood for dining. Greens are also festive but more of a tropical or garden theme. Dark color variation of red, brown, an even gold can set a warm and romantic mood. Like one of the color of the year 2011 "vintage wine" is really great for a romantic get-together.

Here's another tip if you have a colored outdoor shade or patio umbrella. The color of the canopy of these outdoor umbrellas can be the most dominant in the setup. You have to consider buying cushions with colors that blend well with the shade.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Outdoor Umbrella Applications

Outdoor umbrellas of today come in several types of designs and styles. Although all these types can be used in most situations, there are just some of them that performs best in specific environment.

Several outdoor setups and situations these patio umbrellas can be used includes backyard garden, patio, outdoor leisure, and businesses. To get the best out of an umbrella, one should know how to choose the best one for a specific environment. Here some situations and how to choose the best umbrellas for them.

Home Exterior Decoration
Outdoor umbrellas can be used to decorate the exteriors of your house. The half-canopy and wall-mount patio umbrellas can be a beneficial feature to the house walls. You are not just adding a unique feature to your house but also an extra shade.

Backyard or Patio
A backyard or a patio place are some of the best place at home for an outdoor relaxation and a pleasant place for receiving guests. Creating this outdoor space is easy with patio umbrellas and with the help of an outdoor heater for some cozy ambiance when it is cold outside. A freestanding patio umbrella along with some comfy patio furniture can set the mood of the overall outdoor design.

Outdoor Leisure
When it is summer and the sunlight is at its peak, do not go out in the open area without sun protection. Sun's rays can be harmful to our skin and may lead to serious diseases like cancer. Bring an outdoor umbrella with you especially when you go out to the beach to have a shade when the heat is not bearable. For a worry free relaxation look for those resistant to wind and having a higher UV protection.

When you are planning or having business like cafe, it is wiser to extend the area and use the outdoor space. All you need are sets of tables and chairs with an outdoor umbrella. These umbrellas will make your business look attractive from the outside. Commercial patio umbrellas are also a tool for advertising. This type of umbrella can be printed with logos, pictures, a text to advertise your business or cause.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Better Patio with an Outdoor Heater

Do you love to stay often at your patio? What about during cold weather?

Most people love to stay at the patio for relaxation with a fresh outdoor air to breathe after a tiring day or just getting out from the pressures of indoors. For this reason we always want to make our patio as beautiful and as comfortable as it can be. The are comfy outdoor seats, sofa sets, and patio furniture that helps in creating this. But seasons change, the comfort of patio will not stay the same all throughout the year even if you have all the comfort of furniture. There are times when the outdoor condition becomes uneasy and winter is the most unbearable season.

The best comforter during the cold weather is an outdoor heater. Depending on your needs, patio heaters can help make you feel better. You can have the feeling of summer even during the coldest winter.

There are several types of outdoor heaters and are available in a wide array of styles. Each of these types are great in which sometimes it becomes a difficulty to choose the right one for you. A simple way to find out which is which is to know the type of environment and how you want to spend your time staying at the patio. For example, a gas-powered patio heater is best for extreme cold weather and can generate enough heat for the entire family. But if you don't want the hassle of refuelling and just want an instant heat, an electric heater could be the best option. An outdoor fire pit on the other hand is best for night-time where you can enjoy the cozy ambiance, smooth air, and the view of dancing flame in the dark.

For your outdoor patio umbrella, there is an infrared patio heater that is specially designed for convenience and style. This heater can be easily attached to the pole above giving the warmth below the shade. This could be one of the best patio umbrella accessories you'll ever have.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Heart Warming Garden with Outdoor Heater

A backyard garden is a cool place to stay after a tiresome day. But too cool isn't cool, chilly outdoors will make us feel uneasy especially in winter time. The best solution to stay in the garden even if it's a cold weather night or a chilly winter day is to get an outdoor heater. Outdoor or patio heaters of today are powerful enough to generate enough heat to make any outdoor environment comfy.

It is common today that a garden is no longer a place for flowers and plants. Often, a garden is designed as another place at home where we can stay for a while when we want to feel relaxed. We make sure it can give the breath of fresh air and the smell of our favorite aroma from plants. So we give a spot in the place for some patio furniture so that we can have a comfortable seat, a couch, and even a small table for a tea or coffee. For some shade, outdoor umbrellas are our best friend. They protect us from sun, rain, and snow. Handy patio umbrellas are available in many styles and colors that can add to the outdoor design. In short we create a heart warming garden to stay.

Outdoor heaters completes our relaxation and leisure time in the garden. Though they differ from one another, all can generate heat to make the environment cozy and the ambiance to become lovely. Depending on the type of environment you are creating, you can select the best heater applicable to your surrounding.

Gas patio heaters are simply fuelled with gas and can give sufficient heat for any outdoor environment. Gas fuel type used are natural gas and propane, we know these gases performs well in giving heat to a home.

Electric patio heaters on the other hand are also available in few types. These are halogen, infrared, and the conventional heaters using hot wire. Electric heaters are known to be a hassle-free heater and are consistent with the generated heat. Just plug it in and you don't have to think about it running out of fuel. You can have a pure relaxation in cozy environment.