Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outdoor Cushions - Choosing the Right Color

Outdoor cushions make sitting and lying down comfortable. These soft pads are made to support our body from top to bottom for a soothing rest and deep relaxation. Not only that, cushions can cover a larger part of the furniture so they are a great enhancement to the design and style. So the next time you buy a set of outdoor cushions, choose those that could add a fine look to any outdoor furniture.

The general style of cushion depends on the type of outdoor seating you have. But there are several features that make a cushion great. These features may include the quilt, lining, filling, cover fabric, and color. For a patio or outdoor design, color of the cushion is most important feature to keep in mind when you buy a set for your chairs and outdoor sofa set. You may sometimes wonder what color to choose. Well if confused, you may ask for a second opinion. For better results, ask a friend or from an expert in decorating. You can also learn it for yourself if you want to, all you need is the hows.

I have here some simple guidelines for choosing the right color and color combination. There is only one key to this, think on the mood you want to setup. Yes, colors can affect the mood of any setup, your choice makes the most of your design.

Depending on the theme or mood you want to achieve, the colors play a big role. Your setup may become, classic, festive, romantic, or something the goes with nature such as a tropical paradise. Colors like yellow, orange, and light variations of red are more of a lively and festive colors. They more used for picnic, get-together, or any festive leisure. While on the darker variations of these colors set the mood for dining. Greens are also festive but more of a tropical or garden theme. Dark color variation of red, brown, an even gold can set a warm and romantic mood. Like one of the color of the year 2011 "vintage wine" is really great for a romantic get-together.

Here's another tip if you have a colored outdoor shade or patio umbrella. The color of the canopy of these outdoor umbrellas can be the most dominant in the setup. You have to consider buying cushions with colors that blend well with the shade.

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