Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Color Is Your Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas come in a wide variety of colors ranging for dark to bright. You can buy outdoor umbrellas in your nearest department stores and furniture shops where you can select your color of choice. With the availability of internet, it is also great to shop online where you can select from a wide variety of color options. Most of these online stores even allow you to customize your choices of colors and fabrics.

No matter what type of outdoor umbrella you choose, color is the factor you should observe when it comes to creating a specific theme or design for your patio. Just remember that color can create and enhance an ambiance. For example, shades of dark red and brown is warm, a good choice when creating a warm place with a help of an outdoor heater when its chilly.

How to decide on color option? Here are simple tips that can help you choose the appropriate color for your outdoor decoration. If it is placed together with other patio furniture such as a table, consider the color that goes with it. It don't have to be of the same shade but it must create a beautiful combination. For example dark wood furniture is nice to be paired with a red or shades of brown.

When you are to create a specific theme, please don't forget that the color of patio umbrella canopy will reflect to the surrounding. When it's daytime and the sun is brightly shining, the color will vividly shine especially when the color is light. If you don't want this to happen, try some darker colors of outdoor patio umbrellas with thicker canopy fabric so that the light will not pass through or reflect.

Colors can create or enhance a feeling. If you desired for happy and lively theme, select yellows with greens, these are nice for tropical setup. Shades of red and brown is the right color when you want a romantic place, reds can even be better at night with proper lighting. Select blues for lightness and formality.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Change the Looks of Patio Seats

Changing some or overall looks of the patio furniture aims to have a new appearance or to renew them to their mint condition. We do this several times a year in a scheduled time or as needed by a circumstance.

The are several things in which we can do to accomplish this task. Retouching and repainting sounds similar but they are done differently and the result will not be the same. All these tasks will require hard work and an amount of money but it is inexpensive and practical than just quickly buying a new set of furniture for replacement.

Retouching can be done easily with little effort. It brings the item condition to its original state mostly the finish. There are a lot of ways to do it but the goal is to ensure that the original texture, color, and shape is restored and preserved.

Repainting is also simple to do but with more effort. It brings the item to a whole new look. The color may still be the same but it is more cleaner than just removing stains and repaint scratches.

For outdoor patio seats, you can change the looks even without touching the original item finish. There are just two simple things to accomplish this that is to put some cover or enhance them with outdoor cushions. This step is simpler if you already have a cushion, you can just change its cover.
Adding outdoor cushions give a whole new outlook to the furniture and to the patio decoration as well. It also offers more than the looks by giving a comfortable seat to support your bottom, back and even legs for a better relaxation. You can stay longer to enjoy the outdoors under an outdoor umbrella even if it is winter, just use a patio heater to bring back the feeling of summer.

To help protect and preserve your patio furniture, give them outdoor shade especially when they are not resistant to harsh outdoor conditions. Sun, rain, and snow are the elements that threatens your investments. Outdoor patio umbrellas can give them instant protection and provide them a cover when not in use.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Enjoy the Summer with an Outdoor Umbrella

As the summer is coming, the outdoor environment becomes more exciting. This time of the year is the time for vacation and relaxation and everybody seems want to have a great time in this season. Put those electric patio heaters to rest and have fun under warmth of the mighty sun. Some loves to go to the beaches and some on the other part of the land. Wherever we may go, the sun is always there to bring a lively weather. But its light is not friendly at all times of the day so get ready with some protection.

There are a lot of sun screen we can use such as sun block creams and lotions but when the sunlight becomes intolerable, a lovely outdoor umbrella is the best protection. Modern beach umbrellas have now revolutionary fabrics that not only give shade against the glare of the sun but also blocks harmful UV rays. We know Ultra Violet are invisible and these rays can penetrate some fabrics. But some canopy fabrics are now treated so that they can block most UV Rays that can be harmful to our skin. These fabrics also maintain a fine and vibrant look.

The patio umbrellas are not just for protection but also for outdoor decoration. You can achieve a great summer sitting or laying down on your patio seats with comfy outdoor cushions under the luxury of a beach umbrella. Today umbrellas are not just simple umbrellas. Modern innovation makes them more fashionable and functional. Designers have brought the fashion and styles to the umbrellas to become more trendy. Modern designs such as a unique tilting feature makes the umbrella functional at anytime while the sun is hot.

When you buy outdoor umbrellas, make sure that this is suitable for summer getaway. Remember these important characteristics as your criteria for choosing the best.

  • Resistant to wind blows (important when used at the beach)
  • Protects Against Sun's UV Rays
  • Endures Hot Sunlight
  • Portable

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Which is Better, Fire Pits or Outdoor Heaters

No different things with different functions are better than the other if they are used at the right time and at the right place. In fact, proper usage bring them to their peak performance. For fire pits and outdoor heaters, though they have the same primary purpose that is to give heat for warmth during cold weather, they are made for different situations. You may feel the difference in heat generation but this factor doesn't make the other better in a general sense. Modern patio heaters are made not just for comfort but also for outdoor d├ęcor and setup enhancement to enjoy the outdoor space's purpose.

Having said that fire pits and outdoor heaters are equally good, let us know the benefits and where they are applicable to get it to its best.

Fire pits including fire bowls allow us to enjoy warmth in an outdoor place much like the traditional way. This way you can enjoy the warmth and the view of dancing real flame. Depending on fuel you use, you can also smell some warm aroma that adds to the outdoor air. This type of heating is suitable for outdoors with large open area and without close roofing. If you love to spend relaxing at night, this heater can give you a satisfying leisure time. With the darkness of the night, its blazing fire will keep you comfortable and thrilled through the night. But do not use this under or near a patio umbrella, the flame may damage it. An electric patio heater will be a better option that can be safely paired with an outdoor umbrella.

Outdoor heaters are best for convenience and for the times that you only need warmth. Available in gas and electric-powered, these heaters can give warmth with less hassle. Some may have flame effects but not much like real. This doesn't matter much if all you need a safe-and-sound warmth. This type of heaters will do good in any outdoor setup even in an open area but be sure to store and secure them after using. This heater is machine operated so it needs some protection from outdoor elements that could damage the mechanism.

The choice between these types is yours to decide. Just base your preference on how you want to enjoy outdoors and what type of environment you'll be going to use it. Good luck!