Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips on Adding and Maintaining Plants on a Patio

There are a lot of benefits that we can get from plants in our patio. They can be used as additional decoration to the patio setup along with patio furniture items. With select plants we can create a really beautiful feature or focal point to the landscape. Plants are also effective in giving freshness to the ambiance. They can contribute to our wellness and to the environment even at a small amount.

Adding these life-giving elements might seem easy but there are some rules that we need to observe. These rules are simple yet have big impact in achieving great results and avoid problems.

Sunlight Needs
Plants are dependent on sunlight in order to live. They process their food with it. So when you add them to a patio, be sure that they can see the sun!

However, plants have different sunlight needs. Some can live with a little sunlight in a day and some needs more the whole day. So it is better to choose plants which are best suited with your patio design.

Before adding plants, it is wiser to determine their sunlight requirement. Determine the right plant selection according the type of environment that you have like the following.
  • Open patio area
  • Area with a shade or patio umbrella, and
  • Close outdoor room

It is easier if you can use retractable sun shade sails or awnings or outdoor umbrellas that are easy to open and close so that it is less hassle to let your plants under the sunlight.

Water Needs
Plants also need water in order to live. The amount of water needed is different for each kind of plants though. Some need to be watered everyday, some a few days or once a week, and some need water occasionally.

Watering plants is easy to do for those planted on the ground but there are some limitations for potted plants. You need to keep in mind that you should give just enough water that the pot can bear. Some plants cannot live well with too much wet soil.

Do not forget that there is water spillage in watering potted plants. You can provide pots a basin for draining water to avoid your patio design and patio furniture items getting wet. This should be done especially if you have a wooden patio, wooden or steel outdoor furniture, and wicker sets to avoid deterioration caused by water.

Part of plant maintenance is to supplement them with fertilizers. Because the plants are provided to help your patio decoration and design, they should look more alive and blooming. Fertilizers, whether chemical or organic can easily be purchased and are easy to apply. To determine the right fertilizer, just go straight to a store that sells them and tell the plant you have. They know the right choice.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

High Wind Patio Umbrellas

What is a high wind patio umbrella?
There are many types of patio umbrellas in the market today and one of them that get the highest approval in durability and strength are the High Wind Patio Umbrellas. They are commonly known as wind-resistant umbrellas and have the following qualities.
  • Typically made with the strongest fiberglass rib arms which make them very flexible and strong.
  • The canopies are made of marine-grade fabric to withstand intense sunlight and rain.
  • The frame is constructed of anodized aluminum and other component mostly are made of die-cast aluminum resulting a virtually unbreakable and windproof outdoor umbrella.

While attaining great strength, manufacturers did not put beauty aside. The umbrellas still have aesthetic qualities that cater classic and modern home or industrial architecture. If you can find these qualifications you can rest assured that you have possessed the best wind resistant outdoor umbrella.

Why we need them?
In general, outdoor umbrellas are left outside without ever being closed down or stored away. Yes you can close and provide protective umbrella cover or store them but they spend most of their entire lifetime outside absorbing intense sunlight, high winds, rain, dirt, and salt air.

The worst outdoor element is the wind. Gusts of wind can cause havoc on your patio furniture and patio decor items. They come unexpectedly sometimes and patio umbrellas suffer the most because they absorb most of the beating. Among all umbrellas, only high wind patio umbrellas can endure. Once the blow hits, the rib arm flexes and it rebounds back to the original shape, unlike a metal rib arm that may bend permanently or worst they break.

Who uses them?
This state of the art type of umbrella are the most trusted shade solution for use at hotels, apartments, and condominiums. There are residences that favored this sturdy shade too especially those in a location that have frequented by strong winds. Most country clubs, restaurants, and many other locations that require commercial-quality products also uses them for aesthetic pleasure and durability.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Online Furniture Buying Basics

With online marketing getting significant these days, the amount of information for a consumer can seem mind-boggling which will lead to confusion sometimes. To help you overcome this bafflement and information overload, here are some basic tips.

Items that are priced higher don't always represent good quality. How much more with cheap ones? But still most of us want items that have lower price. The good news is quality furniture products are reasonably priced now because commercial competition is getting higher.

You can look at stores that are on sale to get good items at lower price. You can also inquire in online home and patio furniture stores to see what are on sale items. Just keep this checklist when searching for furniture items on sale.
  • seller integrity
  • seller policies on returns and warranty
  • website security
  • website policies

Durability is the most important thing to keep in mind when buying furniture sets and outdoor umbrellas. The problem with online shopping is that it is often hard to test a product by just looking at a picture or seeing from an advertisement. Still, there are ways on how to check them.

First, carefully read the product description. And if not satisfied, search the product directly from the manufacturer to be sure.

Second is to read the customers’ testimonials. But beware that not all people can be pleased with a product. It maybe because they have the wrong place for an item. So you have to weigh their comments especially those that point to the product itself.

Third is to read product reviews. Search for product reviews over the Internet and you can find many. You just have to know about the authors if they can be trusted.

The rule for this is very simple, if the item does not fit to your space and room design, you don’t have to buy it.

Depending on the type of setup you have in your patio or room you can select items that can go well with modern, minimalist, and classic designs.

Color is another factor that can affect the environment of your setup. So choose those that can go well with your theme with other items in your setup. If you are about to buy a new indoor or outdoor furniture, it should match with you major installations such as sofa sets, shades or patio umbrellas, and table sets.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Reasons Why You Need a Fire Pit

Like most outdoor patio heaters, a fire pit is a great addition to a patio setup to transform its atmosphere. Its primary purpose is to create a warm and comfortable place but can also be a great centerpiece or attraction to the landscape. With it, you can have a delightful patio experience which most of us do when relaxing at home.

On top of these goodness that a fire pit can bring, there are still more benefits that we can get out of this simple patio landscape element. Here is a list of what we can get from this wonderful patio item.

A Cozy Ambiance
Nothing can be more relaxing than to have a real warmth with ease when it is cold outside especially during winter and on cold nights. Besides, this is the main reason we install a patio heater or a fireplace.

Wonderful Attraction
Real flame naturally attracts our eyes particularly when it is dark. This will be an amazing attraction after the sun settles down. The fantastic flames that seem dancing are delightful to look at that you, your family, and friends can enjoy. You can enjoy these in the patio using a fire pit.

Burning Furnace
Aside from real flame enjoyment, you can do some stuff out from its main purpose. It can also be used to burn unwanted papers and other combustible things. But please be careful and watch what you will burn for safety, some things are not meant to set in flame at home

Cook and Roast
Some fire pits, wood burning types in particular allows cooking some dishes. Like most people do in front of a fire, roasting marshmallows is a fun time that you could enjoy.

Landscape Attraction
As for modern fire pits and with heavy market competition, these items now come in unique and elegant designs which we could use for patio decorating. These can be a great complement to a patio furniture set. Just a reminder, please do not use it under or close to a patio umbrella or shade sails. The flame and heat are not good for them.

A patio is the most accessible leisure place in modern living. It is a safe haven and an alternative comfort zone at home. It is also a place where we would want to receive our guests. So we should make it more impressive, enjoyable, and comfortable with a little help of a fire pit.