Sunday, October 23, 2011

Terrible Reasons Why You Need a Patio Umbrella Cover

We have read and write much about how to buy patio umbrellas. On how to choose the right outdoor umbrellas for a type of environment and what designs are good for a particular outdoor room setup. This time, I think it is helpful to talk about protecting our patio umbrellas with the use of patio umbrella covers.

There are many obvious reasons why we need to provide covers for outdoor umbrellas. However, they are just plain reasons that you or some people might ignore. Now I wanted to get you to the real terrible reasons why the need of an outdoor umbrella cover is a must. I am not just trying to scare you off, but wanted to warn you of the possible misfortune of your outdoor patio umbrella. Now here are the reasons.

Colors Fading and Abnormally Fading
Fading umbrella canopy color may look natural but what about fading abnormally? This happens to an umbrella that is closed for while under the harmful sunlight without any cover. Even expensive umbrellas are no exception to the changing sunlight and heat wave that is getting worst these days. After a while when the umbrella is re-opened, fading appear on the most exposed parts creating visible lines. The lines will appear on any parts of the fold randomly, isn't it ugly looking?

Ugly Molds and Mildew Over the Prints and Colors
Okay, covers cannot really protect any patio furniture because molds and mildew can appear on any spot but we have a saying that prevention is better than cure. This saying also applies because molds and mildew are like skin diseases that grows and rotten the affected objects. To prevent this, some outdoor elements must be blocked from getting into the umbrella. The only thing needed is an umbrella cover. Take note that the cover must be made to resist the elements that cause mold and mildew such as water and dust. Doing this will prevent ruining the color, text, or maybe a picture printed on your precious umbrella.

Nasty Insects Invade and Ravage
There is no exception to this, even the most expensive patio umbrella. Insects will make this a breeding place and most likely to destroy your investment. They love to hide, live, build a lair in an enclosed place. A closed umbrella is one of the best place for them. So when you open a patio umbrella that is closed for some time now, prepare to face these nasty creatures.

So when in time you retire your patio umbrella and buy a patio heater for the winter or buy a new one in changing a patio theme, don't forget to buy a cover for it. Securely put the cover and place it in a safe place.Link

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patio Dining Set Styles for All Needs

Anything you add to the patio affects the design of the overall setup. It could be unnoticeable sometimes but the difference is visible to others most of the time. So it is very important to see first if the style of a piece that you wanted to add can go well with the theme and size of the patio. This is true for larger items that you wanted to add such as outdoor furniture, outdoor umbrellas or shades, and other utility fixtures.

One of the large-sized furniture that can be added is a patio dining set. Due to its size and usual placement, which is the center of the patio, it can affect the looks of the setup. Choosing the right one is important because you are creating a place with a purpose. The criteria for deciding which is best is not just its design. We should also check the size, shape, color and finish, and materials used.

The reason why we put a dining set to an outdoor room is that it is great if sometimes we can have a change in our dining style at home. Outdoor patio dining is fun and a worthwhile activity where the ambiance is great and a wider view. A picnic on weekends can also be fun in your patio where you have the freedom of doing things that you love like cooking right at the comfort of your own home.

To get a nice and spacious patio, the dining set must be space saving and has the design that goes well with other patio furniture.

There are just four common shapes of a table which are square, rectangle, oblong, and round.

Squares are relatively small in size. Though they can be greatly utilized, they are not commonly used as dining table for a large preparation. However, a small table like this is great for a romantic dinner date or for a small family get-together.

Rectangle and oblong table are the best choice for a large outdoor dining especially in times of occasions. This type of table can occupy a large space so make sure you have enough patio space left to roam around. If space is an issue in your outdoor space then there are alternatives. An innovative table design which can be adjusted from smaller to larger and vice versa is the answer for smaller patio space.

A round table is a nice place for get-together where everyone around the table can talk to each other comfortably. This is good for sharing thoughts and foods. This type promotes a smooth designed environment. It just can claim a larger space though.

If a patio umbrella is to be used for a shade, select those that have a hole in the middle for it.

After you chosen the right dining table, it just can sit in the patio alone but it may be boring to look at. A handful of table top add-ons can bring a bit of contrast and balance to the patio decoration.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Heaters and Fireplaces Help Grow Your Business

I know this article is slightly not related to the topic of this blog. But let us discuss about how patio heaters and fireplaces become essential asset to a business. This could help business minded people especially those having a home business.

Clients or customers make a business alive and they are vital in its growth. To keep the customers coming and loyal, they must be treated well so that they can feel the benefits and satisfaction of being part your business.

Good customer service is a must in a business and part of it is providing them comfort while inside the premises. We know how uncomfortable it is to cope with the chilly environment especially during winter. And any customer would seek the place that is not just heartwarming but also really warmth giving. This is the situation that patio heaters and fireplaces can be of great help for your business especially when your establishment is not well protected against the cold weather.

Traditional fireplace has been great in the past but are not practical as electric ones these days and are not recommended for businesses. They can be a hassle the operation and may produce smoke that you should not let your clients experience. Alternative to that, these are the types of outdoor heaters that are beneficial to different types of establishment you might have.

Electric Heater and Fireplace
This type is known to be efficient, safe and hassle-free to operate. All you have to do is plug it into an electric outlet and you can have an instant warmth to comfort your customers. Many of this type now come with a remote control for easy operation. This also come in several other types such as convection, halogen, and infrared. Because of the safety and being maintenance-free of these electric heaters they come in various forms such as wall-mounted, hanging, and free standing. There are some especially the infrared types are now made for patio umbrella which can be attached to the umbrella pole. This is useful when you have a business in an outdoor setup such as a bistro or an outdoor café which you only use an outdoor umbrella as shade.

Gas Powered Heater and Fireplace
This type of heater is fueled with natural gas or propane. It is more powerful in generating heat which made it recommended for the very cold outdoor weather and to accommodate a larger group of people. Recommended to use in an outdoor area where the heat can quickly scatter. Typically constructed as free standing with some trendy designs. It can also serve as an accent to the outdoor setup or indoor decor. Best to use at the center of an area where the heat can evenly spread around in a 360 degree angle.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Patio Furniture Buying Tips

There many characteristics of a patio furniture that we need to consider before buying one to add to our outdoor rooms. These characteristics which are crucial to the purpose of the patio design and theme include material, design, style, and color. Sometimes it's not easy to decide which one to choose because there several things to consider. These tips will help you think before you buy so that you can come to a good choice. These tips will also apply to buying an outdoor umbrella.

Metal, Wooden, or Plastic?

Metal made furniture items are durable but you have to take care of it because it can get rust especially if it is made of iron. Except for fully rust-resistant metals such as aluminum, make sure that the whole steel is insulated well. Check first if the powder coating is thick enough to resist moist. Make sure the joints are properly affixed. Aluminum is known for being rustproof but it is not as strong as iron. When you buy aluminum furniture, see if it is thick enough to hold weight especially for chairs and tables.

Wooden furniture items are beautiful in nature, strong with the right wood choice, and durable with rigid construction. Before buying one for your patio, check if it has the right characteristics for your patio. Because there are several wood tones and finish, it should match with your patio theme. Check to see if the wood has been applied with sealant to avoid it getting rot with the outdoor elements.

Plastics are lightweight and best in portability for any outdoor setup. PVC and resin plastics are best known used for furniture making because these are heavy duty for outdoors to withstand different weathers. The best thing about plastics is that they are flexible which enable to mimic the looks of other types of furniture such as wooden and wicker patio furniture sets.

Classic or Contemporary?

With all the patio design and styles, we can only sum up these into two, classic or contemporary. Of course, we should choose those designs applicable with our theme when we buy a patio furniture. Classic is for classic themed furniture and contemporary or modern designed furniture for modern decor.

What Color?

Color is one factor that set the mood of out setup so choose the best one that is appropriate for your patio theme. This is more applicable for patio umbrellas where its color reflects to the overall look of the setup. For example, choose yellows, greens, and lighter shades for a lively and festive outdoor.