Sunday, October 23, 2011

Terrible Reasons Why You Need a Patio Umbrella Cover

We have read and write much about how to buy patio umbrellas. On how to choose the right outdoor umbrellas for a type of environment and what designs are good for a particular outdoor room setup. This time, I think it is helpful to talk about protecting our patio umbrellas with the use of patio umbrella covers.

There are many obvious reasons why we need to provide covers for outdoor umbrellas. However, they are just plain reasons that you or some people might ignore. Now I wanted to get you to the real terrible reasons why the need of an outdoor umbrella cover is a must. I am not just trying to scare you off, but wanted to warn you of the possible misfortune of your outdoor patio umbrella. Now here are the reasons.

Colors Fading and Abnormally Fading
Fading umbrella canopy color may look natural but what about fading abnormally? This happens to an umbrella that is closed for while under the harmful sunlight without any cover. Even expensive umbrellas are no exception to the changing sunlight and heat wave that is getting worst these days. After a while when the umbrella is re-opened, fading appear on the most exposed parts creating visible lines. The lines will appear on any parts of the fold randomly, isn't it ugly looking?

Ugly Molds and Mildew Over the Prints and Colors
Okay, covers cannot really protect any patio furniture because molds and mildew can appear on any spot but we have a saying that prevention is better than cure. This saying also applies because molds and mildew are like skin diseases that grows and rotten the affected objects. To prevent this, some outdoor elements must be blocked from getting into the umbrella. The only thing needed is an umbrella cover. Take note that the cover must be made to resist the elements that cause mold and mildew such as water and dust. Doing this will prevent ruining the color, text, or maybe a picture printed on your precious umbrella.

Nasty Insects Invade and Ravage
There is no exception to this, even the most expensive patio umbrella. Insects will make this a breeding place and most likely to destroy your investment. They love to hide, live, build a lair in an enclosed place. A closed umbrella is one of the best place for them. So when you open a patio umbrella that is closed for some time now, prepare to face these nasty creatures.

So when in time you retire your patio umbrella and buy a patio heater for the winter or buy a new one in changing a patio theme, don't forget to buy a cover for it. Securely put the cover and place it in a safe place.Link

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