Monday, January 31, 2011

Hotspots for Electric Fireplaces

Modern electric fireplaces offer two things to a home, generate heat to give warmth and as an additional decoration. These fireplaces usually come as portable and free-standing which gives the ease of placing and relocating them to any space at home at anytime. No hassle of renovating, just move it, plug it and enjoy warmth in an instant. Even though we have an unlimited option of relocating the appliance, these has few types that need to be placed in a suitable spot to perform well to get its full functionality. The following suggested spots for a particular fireplace type may help.

Realistic Fireplaces with Mantel
These fireplaces are usually made to mimic a real traditional wood burning fireplace. The unit can be placed to a spot where traditional fireplace are built and it can also be easily placed to any location. There are three designs of these, the corner fireplace, flat wall, and the convertible. The front spot is best when you have a fireplace mantel the has the looks, it makes this a focal point the decoration. Placing it to side makes an accent to the wall décor. The corner spot is best for space-saving and makes a nice place for bases and flowers.

TV and Media Console Fireplaces
These are fireplaces built into a TV stand or a media console providing more space for media devices. Offering an all-in-one relaxation, it can be placed in much of the rooms of the house especially the living room or lounges except of course in the kitchen. It should be placed in front of the seats where the warmth and the view of life like flame is directed to the audience while being entertained.

Other modern designed electric fireplaces including the outdoor fireplaces are very versatile, enables you to place where you need it. Sleek, light, and minimalist designed, these fireplaces can go with the latest trend of home décor. Mostly portable and can be placed at any spot in the room including on walls and at the center of sofa enhancing the decoration.

Another suggestion is to visit an online store to see suggested electric fireplace setup. is one of the leading providers of modern fireplaces and and patio furniture including outdoor umbrellas.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top Five Reasons of Having a Wall-Mount Patio Umbrella

A wall-mount patio umbrella is not as common as the conventional outdoor umbrellas and it may not sound familiar to some due of its late appearance. It's a modern type of umbrella that may not be available in most stores. Usually, people may think that this special type of umbrella is made for the needs of bistros and outdoor cafe's. This reason is also right but it can be used in many areas which includes a home patio, deck, or porch. Here are the other beneficial reasons of having this type of umbrella.

Space Saving
Simply because it is usually mounted to a wall, it does not take up any floor space. Unlike the traditional ones which has to be placed on the ground with the patio furniture or attached to a table where the pole may become an obstacle for some reason, this one only have its arm attached to a wall.

Guaranteed Coverage
Amazingly, innovators of this type of patio umbrella have enabled it to rotate 360 degrees blocking the sun at any time of day. With little adjustment, you can be protected from the harmful sun rays all day long.

Even this type of umbrella has been around for years, it still have its uniqueness because most people and businesses got used to the conventional umbrella. Surely many guests will notice this one in your patio setup.

It can be installed to any location including the most difficult one and can be positioned to any possible part of the house or building enabling you to have the shade you need.

Because the umbrella is usually attached to a wall, naturally it can inherit the strength of it. If properly affixed, you will never have to worry about it catching the wind blows. The umbrella itself is made of metal usually aluminum and stainless steel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Benefits of Infrared Patio Heaters

One of the latest improvements in electric heater industry is the emergence of infrared heaters in the line-up of home heating devices especially for patio. This type of heater is now efficiently used in situations like in farms, industrial plants, and homes. Electric fireplaces and heaters usually come with visual features that mimics a traditional wood fireplace. Even infrared patio heaters don't have those features, they have some real benefits that make them one of the in demand heaters. This type will perform well in outdoors.

Best for spot heating so no energy and generated heat is wasted. It will only heat the area in your place where you need it. Best of all, it only warms the objects and the people, not the air in between.

Cost effective and energy-efficient heater. It instantly generates heat and only takes an amount of electricity that you have used. Because the generated heat cannot be affected by the elements such as breeze, you'll get what you need without increasing the heat level.

A clean and environmentally friendly appliance. It only operates using electricity and does not emit any harmful gases and toxic fumes. You will never worry about cleaning and maintenance because it has no burning residues or left-overs after operating.

Flexible and functional design. Infrared heaters come in trendy forms and designs. These can be applied in some situations especially those that have limited space. These heaters usually come as a freestanding appliance, wall mountable, and hanging. There are also designed as an umbrella accessory that can be attached to a patio umbrella, an innovative design for a great outdoor setup.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Patio Umbrella Accessories Must Haves

Giving your patio umbrella an accessory will depend on every situation and needs. However, every situations needs it, so it is better to have one now. Each accessory have different uses that could provide in a specific needs. And each accessory type provides to that needs differently. Here are the accessories that we may need.

This accessory is useful for those who seek the enjoyment and relaxation at nighttime. The are two different uses of patio umbrella lights, to give light to surrounding area and to give accent to the patio or deck. Sometimes a night in the patio where we could enjoy the fresh air is a great time for a relaxation after a tiresome work. A bright patio umbrella light comes handy when having a little snack or dinner and even reading a book in the patio or deck. Other lights like string types especially the colored lights are used to highlight the patio furniture setup and bring excitement to the place. The lights also enhance the ambiance of the patio or deck decoration.

Built-in Stereo
Great for a little party and unwinding. In case you don't want the hassle of bringing a stereo system that takes up a space, a mini stereo system that could be easily attached into the umbrella is the answer.

There are many types of portable patio heater which could bring a substantial heat for an outdoor setting, there are portable table top patio heaters and patio fire bowls. But if you need a stylish and space-saving one, the infrared umbrella heater which can be conveniently attached to the pole is more handy. This one is also safe for your umbrella and other furniture.

Helps a relaxation free from any annoyance of mosquitoes and bugs, you are also protected from the illness inflicted by these insects. This accessory is very helpful especially if you are in a picnic.

When you're out-of-town or you don't need to use the umbrella for period of time, covering and keeping it safe helps it to last longer. The cover helps protecting your investment from harmful elements whether you want it stay outside or inside the house. Just be careful, make sure the umbrella is clean and dry before putting the cover on to avoid damage from stain and molds.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fuel Types for Non-Electric Fireplaces

Fuelled fireplaces and patio heaters are also advantageous in many situations where electric fireplaces have limited capabilities. They are most useful in outdoor areas where the place easily gets wet especially in winter. These fireplaces are also the best option to places where electricity is limited and you don't want the mess and hassle of using a traditional wood fuelled fireplace. They are also great decoration accent for indoors when you want a real fire but not the hassle of hauling wood and cleaning the burning residues. The only concern of these fuelled fireplaces is its fuel. It is important to know the effects and the behavior of the fuels to effectively get the best heating we need without any hazard.

Natural Gas
Natural gas are of course natural gas mined deep in the earth and processed similarly how we get oil fuels. This gas is made mostly of methane, but may be mixed with some other substances which includes propane, butane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Although it is not 100% safe but safer fuel than either gasoline or diesel fuel. Natural gas is non-toxic in general and safe when used properly.

Propane Gas
This type of gas fuel is refined from crude petroleum, usually known as Liquefied Petroleum (LP). This gas is purified from natural gas, so it tends to burn more cleanly without any residues. A heater or fireplace fuelled with propane provides heat effectively to keep a room warm. This fuel is guaranteed safe provided that it is used properly.

Gelled Fuels
Gel Fuels especially for fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces are usually made of gelled alcohol. This type of fuel burns clean without unpleasant odors and toxic emissions. This environmentally friendly fuel is non-toxic and safe to use indoors and outdoors. It does not produce smoke or soot and leaves no burning residues. What makes this type of fuel special is that is can be mixed with other substance to mimic the sound of real wood burning fireplace. Fireplaces and patio heaters with this kind of fuel usually portable.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patio Decorating with 2011 Color Trends

There are three companies that forecast the color trends for 2011, Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and ICI Dulux. They forecasted different colors that can be used for fashion and decor. These colors may vary in impression but all are great for themed patio decoration.

For Pantone, the color of the year is honeysuckle. It's a reddish pink color that gives powerful look that is stimulating, It brings a lively sight. This color can be easily accompanied with relative red and pink color hues.

For Benjamin Moore, their designers have forecasted the vintage wine as Envision Color 2011's Color of the Year. A rich hue with a deep brown base and a hint of smoky violet is luxurious, makes an elegant setting. A setup with this color theme is a perfect place for classic and dark-colored furniture and accents, the setup would enhance a warm ambiance.

ICI Dulux on the other hand forecasted that the color of the year 2011 is a light, airy, citrus yellow. This color introduces an easy, fresh, and cheerful ambiance, a positive outlook that brings the ambiance close to nature. A setup with this color theme is best for relaxing and unwinding.
All these colors can be very impressive for outdoor patio decoration depending on your desired mood. Here are some helpful suggestions for patio setup and renovation.

For a new setup, you have unlimited options in which you can do freely. You can paint the area with the 2011 color trend, a combination of slight color variation derived from the main color is good. If painting the area is not a possible option, then you can add accents or ornaments that has the color of the year. A furniture with the desired color trend is also a great choice because patio furniture are the first thing to look for in the setup.

For renovation, you may have limited options of changing the theme such as repainting the patio but there are a lot of alternative ways to do it. If you don't want to repaint the area try placing a new floor mat or carpet with the color trend of choice. You may also change the furniture cover and outdoor cushion covers with the color of choice.

Other patio additions that makes a big effect in bringing the color theme to the setup are outdoor patio umbrella and outdoor shade sails. These can take larger space in the patio and the color of the umbrella canopy and shade sails will reflect to the entire place.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Outdoor Shades for Harsh Weathers

There are two major types of outdoor shades, Shade sails and Outdoor Umbrellas. Both are very useful for different weather. Shade sails are very portable in which you can just fold and store them. This is very effective for outdoors especially for picnics with the whole family. Outdoor Umbrellas on the other hand are elegant and are good accent for a beautiful outdoor decoration with outdoor furniture, they provide shade with style. Through the right selection, these outdoor shades can be perfect for harsh weathers.

Outdoor shade sails with heavy-duty fabric can withstand the sunny weather. Especially the woven fabrics are protective against the sun’s harmful rays. Treated fabrics like Sunbrella can block most UV rays and radiation. Although this type of shade is not well suitable for rainy outdoors, it can withstand heavy winds if with proper installation. Installable anywhere and you can adjust the angle and location of the shade to a perfect sun blockage.

Not all Outdoor Patio Umbrellas are suitable for harsh outdoor weathers but there a lot of revolutionized umbrellas that could endure the harsh environments. Modern weather resistant umbrellas will resist heavy wind blows, heavy rains, high heat, and salty air of the beaches. If you need an all-weather and long-lasting outdoor umbrella, you should check if all vital part is durable and weatherproof. Just remember that there are umbrellas made for specific weather so you should inspect them before buying. The following parts are vital.
  • Canopy – the part that is frequently bombarded with different elements such as heat, water, and the force of wind.
  • The Ribs – this part is responsible for holding the fabric and for keeping the umbrella in shape. It suffers the force of the wind, and sometimes this part is easily get rusted if it is metal.
  • The Pole – This part keeps the umbrella standing and carries all the weight plus the force of the wind.

So if you want to spend outdoors or want a fixed shade, on the beach or any other outdoors with harsh environments, look for these kinds of shades and select the best that suits your needs so you can have a peaceful and worry-free leisure time.