Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top Five Reasons of Having a Wall-Mount Patio Umbrella

A wall-mount patio umbrella is not as common as the conventional outdoor umbrellas and it may not sound familiar to some due of its late appearance. It's a modern type of umbrella that may not be available in most stores. Usually, people may think that this special type of umbrella is made for the needs of bistros and outdoor cafe's. This reason is also right but it can be used in many areas which includes a home patio, deck, or porch. Here are the other beneficial reasons of having this type of umbrella.

Space Saving
Simply because it is usually mounted to a wall, it does not take up any floor space. Unlike the traditional ones which has to be placed on the ground with the patio furniture or attached to a table where the pole may become an obstacle for some reason, this one only have its arm attached to a wall.

Guaranteed Coverage
Amazingly, innovators of this type of patio umbrella have enabled it to rotate 360 degrees blocking the sun at any time of day. With little adjustment, you can be protected from the harmful sun rays all day long.

Even this type of umbrella has been around for years, it still have its uniqueness because most people and businesses got used to the conventional umbrella. Surely many guests will notice this one in your patio setup.

It can be installed to any location including the most difficult one and can be positioned to any possible part of the house or building enabling you to have the shade you need.

Because the umbrella is usually attached to a wall, naturally it can inherit the strength of it. If properly affixed, you will never have to worry about it catching the wind blows. The umbrella itself is made of metal usually aluminum and stainless steel.

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