Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patio Decorating with 2011 Color Trends

There are three companies that forecast the color trends for 2011, Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and ICI Dulux. They forecasted different colors that can be used for fashion and decor. These colors may vary in impression but all are great for themed patio decoration.

For Pantone, the color of the year is honeysuckle. It's a reddish pink color that gives powerful look that is stimulating, It brings a lively sight. This color can be easily accompanied with relative red and pink color hues.

For Benjamin Moore, their designers have forecasted the vintage wine as Envision Color 2011's Color of the Year. A rich hue with a deep brown base and a hint of smoky violet is luxurious, makes an elegant setting. A setup with this color theme is a perfect place for classic and dark-colored furniture and accents, the setup would enhance a warm ambiance.

ICI Dulux on the other hand forecasted that the color of the year 2011 is a light, airy, citrus yellow. This color introduces an easy, fresh, and cheerful ambiance, a positive outlook that brings the ambiance close to nature. A setup with this color theme is best for relaxing and unwinding.
All these colors can be very impressive for outdoor patio decoration depending on your desired mood. Here are some helpful suggestions for patio setup and renovation.

For a new setup, you have unlimited options in which you can do freely. You can paint the area with the 2011 color trend, a combination of slight color variation derived from the main color is good. If painting the area is not a possible option, then you can add accents or ornaments that has the color of the year. A furniture with the desired color trend is also a great choice because patio furniture are the first thing to look for in the setup.

For renovation, you may have limited options of changing the theme such as repainting the patio but there are a lot of alternative ways to do it. If you don't want to repaint the area try placing a new floor mat or carpet with the color trend of choice. You may also change the furniture cover and outdoor cushion covers with the color of choice.

Other patio additions that makes a big effect in bringing the color theme to the setup are outdoor patio umbrella and outdoor shade sails. These can take larger space in the patio and the color of the umbrella canopy and shade sails will reflect to the entire place.

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