Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Quickly Create an Outdoor Place

Planning a get together that would happen this weekend or the next day? Need a perfect place fast and easy? Here’s how you can quickly create a great patio place which can be done even in just a day or two.

First, find a perfect spot preferably a flat grass area to build a base. There are a number of ways to build the base but the fast way is using bricks or stone paver and sand which are readily available in the market. Dig out about 10 inches of dirt, spread a layer of sand and compact it, lay in the stones or bricks levelled, then sweep sand to fill the cracks and gaps. Clean out the excess sand and your base is done.

A fireplace is a must have for an outdoor place so let’s consider adding one as the second most important thing. You can build one but, you must buy one if you want it fast. You can pick up a ready to use fire pit or fire bowl in patio and home improvement stores, place it at the heart of your patio base and your place is almost done.

You’ll need a set of patio furniture to complete the outdoor place.You can have comfortable chairs placed around the fire, love seats for some sweet time with your love ones, or benches and outdoor sofa sets for get-together and socializing.

Having built the base, putting a fire place, and placing comfortable outdoor furniture is mostly complete and you are ready for a great outdoor experience by the fire. However, the are things you need to add to make it a perfect place for you and your buddies. Consider adding some ambient lights to enhance the look and feel of your place especially at night and add plants to define and refine your patio.

Planting and cultivating will take time but you can buy potted plants to instantly make a perfect patio place. Set the planters to define the borders of the outdoor place, and then use some lush and colorful plants and shrubs for a wonderful outdoor decoration.

Simple and fast, you can quickly own enjoy a perfect outdoor place.

Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Clean Patio Furniture Properly

Cleaning patio furniture pieces from time to time preserve their great appearance and make them last longer. It is an uncomplicated task that anyone can do, however, doing it properly is crucial. Doing it carelessly will cause the opposite, that is, ruining the beauty and bringing an outdoor furniture in risk of deterioration. Here are simple tips on how to properly and carefully clean patio furniture pieces. There are actions that should be avoided and steps that should be carried out. Remember these basics and you will be cleaning properly. Aluminum, Steel, and Iron Furnitures Patio furniture items made of metals such as aluminum, steel, and wrought iron usually have very fragile surfaces and finish. They can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water and be very sure you are using cloth or sponge that is smooth, clean, and free of dirt and other abrasive elements that will scratch and ruin the paint or finish. Moisture will cause corrosion and rusting of iron parts so dry the pieces completely before putting to storage. You can then apply some wax to the surface for a smoother and newer look. The wax will also protect them from the harmful outdoor elements like the sunlight. Wicker Patio Furniture Cleaning a wicker patio furniture requires brushing all over but, make sure that you are using a brush with soft bristles to avoid damaging the wicker materials. Wet the furniture with soapy water then carefully scrub. You also need to let it dry thoroughly because it has a frame made of either steel or iron. Wood Patio Furniture Wood is definitely the best material for furniture, they look great and has lots of esthetic benefits both in indoor and outdoor setting. However, a wood furniture piece is delicate and vulnerable to elements so it need proper cleaning and care. It can be cleaned with water and some mild soap. A power spray can used to effectively clean and to avoid soap. If you don’t like to get wet, there are cleansers that are specifically formulated for wood furniture. Cleaning is easy with just wiping out dirt and dust with soft cloth. Make sure the furniture is completely dry before storing, moisture allows molds to grow and damage your investment.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quick and Easy Deck Makeover Tips

A deck may last a very long time but not its appearance. In that case, you don’t have tear it down and create a new one. You can quickly makeover a patio deck even on a low budget. We have simple tips and steps that is really easy to do so you can remodel your deck quickly.

Stain and Refinish
Staining and refinishing a wood deck does not only make it look great, it will also protect the wood and extends the life of your deck. This can be done in just simple steps that you can do yourself.

First, you have to inspect your deck for damages and other issues like cracks, chipping, and protruding nails that pose a risk. Do the necessary repairs completely before proceeding to the next step. Next, clean the deck thoroughly. Using just brush, soap, and water, wash the deck to remove dust and dirt. If you can use a power spray, it would be great for faster and easier job. Then, after the deck is completely dry, sanding will do a great work for refining the wood surface. Do this to remove wood fibers and even a thin layer to expose the real wood texture. Finally, you can make your deck look new by staining. Follow the stain application instruction and make sure your deck is completely dry for about two days for best results. The drier the wood, the more it absorbs stain.

Great patio furniture add comfort and function to your deck. They are also the main attraction to your patio or deck so they too need update. If they don’t look good and in a terrible state then it is time to get a new set. Changing furniture pieces is great opportunity to try something new and there are lots of options. You can try a new set such as a sofa set, a couple of lounge chairs, a bistro set, a bar set, and even a small dining set for occasional outdoor dining outside the house.

Cover and Shade
Outdoor sun shade or cover allows us to stay longer in our deck. They too are elements of a great patio or deck so have a makeover to these installation too. For permanent structure such as a pergola or a permanent roof, refinishing will do great.

If you don’t have a permanent shade structure, then this is a great opportunity too because you have lots of sun shade options. You can choose a new outdoor umbrella or try something different such as an offset patio umbrella, a market umbrella with tilting feature, an awning, or some shade sails. Any new shade certainly makes a new feel to you deck.

Deck decor accessories can finally enhances the new look of your outdoor place, a sort of highlight. So spread a new rug at the heart of the deck, add outdoor cushions and throw pillows to you furniture seats, and places decorative accents around such  as tabletop fountains, wall decors, and vases of plants and flowers.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Outdoor Patio Lighting to Style

A beautiful patio or landscape is a charm that also adds value to a home. Intentionally created to make an outdoor place for socializing, getting together, leisure, and relaxation just few steps away from the doorstep. This in fact the only practical solution for us to immediately relax and breathe fresh air without going away from home due to the demands of a busy lifestyle.

Outdoor patio lighting is significant to make an attractive patio and landscape and the are many reasons to that. The main reason being is to illuminate the area at night. Without proper lighting, a night view of a well-made outdoor place will not be noticeable. Secondary to that is lighting to style. We have seen how lights greatly affect any design which will also make a really big deal in terms of patio and landscape decoration.

Lighting Fixture
There are so many types and forms of outdoor lighting that serves various purposes such as illuminating the entire yard, lighting pathways, and make decor highlights.
  • Ground stake makes it easy to place lights in the ground.
  • Mounted lighting fixtures makes it easy to mount lights in posts or walls.
  • Post-cap make it easy to make post lights using the existing post in your yard.
  • String lights to make a colorful or festive lighting decoration, great if you are hosting an occasion or just making an impression.
  • Patio umbrella lights are specifically useful for those who love or need to stay under an outdoor umbrella even at night.

Lighting Colors
Every light color creates a different feel. We can employ this characteristic to create a scheme effectively to set a mood in an outdoor place. Bright colorful lights make a lively and festive scheme while a gentle glow would be great for creating an intimate area. Try not to overdo it because it might not end up pretty well. We cannot instantly know what to apply so experiment and adjust light quantity accordingly because every setup, color of the area, and the type of patio furniture reflect and absorb differently.

Light Types
The are just a handful types of lights and the most used are Incandescent, Flourescent, HIGH-INTENSITY DISCHARGE (HID), and LEDs. Each type differ in intensity, color, power supply, and energy consumption. Choosing which is which depends on what you want to achieve. Just remember these:
  • Incandescent bulbs - produce a warm, yellow-white light that is emitted in all directions, best used for task lighting that demands high levels of brightness.
  • Fluorescent bulbs - available in a wide spectrum of colors including warm tones of light similar to those of incandescents.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs - such as Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium, Low-Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor are most often used for outdoor security and area lighting
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) - more efficient and longer lasting than any other type of light source, currently popular in under-cabinet strips and some types of downlights. Solar powered lighting generally use LEDs.

Lighting is part of our everyday life these days for style and function. To make an attractive patio or landscape choose types and forms that fits your needs.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Advantages of a Propane Fire Pit

Social gathering, family get-together, or just hanging out in the backyard or patio can be done comfortably and fun around a fire. There many ways and tools to make a fire and one of the best is using a propane fire pit.

A propane fire pit have lots of advantages that makes it a great choice when certain limitations and prohibitions stops you from building a traditional wood burning fire pit especially in urban areas. Its production and sales keep increasing to keep up with the demands of modern lifestyle. We need convenience and quick solutions.

Though a propane fire pit cannot imitate our experience of the nature of real burning wood in camp fire, it essentially get rid all the hassles of traditional wood fire. Besides, the comfort of heat is all we need in the first place and add to that these convenient advantages.

Propane fire pits come with built in igniter making a fire instantly, no more hassle unlike wood burning where additional tools and items are needed just to start a fire. Just turn on the heat with just a flick of a switch and enjoy the fire and warmth.

One of the reasons probably why burning wood is prohibited in cities is that it is less controlled. Whereas a propane fire pit can be set once and it generate controlled and uniform heat just as much as you need. Then you can turn it off by switch instantly without the need of manually extinguishing the flame.

Less Hassle and Risk
Since it uses a propane tank, no more hassle from buying and making storage for wood to burn and no need to cut and wait for wood to dry. You can enjoy fire for several days with fuel stored safely in a relatively small tank compared to a wood fuel storage.

The risk of burning your patio furniture, fixtures, and properties is very low to zero compared to the risky uncontrolled fire and flying embers, that is why a propane fire pit is recommended safe for modern living. Also, less smoke is emitted from using this type of fire tool to avoid alarming and disturbing your neighbors.

Regarding the regulations, it considered safe for residential use which is why you can find them in many home improvement stores which proves and approves them.

Modern propane fire pits come with style. You can find designs that can easily blend and complement to your outdoor furniture and fixtures. Some styles can be a great centerpiece to your patio or outdoor room.

Among the many designs of propane fire pits these days, you can find some are built into a furniture such as a table while others are free standing. Regardless of style, shape, and sizes, most of these pieces can be placed in any spot and then stored safely when not in use.

These are just the primary advantages of a propane fire pit but, it should give you an idea what you can get.