Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quick and Easy Deck Makeover Tips

A deck may last a very long time but not its appearance. In that case, you don’t have tear it down and create a new one. You can quickly makeover a patio deck even on a low budget. We have simple tips and steps that is really easy to do so you can remodel your deck quickly.

Stain and Refinish
Staining and refinishing a wood deck does not only make it look great, it will also protect the wood and extends the life of your deck. This can be done in just simple steps that you can do yourself.

First, you have to inspect your deck for damages and other issues like cracks, chipping, and protruding nails that pose a risk. Do the necessary repairs completely before proceeding to the next step. Next, clean the deck thoroughly. Using just brush, soap, and water, wash the deck to remove dust and dirt. If you can use a power spray, it would be great for faster and easier job. Then, after the deck is completely dry, sanding will do a great work for refining the wood surface. Do this to remove wood fibers and even a thin layer to expose the real wood texture. Finally, you can make your deck look new by staining. Follow the stain application instruction and make sure your deck is completely dry for about two days for best results. The drier the wood, the more it absorbs stain.

Great patio furniture add comfort and function to your deck. They are also the main attraction to your patio or deck so they too need update. If they don’t look good and in a terrible state then it is time to get a new set. Changing furniture pieces is great opportunity to try something new and there are lots of options. You can try a new set such as a sofa set, a couple of lounge chairs, a bistro set, a bar set, and even a small dining set for occasional outdoor dining outside the house.

Cover and Shade
Outdoor sun shade or cover allows us to stay longer in our deck. They too are elements of a great patio or deck so have a makeover to these installation too. For permanent structure such as a pergola or a permanent roof, refinishing will do great.

If you don’t have a permanent shade structure, then this is a great opportunity too because you have lots of sun shade options. You can choose a new outdoor umbrella or try something different such as an offset patio umbrella, a market umbrella with tilting feature, an awning, or some shade sails. Any new shade certainly makes a new feel to you deck.

Deck decor accessories can finally enhances the new look of your outdoor place, a sort of highlight. So spread a new rug at the heart of the deck, add outdoor cushions and throw pillows to you furniture seats, and places decorative accents around such  as tabletop fountains, wall decors, and vases of plants and flowers.

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