Monday, March 9, 2015

Outdoor Patio Lighting to Style

A beautiful patio or landscape is a charm that also adds value to a home. Intentionally created to make an outdoor place for socializing, getting together, leisure, and relaxation just few steps away from the doorstep. This in fact the only practical solution for us to immediately relax and breathe fresh air without going away from home due to the demands of a busy lifestyle.

Outdoor patio lighting is significant to make an attractive patio and landscape and the are many reasons to that. The main reason being is to illuminate the area at night. Without proper lighting, a night view of a well-made outdoor place will not be noticeable. Secondary to that is lighting to style. We have seen how lights greatly affect any design which will also make a really big deal in terms of patio and landscape decoration.

Lighting Fixture
There are so many types and forms of outdoor lighting that serves various purposes such as illuminating the entire yard, lighting pathways, and make decor highlights.
  • Ground stake makes it easy to place lights in the ground.
  • Mounted lighting fixtures makes it easy to mount lights in posts or walls.
  • Post-cap make it easy to make post lights using the existing post in your yard.
  • String lights to make a colorful or festive lighting decoration, great if you are hosting an occasion or just making an impression.
  • Patio umbrella lights are specifically useful for those who love or need to stay under an outdoor umbrella even at night.

Lighting Colors
Every light color creates a different feel. We can employ this characteristic to create a scheme effectively to set a mood in an outdoor place. Bright colorful lights make a lively and festive scheme while a gentle glow would be great for creating an intimate area. Try not to overdo it because it might not end up pretty well. We cannot instantly know what to apply so experiment and adjust light quantity accordingly because every setup, color of the area, and the type of patio furniture reflect and absorb differently.

Light Types
The are just a handful types of lights and the most used are Incandescent, Flourescent, HIGH-INTENSITY DISCHARGE (HID), and LEDs. Each type differ in intensity, color, power supply, and energy consumption. Choosing which is which depends on what you want to achieve. Just remember these:
  • Incandescent bulbs - produce a warm, yellow-white light that is emitted in all directions, best used for task lighting that demands high levels of brightness.
  • Fluorescent bulbs - available in a wide spectrum of colors including warm tones of light similar to those of incandescents.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs - such as Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium, Low-Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor are most often used for outdoor security and area lighting
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) - more efficient and longer lasting than any other type of light source, currently popular in under-cabinet strips and some types of downlights. Solar powered lighting generally use LEDs.

Lighting is part of our everyday life these days for style and function. To make an attractive patio or landscape choose types and forms that fits your needs.

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