Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Quickly Create an Outdoor Place

Planning a get together that would happen this weekend or the next day? Need a perfect place fast and easy? Here’s how you can quickly create a great patio place which can be done even in just a day or two.

First, find a perfect spot preferably a flat grass area to build a base. There are a number of ways to build the base but the fast way is using bricks or stone paver and sand which are readily available in the market. Dig out about 10 inches of dirt, spread a layer of sand and compact it, lay in the stones or bricks levelled, then sweep sand to fill the cracks and gaps. Clean out the excess sand and your base is done.

A fireplace is a must have for an outdoor place so let’s consider adding one as the second most important thing. You can build one but, you must buy one if you want it fast. You can pick up a ready to use fire pit or fire bowl in patio and home improvement stores, place it at the heart of your patio base and your place is almost done.

You’ll need a set of patio furniture to complete the outdoor place.You can have comfortable chairs placed around the fire, love seats for some sweet time with your love ones, or benches and outdoor sofa sets for get-together and socializing.

Having built the base, putting a fire place, and placing comfortable outdoor furniture is mostly complete and you are ready for a great outdoor experience by the fire. However, the are things you need to add to make it a perfect place for you and your buddies. Consider adding some ambient lights to enhance the look and feel of your place especially at night and add plants to define and refine your patio.

Planting and cultivating will take time but you can buy potted plants to instantly make a perfect patio place. Set the planters to define the borders of the outdoor place, and then use some lush and colorful plants and shrubs for a wonderful outdoor decoration.

Simple and fast, you can quickly own enjoy a perfect outdoor place.

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