Monday, April 6, 2015

Easy Outdoor Cushion Cleaning and Maintenance

The most effective way to keep your outdoor cushions in good condition is cleaning them as often as needed. Do not disregard dirt for a longer period because it makes them hard to remove and may invite stain and mold. Heavy dirt can be easily removed when done immediately than later.

Cleaning and maintaining your cushions is easy with just basic items. Clean them easily with sponge, soap, and water. Use mild soap or just use some dish soap. Fill a bucket with water, then add and mix the soap. Dip the sponge in the soapy water and then use it to wipe the cushion clean. Then let them air dry.

It is important to avoid machine washing and drying the cushions as it will damage the cushion. Do not use bleach, this chemical is harmful to the cushion especially to its color.

Simple as that, your cushions should be completely clean.

When your cushions are not in use for a longer time, move them into a clean and dry place. You can store them indoor like in your garage, shed, or basement but, there are easy solutions to that. Buy outdoor storage bins and bags so that the cushions can be stored easily without the hassle of bringing them here and there.

Additionally, there are patio furnitures such as benches that double as storage bins or cabinets. Very useful when you are out of outdoor space, or just want things concealed and make a neatly organized outdoor place. It is also a convenient storage solution for storing other items in your patio.

These are the easy steps that should make your cushions clean, looking great, and last longer. Just a side note, some cushions are just made differently that need special care. Be sure to read manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance instructions attached. If you can’t find one, using these easy steps above should still be safe for them.

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