Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Protecting Wood Outdoor Furniture

Wood outdoor furniture are undeniably the choice of the majority because of their natural beauty and probably sturdier provided they are made from good craftsmanship. The only downside of this is their vulnerability against outdoor elements. Well, all materials definitely have weaknesses but, wood’s disadvantages can be have solutions that are easy to follow.

During autumn and winter all outdoor furniture items, regardless of material, suffer from the beating of the frequent fluctuation of temperature and humidity. The moisture and freezing temperature are even harsher for the wood which will have a great negative effects at a molecular level.

Wood can become odd looking, gradually deteriorates, and would render useless in the end. Wood warps or splits, the texture becomes worst, and color fades or its paint cracks and chip away.

Though there are woods that can withstand against outdoor elements and may even age beautifully, they are just not fully immune to the harsh outdoor situations.

The great news is that there are solutions to ensure the wood lasts longer beautiful.

Wood Preservative
The first thing you can do for a wood furniture is treat it with wood preservative if it has not been treated by its manufacturer. This will remove and protect the wood from fungus and other micro organisms that causes rot and decay.

Furniture Oil
Furniture oils are essential to maintain your furniture. Oil treatment brings back the vibrancy of natural wood color and add some protection from moisture as it also replenishes the natural oil lost after long period of outdoor exposure. Be sure to buy oils that are appropriate or specific for your wood furniture type. You can always read manufacturer's instructions or ask the dealers about it.

Wood Stain and Sealer
Wood stains restore the original wood color and can also be used to make a new color while also enhancing the woods resistance to the elements. It adds a coating to repel water so it is also a great addition to maintenance. Then add wood sealer for optimum protection from sun, rain, mold, and pests. A good wood sealer primarily protects maintains the beautiful color of the surface. It also prevents moisture and adds UV protection so your furniture stays in good condition from the surface and down deep into the wood.

These steps of protecting wood ensures your outdoor patio furniture are resilient against outdoor elements. However, there are other really simple things you can do that helps protect your furniture such as providing furniture covers when not in use for a long period and placing them under a sunshade or outdoor umbrellas.


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