Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Money Saving Ideas for Garden Design and Decoration

Making a beautiful garden doesn’t have to be expensive, yet, it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are tips on how you can make a livable and beautiful garden without costing much.

Borders and Edging
Regularly we see conventional garden edging using bricks and stones. The looks of the project depends on how it is made and laid either you make a raised bed border or a paved one. Wood is another good material especially for raised garden bed. You can only make straight edges out of it but is really easy and quick to build. Empty bottle edging is another interesting idea, the better the bottles the more it becomes eye catchy. Used empty bottles are free, instead of disposing them, better use in your garden.

Recycled Pallet Furniture
A lot folks have shared how they make garden furnitures out of used pallet which can be obtained for free or at a nominal cost from local places. Used pallet can be found in places like construction site, hardware stores, feed supply stores, small businesses’ dumpster, and in newly opened stores and depots.

You can make virtually any type of outdoor furniture out of used pallets. Because pallets are constructed in way that is easy to re-purpose, with a little woodworking knowledge you can easily make furnitures from chairs to benches, lounge chairs to patio furniture sofa sets, and even a bed set. Apply some wood stain or paint and add outdoor cushions, one can hardly tell that they are made from scraps.

Recycled planters
Great alternative to create a container garden to creatively grow your own food and make your home green even without ground space. You can use any qualified unused items around the house as long as it can serve like a planter. You can re-purpose tin cans and boxes, old wooden pallets, rubber tires, old boots, and the list goes on.

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