Monday, December 2, 2013

Making Your Patio a Good Place During Winter

Many of us prefer to spend a lot of time in the patio even if it is winter because of the fresh air and ample space. Except in places that have the worst and lasting winter, there are ways to make your beautiful patio still a good place to hang out even in the chilly days.

As the old saying goes, “if there’s a will there’s a way”. Aside from making your patio a good place during winter, putting your patio into use has additional benefits. It lets your patio furniture, outdoor shades, outdoor umbrellas, and the patio itself get warmed up evaporating some of the accumulated  moisture.

So here’s what you can do to turn your cold patio into a cozy place. Get a good patio heater or fireplace.

Simply put, chilly temperature is the reason that restrains us from using our good patio. You can use a patio heater or a fireplace but only the right one, else, you’ll end up not getting enough heat and wasting your money.

Using electric patio heater is an easy option, it provides radiant heat efficiently and conveniently. It probably adds cost to your electric bill so make it a worthy choice by knowing how to use efficiently. Proper placement matters, face it directly to where you are seated, this way you get heated and you don’t have to set it to its maximum setting.

Propane patio heaters are also radiant. They burn gas and super heats a metal screen then radiate it down in circular pattern. This can be great for providing comfort to a group of people sitting around it. They consume propane or gas fuels so you have to consider it and find out if it is cheaper to buy gas fuel than wood or electricity.

Another type is an infrared patio heater. It also use electricity to operate and it produces radiant heat. It heats persons and objects directly so somehow it is very efficient to use in an outdoor setup. It just bypasses the cold air in between and provides comforting heat.

A fire pit also works great if it is allowed in your place, you’ll enjoy the heat and the flame. Additionally, you can use it for some grilling activity. The only downside is that they’re just not that hassle free to use. You need to haul wood and fuel. But anyway, it’s a little effort to get the comfort you need.

Another great idea is installing a patio cover, temporary shelter, or some kind of wind barrier. Many people have done it and building is not so difficult. The goal is to contain the heat and prevent cold air from entering.

Adding comfy cushions and throw pillows to cuddle is also a great help.