Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ceiling Patio Heater Advantage

It is very common to use portable and free standing patio heaters at home patio. A heater device or appliance can be at the front back or side of patio furniture setup just as long as the heat flow is directed to the persons in the place. Some designs can give heat at 360 degree direction which can be placed at the center of the setup including table top.

Another interesting patio heater style is the ceiling patio heater. This is outdoor heater can be uniquely hung or attached to the ceiling. This new outdoor heater style can be commonly seen in outdoor cafes, bars, and restaurants but can also be useful at home patio. Just like other outdoor heaters, this style can generate enough heat to give warmth and comfort on chilly days allowing you to have a summer feeling in winter.

There are many types of hanging heaters and usually are electric powered. Known as energy efficient, infrared heater type is the most prominent which can heat persons and objects directly, and not the air in between. Other types are halogen and gas powered outdoor heaters.

There are many advantages of hanging patio heater, and the reason of these is its strategic hanging position. With this position, the heat is directly focused below making the environment warm with ease. The generated heat is evenly spread around the patio furniture setup making the place warm and convenient. Your guests may not know where the heater is, but they can feel the comfort.

This design is also space-saving leaving more space for other patio furniture. This type is great for small patios and a suitable heater for a romantic outdoor dining.

A patio heater hanging on the ceiling is a wonderful display. The appliance is another great decoration to the patio. A versatile patio enhancement for any outdoor theme because it will not clutter the decoration. There are many design styles to choose from that have different suitable application.

For safety, it must be properly installed just like the other electric appliances. Be sure it will not get wet to avoid damage by electric shock. Install it in a safe spot away from water sources. It must be under a safe outdoor shade. There are handy version of this heater type which can be placed under a patio umbrella. Some are specifically designed for outdoor umbrellas.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Makes a Wind Resistant Umbrella

Hailed as one of the best outdoor protection against the harsh beating of the sun, outdoor umbrellas provide shade protecting us from ultra violet rays. Aside from their main purpose outdoor patio umbrellas also adds decoration to a patio design and a primary cover for our patio furniture when it rains.

Outdoor umbrellas experience different types of weather condition during their lifetime. So there is a lot of elements affecting them. We cannot put all strength in one umbrella, though it is possible but performance will suffer. However, different types of umbrellas are made for a specific weather condition hence no tall different weather types exist at once in one location.

The most common challenging outdoor element of umbrellas is the wind, not just a breeze but strong wind blows. This is very common in coastal areas but will also come very unexpectedly in other places.

Because a strong wind is the element that puts an umbrella to the ultimate test, there are modern patio umbrellas constructed to endure this adversary. Such umbrella type is called wind resistant umbrella which is also known as high wind patio umbrella. This type is made of select materials that are strong and flexible enough to withstand strong winds.

Different parts are solidly crafted to ensure the strength and durability, yet, manufacturers are aims to maintain the flexibility and style of the umbrella.
  • The pole is usually made of solid thick aluminum and coated with different finish and colors. Metals are strong and the best thing about aluminum is that it is rustproof and cannot be affected by outdoor elements when it comes to deterioration.
  • The ribs that hold the canopy fabric takes the force of wind blows that is why this must also be durable. Fiberglass is the best choice for this because of its strength and flexibility, it may bend but will never be broken and keeps the umbrella in shape. When a strong wind blows, the ribs just flex and go back to shape.
  • The canopy can be made of different types but usually they are made of commercial-grade and marine grade fabric. Weather resistant so that it will not deteriorate as time goes by.

The base must also be carefully chosen because it is the part that keeps the umbrella standing and holds it to the ground thus keeping them safe. There are several types of umbrella bases, just be sure that it is heavy enough to hold the umbrella and is the right fit.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creative Patio Design Using Patio Umbrella

A patio is purposely created for outdoor relaxation and other leisure activities at home. As part of our home and personality, we want to personally design it making a visually appealing place and to get the ambiance we want.

Designing a patio can be done in many ways and a patio umbrella can be a big help. They bring a lot of style and creativity. It is a beautiful decoration complement while providing a protection against the harmful sun rays and rain at the same time. Outdoor patio umbrellas these days come in many stylish designs such as offset umbrellas, half-canopy, and wall mount. So whatever design style you want, an umbrella can help you create an attractive place.

A large outdoor umbrella is the best shade you can have when you do not want a permanent roof. This can give you enough shade for your patio furniture setup which also makes an attractive patio focal point. You can also use outdoor shade sails as a protection from the sun, however, a patio umbrella is provides more protection against the rain.

A patio umbrella can be closed allowing us to enjoy the sun whenever we want. This is one significant advantage of choosing this type of shade instead of a permanent roof.

Smaller patio umbrellas can make an inviting patio setup. That is why they are a great choice for bistros and extending cafes to outdoors, they can add attraction to the business. In your patio, they are great in creating a festive patio design especially the colored ones.

For a romantic place for two and a cool place for get-together, offset outdoor umbrellas are the best choice. This unique and stylish type of umbrella is designed with its pole on the side so it will not become an obstruction to the sight.

Outdoor patio umbrellas has accessories that add functionality and creativity. The most used are the lights especially made for patio umbrellas. The lights have two purpose, for illuminating and for adding attraction at night. They can be solar powered, battery operated, or electric. And you can find that they are available in several light types such as LED's or Fluorescent and in single or string form. You have different options to choose that suits your needs.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Build a Patio?

A patio is an open area located just outside the house. It is commonly used as an extra space at home for personal leisure and relaxation. A large patio that accommodates more guests can be a great place for holding a party or get-together at home. The place commonly extends from the house and is usually paved with stone, bricks, tiles, concrete, or sometimes wood. Commercial places can have outdoor patios also, makes a unique place for clients.

Outdoor patio areas these days are extraordinary, they are designed well with specific themes and styles. Creative designers and decorators can create several landscapes such as a garden type or a natural scenery in the patio. A set of outdoor patio furniture is usually added to create a comfortable place. Outdoor wicker sofa sets are the popular choice for its unique look that goes well with outdoor decor. Some would also love to add chairs and table for outdoor dining on weekends. Adding a roof or a pergola is not necessary but would be a great addition for sun protection and for creating a focal point. A patio umbrella is best for instant shade and is a popular choice by many because of its decorative nature and inexpensiveness. Great option if you need a quick and easy shade setup. An outdoor shade sail is another option, a very handy instant shade.

There are several reasons why we build a patio, i.e., for relaxation, home design improvement, and adding more space. And it becomes a trend where each resident get interested in building a patio no matter how small the area.

Some people just want to be relaxed in an outdoor place after a tiring work, or have a little picnic on weekends. Breathe and feel the freshness of outdoor breeze but without the hassle of traveling away from home. The most practical and applicable way to fulfill these desires is to create a patio for relaxation and leisure. The appropriate design would depend much on personal choice but a garden patio or something special like tropical paradise themed setup is popular. With the addition of real plants, this design will naturally bring the freshness.

Some friendly folks just frequently visited by friends and indoor can be boring and not so comfortable sometimes. Bringing the get-together at the patio can create a different type of experience. A personalized natural surrounding brings some kind of excitement with real at home feeling. The ambiance becomes smoother and the view becomes wider.

Another factor that encourages the creation of a patio is the occasions. Celebrating an occasion or having a party inside the house is not so comfortable and activities are limited. But in the outdoors, the breathing space is wider and everyone can freely move around. Exciting physical activities are very much possible to do.