Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ceiling Patio Heater Advantage

It is very common to use portable and free standing patio heaters at home patio. A heater device or appliance can be at the front back or side of patio furniture setup just as long as the heat flow is directed to the persons in the place. Some designs can give heat at 360 degree direction which can be placed at the center of the setup including table top.

Another interesting patio heater style is the ceiling patio heater. This is outdoor heater can be uniquely hung or attached to the ceiling. This new outdoor heater style can be commonly seen in outdoor cafes, bars, and restaurants but can also be useful at home patio. Just like other outdoor heaters, this style can generate enough heat to give warmth and comfort on chilly days allowing you to have a summer feeling in winter.

There are many types of hanging heaters and usually are electric powered. Known as energy efficient, infrared heater type is the most prominent which can heat persons and objects directly, and not the air in between. Other types are halogen and gas powered outdoor heaters.

There are many advantages of hanging patio heater, and the reason of these is its strategic hanging position. With this position, the heat is directly focused below making the environment warm with ease. The generated heat is evenly spread around the patio furniture setup making the place warm and convenient. Your guests may not know where the heater is, but they can feel the comfort.

This design is also space-saving leaving more space for other patio furniture. This type is great for small patios and a suitable heater for a romantic outdoor dining.

A patio heater hanging on the ceiling is a wonderful display. The appliance is another great decoration to the patio. A versatile patio enhancement for any outdoor theme because it will not clutter the decoration. There are many design styles to choose from that have different suitable application.

For safety, it must be properly installed just like the other electric appliances. Be sure it will not get wet to avoid damage by electric shock. Install it in a safe spot away from water sources. It must be under a safe outdoor shade. There are handy version of this heater type which can be placed under a patio umbrella. Some are specifically designed for outdoor umbrellas.

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