Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Makes a Wind Resistant Umbrella

Hailed as one of the best outdoor protection against the harsh beating of the sun, outdoor umbrellas provide shade protecting us from ultra violet rays. Aside from their main purpose outdoor patio umbrellas also adds decoration to a patio design and a primary cover for our patio furniture when it rains.

Outdoor umbrellas experience different types of weather condition during their lifetime. So there is a lot of elements affecting them. We cannot put all strength in one umbrella, though it is possible but performance will suffer. However, different types of umbrellas are made for a specific weather condition hence no tall different weather types exist at once in one location.

The most common challenging outdoor element of umbrellas is the wind, not just a breeze but strong wind blows. This is very common in coastal areas but will also come very unexpectedly in other places.

Because a strong wind is the element that puts an umbrella to the ultimate test, there are modern patio umbrellas constructed to endure this adversary. Such umbrella type is called wind resistant umbrella which is also known as high wind patio umbrella. This type is made of select materials that are strong and flexible enough to withstand strong winds.

Different parts are solidly crafted to ensure the strength and durability, yet, manufacturers are aims to maintain the flexibility and style of the umbrella.
  • The pole is usually made of solid thick aluminum and coated with different finish and colors. Metals are strong and the best thing about aluminum is that it is rustproof and cannot be affected by outdoor elements when it comes to deterioration.
  • The ribs that hold the canopy fabric takes the force of wind blows that is why this must also be durable. Fiberglass is the best choice for this because of its strength and flexibility, it may bend but will never be broken and keeps the umbrella in shape. When a strong wind blows, the ribs just flex and go back to shape.
  • The canopy can be made of different types but usually they are made of commercial-grade and marine grade fabric. Weather resistant so that it will not deteriorate as time goes by.

The base must also be carefully chosen because it is the part that keeps the umbrella standing and holds it to the ground thus keeping them safe. There are several types of umbrella bases, just be sure that it is heavy enough to hold the umbrella and is the right fit.

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