Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leave a Free Space on the Patio

In designing a backyard, lawn, or patio, most of us often think of filling it up with patio furniture, appliances and decorations until only a small open space is left. Yet, it is very helpful if we leave a larger space outside our homes. Though it is not required but there may come a time that the space will be needed. Events such as parties and get-together will require and will be much enjoyable in a wider open area.

Kids loves to play not just toys but also running and jumping around. Leaving a space for kids to play is a good idea that makes kids love to stay home. It has two benefits, that is for the kids to enjoy life and to have their daily exercise. Just make sure that all things are properly arranged to be safe. Aside from patio furniture, adding a hammock or swing is also a good idea, kids love will really love it.

A party is more enjoyable when done outdoors. And if there will come a time that we have to host a party, the best place to offer is our patio. Party in the patio is more comfortable where the area is wider and there is a lot breathable fresh air. Getting the guest feel well in at a home party would surely impress them for being so welcoming. So if you are expecting to host a party, better leave some extra space in your patio.

If if you ran out of patio space and needs more, there are still ways to get some. After taking out or excluding other patio furniture from the setup, try getting some space saving furniture.

Here are some outdoor furniture designed to help you save a lot of outdoor space. For outdoor shades, it is common to us now that we use a patio umbrella. Outdoor umbrellas such as offset outdoor umbrellas and wall mount umbrellas can offer the same shade as the conventional free-standing umbrellas yet they occupy lesser space. These umbrella types are specially designed so that the pole will not become an obstruction and take some valuable space. For outdoor heaters, an example of space saving designed are those wall mount or hanging heaters. For furniture, there is a lot of trendy and space-saving items available such as foldable outdoor tables and chairs.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Add Vibrancy and Comfort with Outdoor Cushions

A beautifully designed outdoor seat, chair, or sofa is best paired with a comfortable and lively outdoor cushion. These pads can give the desired comfort on your relaxation, let you feel easy while you sit or lay down on your back. Patio furniture setting can get more luxurious with the right combination of cushion colors and styles to your seats. Adding pillows will even further the desire to grab a seat to enjoy the leisure time comfortably. Whatever type of outdoor seats you may have in your patio now, they surely have a matching cushion available.

The size really matters when buying a cushion for your seat furniture. It is better to select those that fit best for the seats, too tight will create ugly bumps and too loose will make the easy to be displaced when used. Consider the thickness too for it will have an affect to the looks of a seat. Avoid too much thick pad, it will just make your seat shallow and may look funny.

Outdoor cushions are made of different fabrics such as acrylic, polyester, or jacquard and are of different texture. The best choice for outdoor are those cushions with covers resistant to outdoor elements especially water. The outdoor elements can introduce molds or mildew and will also result into wear and tear to the cushion. But make sure the fabric still feels smooth.

Select the right color and color combination that will match with the outdoor furniture, this will make the looks of your decor vibrant. The colors will also enhance the outdoor decoration and can help set the mood of the setup you are creating. You may choose those color that goes with the color of the furniture or those in contrast. The important thing to keep in mind is how it will look to the overall outdoor design. You may pattern the color choice with the outdoor shades as its color is more dominant. It is also nice to see when the cushion goes with the color of the canopy of a patio umbrella.Link

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heating Solutions for Each Cold Situation

Heaters and fireplaces are our best comforters in a cold weather. Each can supplement heat to a place to give the comfort of warmth against the chilly environment. Adding these heating appliances to business offices impress guests and clients on how they are catered and welcomed with a cozy ambience every time they come. Not only that, modern fireplaces and heaters are beautifully designed that match any indoor and outdoor decoration.

There are a lot of indoor and outdoor heater and fireplace types. All of them are efficient depending on how and where we use them. As for the design most modern heaters are made to complement interior and exterior decoration. The following are the situations and what kind of heaters are best to use. Link

Traditional fireplaces have been good at giving warmth and ambiance to a room. But now, if you don't want the hassle of hauling wood, soot, and ash, electric fireplace must be your choice for a total convenience. You only have a limited air to breathe indoors so we make sure no other particles that go with the air inside such as smoke and dust. So when you need warmth, electric fireplace is the best choice.

Patio, Deck, or Garden
Usually this outdoor place is an open area where the breeze constantly moves the heat to blend with the coldness and fade away. The considerable heater types to use in these areas are those that give sufficient and steadfast heat. There are just two of them, the gas powered and electric infrared heaters.

Infrared heaters give a focus heat and warms only the things and people. The heat is not driven away by the breeze which in turn it uses energy efficiently. These infrared heaters come in many forms such as hanging, wall mounted, and free standing with pole. There are also designed as a patio umbrella accessory to fit into the pole so you can enjoy outdoors in cold weather under your favorite patio umbrella.

But when you have to accommodate more guests, a gas patio heater is your best option. They are much powerful in generating heat that can withstand the rigors of outdoor environment. Though there are a few gas types to power an outdoor heater, propane is the most widely used. Commonly, they are free standing and will only vary with size and design.

Outdoor Nights
For an exciting night in an outdoor environment, a fire bowl or fire pit is the best companion. Nothing beats the thrill of real dancing flame and warmth in one, especially when you want to enjoy the outdoors at night.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stylish Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades made into various styles and designs fulfill all outdoor needs. Their main purpose is to provide us and our outdoor furniture setup a protection from sun and rain but they also help us in designing our garden, patio, lawn, and even business establishments.

The umbrella canopy that keeps us safe against sun and rain can be made of several fabric types. They were just made of ordinary fabrics but because of today's need against harsh climate, several modern fabrics have surfaced. Specially treated fabrics can protect our skin from the damaging sun rays such as Ultra Violet Rays (UVR). And the more these fabrics are made to protect, the more they are made to be stylish. Several colors range from plain, stripes to printed expands our power to select the best for our outdoor setup design. Faux thatch canopy outdoor umbrella is also a great feature for a special outdoor setup.

For usability and functionality sake, modern umbrellas are engineered to become easy to use. Either manually or automatically, we can operate the modern functionalities of these umbrellas in a stylish way. Today we can open and close umbrella with a push of a button or in just pull of a string. We can now adjust to the desired height using the easy crank mechanism. We can now get covered from the sun all day long with little adjustment of the umbrella pole to tilt.

The notable stylish patio umbrella types are the offset umbrellas and its cousins, the rotating arm and wall mount umbrellas. Offset umbrellas are the popular choice for places used for get-together and dining. The pole is on the side so that it will not become an obstruction. Some have its pole curved to a sexy shape and the canopy is hung over. Most modern canopy have vents which are not just helpful in exhausting the warm air but also are addition to the style.

The rotating arm and wall mount and rotating arms patio umbrellas are the choice for outdoor cafes. They can also make a wonderful setting to attract guests to come. Most rotating arm have several canopies in an arm forming a bunch of mushroom look.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Electric Fireplace and Heater Safety Tips

Every home appliance has a safety concerns especially those that emit heat and fire which includes stoves, fireplaces, and heaters. But we cannot afford not to have these at home because we need them in our everyday living.

Except for the traditional wood fireplace and heater, gas and electric are other two types of heaters and fireplaces according to its fuel source. Gas fuelled heating appliances have special safety guidelines and should be strictly performed. Though electric types are known to be safer than gas and traditional ones, it is not one hundred percent guaranteed. Sometimes lack of precaution is what causes some problems.

Every brand new electric product comes in a package with instructions and safety manual. But sometimes the manual may not be available and can get lost especially when you are buying a pre-loved unit. These safety tips can help protecting the units, your properties, and your family.

Keep the unit in a dry place. Any electric appliance will become grounded when get wet. It will become so dangerous to touch when plugged in or still plugged, anyone will suffer electric shock and some appliances will even explode. Ensure that the electric fireplace or heater is not placed near water sources. Any outdoor heater should be properly covered when placed in the patio as water droplets either by rain or snow can get inside the unit. A patio umbrella can also keep an outdoor heater dry in outdoors.

Give the unit some breathable space. A heater gets hotter when used especially those metal made. If not taken cared, it may overheat and may heat your patio furniture and decorations which should not be. It is better to give them a little extra space, even just a quarter inch on the sides. Keep away the things that must not be heated.

Watch the little kids and pets. Modern fireplaces are designed to be safe for kids and pets. Yet, this does not guarantee a total safety. Watch your pets also because sometimes they get wild and curious.

Keep away flammable items. It is very dangerous for flammable items to catch a fire because electric heaters still emit flame. Also include curtains, shade sails and other light materials.