Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stylish Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades made into various styles and designs fulfill all outdoor needs. Their main purpose is to provide us and our outdoor furniture setup a protection from sun and rain but they also help us in designing our garden, patio, lawn, and even business establishments.

The umbrella canopy that keeps us safe against sun and rain can be made of several fabric types. They were just made of ordinary fabrics but because of today's need against harsh climate, several modern fabrics have surfaced. Specially treated fabrics can protect our skin from the damaging sun rays such as Ultra Violet Rays (UVR). And the more these fabrics are made to protect, the more they are made to be stylish. Several colors range from plain, stripes to printed expands our power to select the best for our outdoor setup design. Faux thatch canopy outdoor umbrella is also a great feature for a special outdoor setup.

For usability and functionality sake, modern umbrellas are engineered to become easy to use. Either manually or automatically, we can operate the modern functionalities of these umbrellas in a stylish way. Today we can open and close umbrella with a push of a button or in just pull of a string. We can now adjust to the desired height using the easy crank mechanism. We can now get covered from the sun all day long with little adjustment of the umbrella pole to tilt.

The notable stylish patio umbrella types are the offset umbrellas and its cousins, the rotating arm and wall mount umbrellas. Offset umbrellas are the popular choice for places used for get-together and dining. The pole is on the side so that it will not become an obstruction. Some have its pole curved to a sexy shape and the canopy is hung over. Most modern canopy have vents which are not just helpful in exhausting the warm air but also are addition to the style.

The rotating arm and wall mount and rotating arms patio umbrellas are the choice for outdoor cafes. They can also make a wonderful setting to attract guests to come. Most rotating arm have several canopies in an arm forming a bunch of mushroom look.

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