Monday, July 4, 2011

Electric Fireplace and Heater Safety Tips

Every home appliance has a safety concerns especially those that emit heat and fire which includes stoves, fireplaces, and heaters. But we cannot afford not to have these at home because we need them in our everyday living.

Except for the traditional wood fireplace and heater, gas and electric are other two types of heaters and fireplaces according to its fuel source. Gas fuelled heating appliances have special safety guidelines and should be strictly performed. Though electric types are known to be safer than gas and traditional ones, it is not one hundred percent guaranteed. Sometimes lack of precaution is what causes some problems.

Every brand new electric product comes in a package with instructions and safety manual. But sometimes the manual may not be available and can get lost especially when you are buying a pre-loved unit. These safety tips can help protecting the units, your properties, and your family.

Keep the unit in a dry place. Any electric appliance will become grounded when get wet. It will become so dangerous to touch when plugged in or still plugged, anyone will suffer electric shock and some appliances will even explode. Ensure that the electric fireplace or heater is not placed near water sources. Any outdoor heater should be properly covered when placed in the patio as water droplets either by rain or snow can get inside the unit. A patio umbrella can also keep an outdoor heater dry in outdoors.

Give the unit some breathable space. A heater gets hotter when used especially those metal made. If not taken cared, it may overheat and may heat your patio furniture and decorations which should not be. It is better to give them a little extra space, even just a quarter inch on the sides. Keep away the things that must not be heated.

Watch the little kids and pets. Modern fireplaces are designed to be safe for kids and pets. Yet, this does not guarantee a total safety. Watch your pets also because sometimes they get wild and curious.

Keep away flammable items. It is very dangerous for flammable items to catch a fire because electric heaters still emit flame. Also include curtains, shade sails and other light materials.

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