Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Protect Your Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are a great option for having a sunshade to protect you, your patio furniture, your family and friends. They are versatile, quick to set up, and very mobile that you can enjoy in any outdoor spot under the protective shade. In order to make them last longer in good condition to function,they too need protection as much as they provide. Here are some quick tips that will help you.

Close It
It is recommended to close down and put protective cover on a patio umbrella when not in use for a longer period. Closing down gives your umbrella frame some rest and lessens the stress. It is also a good and necessary step to avoid the hazard of catching strong winds that will break or throw your umbrella away. What comes up must come down and if it is a patio umbrella, you’ll be in trouble as it will do some damage to properties or hurt people. Think of safety first before high wind strikes. Close your umbrella and tie it securely.

An umbrella cover is a must-have for every outdoor umbrella for it to last longer than expected. There more outdoor elements that contributes to degradation such as rain, dust, and insects. Moisture that stays longer, dust, and dirt are perfect combination that invites mold and leaves stain. Insects may also make home to your umbrella that may also leave stain or worst make holes to the fabric. A good umbrella cover can get your outdoor umbrella covered and protected against all of these.

Choose an umbrella cover that is;

  • waterproof to keep your umbrella dry at all times
  • but have vents to prevent mildew and wind lofting
  • a perfect fit, not loose and not too tight to properly secure the umbrella
  • and possibly stylish to complement a good patio design

These are just simple steps but necessary to protect outdoor umbrellas as they also protect us. Others things you can do is proper cleaning, maintenance, and following the proper use to keep your umbrella in good condition.

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