Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Making an Outdoor Room with Indoor Feel

We love the outdoors for several reasons but, there are times when some of us want the comfort of an indoor room associated to it. Spring and summer days bring the goodness of sun, the breeze, and the beauty of outdoor landscape which we fond of. And when the cold weather arrives, we seek the comfort of indoors.Yet, we tend to yearn and still want some of the advantages of the outdoors.

Well, if we want, there are ways in which we can still enjoy the good things of outdoors while having the comfort of indoors. There are clever ways to bring what we need of an indoor room and what we desire from an outdoor place altogether. Thus, we will be creating an outdoor room with an indoor feel.

The Roof or Cover
Outdoor room or patio cover is an important asset for this project. No matter what materials used and how it is made, we need a sturdy roof or cover to protect the entire area. Extending the roof of your house using the same material is a great choice but using other materials still pretty good. If extending your house is not your type, then you can create a separate outdoor room. Other than building a standard roofing, you can also get a good use of building a pergola or a trellis.

If you don’t have time, budget, or just disfavor building a permanent structure, then, there are other options. An awning is a great alternative to extending your home as it can be easily installed and way cheaper than a permanent roof. For a separate room alternative, you can always depend on a large cantilever umbrella also known as offset umbrellas.

Of all the clever ideas for roofing, there are just two that stand out. One is a retractable roofing and the other is a clear roofing. The advantage of these is that you enjoy the sun whenever available.

Furniture and Cushions
There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture with an appearance of indoor furniture such as sofa sets and wicker sets. However, the very key for making an indoor feel is through cushions. Of course, we need cushions that are made for outdoors but with the comfort like those for indoors. Also, we need to choose heavy duty slip covers and washable outdoor cushions.

Outdoor Heaters and Fireplaces
Without the sun’s heat, the chilling temperature is a major drawback of outdoors. But the solutions has always been available since the discovery of fire. For a modern living, you can now enjoy outdoors with the aid from outdoor patio heaters and fireplaces.

Any room accessories can be safely added to an indoor-like outdoor room setup. For the most part, you can add rugs, vases, planters, and other decorative objects.

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