Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Quick Small Yard Landscaping Idea

A small yard space have limits but it does not have to be boring. There are ways to turn it into a perfect outdoor place. Here is a plan to transform a little space into place you will definitely love.

The first thing you need is a patio seating area. It does not have to be so large, so your small space can be modified to give your little family a little space for a great outdoor moment. A four by five foot area should give you a space for a couple of patio furniture seats, a garden bench, and a little table.

Once you have determined an area, make an outline and then start digging about a couple of inches deep. Then flatten and compact the soil. There are several materials that can be used to create the surface but, the quick solution is using pea gravel. Buy the type and color of gravel you like most. Now, before you fill in the gravel, lay a fabric lining to separate the gravel from the soil and place some solid edging. This will keep the gravel in its place and prevent the soil from mixing into the gravel.

Plants are basically the first thing to add when landscaping. Grab some green and colorful potted plants to make a highlight around the outdoor furniture seats. Choose taller plants for the back and corners of the seating area, then place some dwarf plants at the front creating a nature effect.

Now for the remaining space, transform it into a lavish green garden. In order to grow blooming plants, we have to prepare our garden space. First, we have to clean the area and loosen the soil in it. Mix in some organic compost to make a rich soil for plants. You can choose the type of plants suitable for your area. But here is a nice suggestion to make a good site from your patio seats. Place tall growing plants and shrubs at the back and keep the dwarfs at the front.

Place a grass area separating the garden from the patio seating place. A graceful curving sheet of lawn grass will definitely make a statement in your small yard space.

There a lot of small yard landscaping ideas but this is the simplest and quickest so go ahead and transform your small yard in just a day.

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