Monday, June 1, 2015

How to Repaint a Metal Patio Furniture at Home

Metal patio furniture sets are usually shiny, sleek, and elegant. They are a good choice for a modern or contemporary outdoor setting. However, the looks of this type of furniture do not last for long. No matter how great the paint job, it will eventually wear out.

Luckily, a new paint job does not cost much these days. It is now really easy to do that you can even do it yourself in your backyard. If you have a collection of rusted patio furniture and other metal fixtures, you don't have to throw them away. A good paint job can save your outdoor items and your money.

Here are the basic steps of a good paint job.

Check Up
Checking up begins with some basic cleaning. Start by removing any dirt and loose paint to see if the item is still in good working condition. Scrape off and remove old, chipped, and loose paint using a metal scraper and a wire brush. Use a small wire brush in cleaning hard to reach areas especially the corners and the rounded parts of the furniture..

Cleaning and Smoothing
Once the condition of the pieces is thoroughly checked and you found it is still safe to use, then we’ll do the final cleaning. First remove any rust from the surface. Use a sander for a quick job on flat surfaces, then manually sand other parts that cannot be catered with the sander. Wipe off the surface with sponge and water to remove dusts and dirt. Making sure the item is completely clean is very important to get a smooth finish and to help the paint adhere really well.

Painting Job
Painting and refinishing is done in two parts if you want to get a lasting result. First, you need to prime the surface. The primer has the ability to adhere to the metal surface well compared to normal paints.

Prepare the area before you start the work. Make sure there are no other items close by that you don’t want to be stained with paint. Spread some newspapers or other materials to cover the ground. Start the painting job after you secured the area.

First, apply a thin coat of primer onto the metal surface then let it dry. After the first coat dried, apply another coat of primer. This adds a better protection for your metal patio furniture especially if it is made of iron and very vulnerable to rust.

When the primer is dry, your furniture is ready to take its new look. It is cool to try some new interesting finish but of course, you still need to match it the old one if it is part of a set. It is best to apply a very thin coat of paint, let it dry and then coat a thin layer again. It is best to build the paint layer little by little until you get the desired coating.

These are the basics and should help you achieve great results. The only thing you need to make sure now is the quality of primer and paint. Be sure you choose the right type for your outdoor furniture.

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