Monday, June 22, 2015

Easy Ways to Add Colors to a Patio

Much like any other places in your home, you need to give attention to a patio or to an outdoor room too. Improvements in design and decoration are a must if you desired to add more interest to this area and increase its value. One particular enhancement is by adding colors which can be accomplished in different ways. A paint job may seem an easy option but, it is complicated and laborious. However, there are really easy and very practical ways to add color to your outdoor place which we will discuss here.

Basic Colors
Primarily, the color of your patio comes from the paint on the primary structures such as pergola, wall, posts, ceiling if you have one, and the color of the house. Then the color of patio paver and flooring also make huge effects. Generally more on stone color varieties but you may also have bright floor color from using vinyl and ceramic tiles. Majority of your patio color could also be from your plants if you have incorporated gardening in your patio. Mostly greens, but colors from flowers may also have an impact.

Adding More Colors
Before you introduce new colors, consider the basic colors of your patio as we have discussed above. Since it is impractical if not impossible to change those primary patio colors we have, the best we can do is find new colors that make a good complement or contrast.

Today’s patio furniture sets are not just limited to wood and metallic finishes, more of them now come in bright primary colors or tropical paint. There are resin chairs in bright colors, wicker furniture in a beautiful color combo, and the good old wood furniture painted with new unique color and texture that can range from pastels to primaries.

Outdoor Shade
Due to their size and use, outdoor shades have a significant effect in the general color of your outdoor patio area. Patio umbrellas, awnings, and sun shade sails cover a large part of a patio, and since they come in almost all colors and in different combination, they make it easy to make a focal point. Just choose colors that complements with the set of furniture under it.

Pillows and Cushions
The use of outdoor cushions, pillows along with pillowcases is by far the easiest and quickest way to add color to your patio. It is also an inexpensive way to update the color should you want to make a change on the theme. There is a wide array of colors and patterns available and you can even order custom designs to fit on your needs. So availability is not an issue, you just have to choose the right color and design that goes well with your setup.

A rug is a classic item for adding colors especially when it comes to flooring. They commonly come in earthy color tones in many different styles, patterns, and colors but, there are bright colors available now. Placing a large rug underfoot would really make a difference to the color of your patio.

Certainly, there are a lot more ways to add colors to your patio. These are the primary ways and would really make a great deal of adding interest to a patio.

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