Monday, June 15, 2015

How to Begin Succulent Gardening

Living in a tight and small yard limits us from having a garden to freshen up the place. Most garden plants need a large space to thrive. But still, there are a lot of alternatives. One best option is to begin a succulent garden. This type of gardening don’t need special equipments while in fact some succulents require less water and some don’t even need soil. Because of these characteristics, weeding and fertilizing will not be a problem and you can be away for several days without worries.

Succulents may not be as popular as flowering plants but are extraordinary. You might also be surprised how this type of garden gorgeously display their unique characteristics that can give life to your outdoor place.

How to Start Planting
Basically, it starts with a good selection of pot or planter. There are a lot of options, from garden planters to ceramic vases with holes. The popular choice for succulents are ceramic pots  which can easily be placed on a table and on a patio furniture to make a fantastic decor accent. Teacups also make an excellent planter for succulents, they are commonly seen in a table but with a live plant, surely they make an amazing object. Just make sure the pots or planters have drain holes.

Then, we need to make a room for succulents to grow on. It should be a good combination soil and other materials such as pebbles, rocks, and sand. Place the rocks and pebbles first, it makes it easy to drain away excess water as these plants does not need and does not like too much water. Followed by the mixture of soil, sand and fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer needed can be found in its package. The sand makes the soil a little loose and promotes a good drainage.

Once the new pot and planter is set, get ready for some transplanting. Take the plant from its source and transplant it to its new home. It is recommended to just let a little soil from the source.

What’s next is the easier part. All you have to do is just water them, love them, and you’ll get great results. The first week is critical so you need to give some attention.

Watering Reminders

  • If you are putting them on top of an outdoor furniture, make sure you have a plate beneath each pot to catch the excess water.
  • Do not pour water directly to the soil to prevent erosion. Sprinkle it on the leaves instead using a spray bottle.
  • Do not water them frequently, succulents don’t like too much water. Generally, you can water them every 3 to 4 days.

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