Monday, June 8, 2015

Best Ways to Maintain a Clean Patio

There are many ways to maintain a clean patio but the best way starts with knowing your patio. From its position, composition, and to its construction, you have to know the exposure to elements, the type of setting whether a pool or a garden is incorporated, the patio furniture you have, and the materials used in building the patio space. Certainly, there are things you must do and must not do to keep your patio clean and well.

Simple Cleaning
It all starts with regular sweeping and washing to remove dirt and keep them from building up. You can use pressure washer to wash away stubborn dirt but not on all types of patio. You can only use high pressure washing on full concrete or tiled patio flooring. If you need to wash bricks and stone patios, just hose them down with moderate water pressure to avoid driving away pebbles, sand, and soil.

Weed Removal
It is best to regularly remove weeds before they invade your whole patio and compete with your plants. Manually removing weeds on a regular basis is a good practice so they don’t overtake your garden or patio and you’ll no longer need to use any special tools and solutions to remove them.

Concrete Patio Cleaning and Maintenance
Maintaining a clean concrete patio requires more than just regular cleaning. This material will also wear down in time from weather and use. The surface eventually cracks and chips away leaving holes that will hold dirt.

Remove all outdoor furniture and start cleaning with a powerful pressure washer to remove hard dirt and reveal the holes and cracks. Once several cracks and holes are noticed, make the repairs right away to retain the good looks of your patio. There are patch solution kits available at you nearest home improvement stores and hardware so you can do it yourself right away.

If you feel it’s difficult or you just don’t have the time and energy, you can always hire professionals to do the job.

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