Sunday, October 2, 2011

Patio Furniture Buying Tips

There many characteristics of a patio furniture that we need to consider before buying one to add to our outdoor rooms. These characteristics which are crucial to the purpose of the patio design and theme include material, design, style, and color. Sometimes it's not easy to decide which one to choose because there several things to consider. These tips will help you think before you buy so that you can come to a good choice. These tips will also apply to buying an outdoor umbrella.

Metal, Wooden, or Plastic?

Metal made furniture items are durable but you have to take care of it because it can get rust especially if it is made of iron. Except for fully rust-resistant metals such as aluminum, make sure that the whole steel is insulated well. Check first if the powder coating is thick enough to resist moist. Make sure the joints are properly affixed. Aluminum is known for being rustproof but it is not as strong as iron. When you buy aluminum furniture, see if it is thick enough to hold weight especially for chairs and tables.

Wooden furniture items are beautiful in nature, strong with the right wood choice, and durable with rigid construction. Before buying one for your patio, check if it has the right characteristics for your patio. Because there are several wood tones and finish, it should match with your patio theme. Check to see if the wood has been applied with sealant to avoid it getting rot with the outdoor elements.

Plastics are lightweight and best in portability for any outdoor setup. PVC and resin plastics are best known used for furniture making because these are heavy duty for outdoors to withstand different weathers. The best thing about plastics is that they are flexible which enable to mimic the looks of other types of furniture such as wooden and wicker patio furniture sets.

Classic or Contemporary?

With all the patio design and styles, we can only sum up these into two, classic or contemporary. Of course, we should choose those designs applicable with our theme when we buy a patio furniture. Classic is for classic themed furniture and contemporary or modern designed furniture for modern decor.

What Color?

Color is one factor that set the mood of out setup so choose the best one that is appropriate for your patio theme. This is more applicable for patio umbrellas where its color reflects to the overall look of the setup. For example, choose yellows, greens, and lighter shades for a lively and festive outdoor.

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