Sunday, February 19, 2012

High Wind Patio Umbrellas

What is a high wind patio umbrella?
There are many types of patio umbrellas in the market today and one of them that get the highest approval in durability and strength are the High Wind Patio Umbrellas. They are commonly known as wind-resistant umbrellas and have the following qualities.
  • Typically made with the strongest fiberglass rib arms which make them very flexible and strong.
  • The canopies are made of marine-grade fabric to withstand intense sunlight and rain.
  • The frame is constructed of anodized aluminum and other component mostly are made of die-cast aluminum resulting a virtually unbreakable and windproof outdoor umbrella.

While attaining great strength, manufacturers did not put beauty aside. The umbrellas still have aesthetic qualities that cater classic and modern home or industrial architecture. If you can find these qualifications you can rest assured that you have possessed the best wind resistant outdoor umbrella.

Why we need them?
In general, outdoor umbrellas are left outside without ever being closed down or stored away. Yes you can close and provide protective umbrella cover or store them but they spend most of their entire lifetime outside absorbing intense sunlight, high winds, rain, dirt, and salt air.

The worst outdoor element is the wind. Gusts of wind can cause havoc on your patio furniture and patio decor items. They come unexpectedly sometimes and patio umbrellas suffer the most because they absorb most of the beating. Among all umbrellas, only high wind patio umbrellas can endure. Once the blow hits, the rib arm flexes and it rebounds back to the original shape, unlike a metal rib arm that may bend permanently or worst they break.

Who uses them?
This state of the art type of umbrella are the most trusted shade solution for use at hotels, apartments, and condominiums. There are residences that favored this sturdy shade too especially those in a location that have frequented by strong winds. Most country clubs, restaurants, and many other locations that require commercial-quality products also uses them for aesthetic pleasure and durability.

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