Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Color Is Your Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas come in a wide variety of colors ranging for dark to bright. You can buy outdoor umbrellas in your nearest department stores and furniture shops where you can select your color of choice. With the availability of internet, it is also great to shop online where you can select from a wide variety of color options. Most of these online stores even allow you to customize your choices of colors and fabrics.

No matter what type of outdoor umbrella you choose, color is the factor you should observe when it comes to creating a specific theme or design for your patio. Just remember that color can create and enhance an ambiance. For example, shades of dark red and brown is warm, a good choice when creating a warm place with a help of an outdoor heater when its chilly.

How to decide on color option? Here are simple tips that can help you choose the appropriate color for your outdoor decoration. If it is placed together with other patio furniture such as a table, consider the color that goes with it. It don't have to be of the same shade but it must create a beautiful combination. For example dark wood furniture is nice to be paired with a red or shades of brown.

When you are to create a specific theme, please don't forget that the color of patio umbrella canopy will reflect to the surrounding. When it's daytime and the sun is brightly shining, the color will vividly shine especially when the color is light. If you don't want this to happen, try some darker colors of outdoor patio umbrellas with thicker canopy fabric so that the light will not pass through or reflect.

Colors can create or enhance a feeling. If you desired for happy and lively theme, select yellows with greens, these are nice for tropical setup. Shades of red and brown is the right color when you want a romantic place, reds can even be better at night with proper lighting. Select blues for lightness and formality.

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