Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outdoor Umbrellas for Sun and Rain

Installing an outdoor umbrella is an easy way to have a real sun protection and cover from the rain. More than that, a beautifully designed patio umbrella is a great enhancement to any outdoor setup. With the right choice, the umbrellas can set the mood and beauty to a patio and brings luxury to outdoors like in the beach.

During summer or on places where the sun is so hot especially in the middle of the day, sun protection is badly needed. Excessive exposure to the sunlight can hurt and damage our skin. Sometimes the damage is noticeable through our naked eyes as sun burn but the severe damage cannot be easily seen. This kind of damage is caused Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) which is not visible to our naked eyes. If sun burn can be seen quickly and heal in days, damage from UV radiation on the other hand may slowly develop a carcinoma or cancer which is long term maybe lifetime disease that can lead to death.

As an advice, do not forget to wear sun protective suits or sun block cream when you are out under the intense sunlight and bring an umbrella whenever possible.

Outdoor umbrellas offer an ultimate sun protection. The shade naturally blocks most of the sun rays preventing them from penetrating to our skin. To get the most protection, select those umbrellas having canopy fabric that has a high Ultra Violet ray (UV) blockage while reducing heat at the same time. Sunbrella fabric is one of the well known fabric that can give this kind of protection. However, there are many of them available and mostly are treated fabrics. Look for modern types also such as tilting patio umbrellas and rotating arm wall mount outdoor umbrellas. These are especially designed so that you can adjust them to have a good shade from any angle.

For rain, this situation is not so dangerous to our health unless we are ill already. But surely much of the time we want to keep ourselves dry. A large patio umbrella can help keep our outdoor setup and patio furniture dry.

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