Sunday, June 5, 2011

Make a Patio Garden Come Alive at Night

Let there be lights! The only way a garden can come alive at night is to put lights on. A garden is a wonderful view at day where the colors are so vivid with the bright daylight. But having bright lights that can mimic daylight at night is impractical and expensive. The best way to do it is to have assorted mini lights. Add some lighting tricks and your garden may even look more amazing.

There are many types and colors of light that can be applied. These simple tips should help.

Let's begin at the heart of setup which is the patio furniture setup. Usually, you have a set of table and chairs, or a sofa set, outdoor cushions, and maybe a patio umbrella. This area should be lighted well so that you could see the surrounding furniture and your things. The best place for the light is to attach it above or at the umbrella shade if prefer. By the way there are also specially made patio umbrella lights with nice effects that are easy to install. The light color and intensity should also be considered as it could set different moods. Bright white gives coolness, yellowish is to warm, shades of red is to romance.

Now let's go to the plants. You may add strings of colorful lights to the plant tops recreating the plant forms with colors. Small colored spot lights would also create effects highlighting the plants. Try putting it on the ground facing upwards and spotting the stem up to the leaves would make a lovely feature.

Light up also the pathways with low lights or lanterns. It doesn't need to be so bright, just medium brightness that makes the path visible. Too much bright light may distract the view of the plants and furniture setup from afar.

Another great type of light for a garden or tropical patio setup is a tiki torch. It will create the feeling of total outdoor or a tropical adventure.

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