Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Choose Outdoor Cushions

Cushions and Uses
For a comfortable pastime around the patio, outdoor cushions are the best helper. These pads will enhance your chairs and outdoor sofa sets to become more comfy to sit on and beautiful to look at. Whatever your chairs' and sofa sets' size and style, they surely have a ready made cushion that fits. If none, especially for a custom-made patio furniture, there are manufacturers that make a customized cushion that will definitely fit into your seats. One advantage of custom-made is that you can choose your desired design, color , and style.

If you want to buy cushions now, here are some tips that can help you to decide which cushion to choose.

The first thing to remember before buying cushions is the materials that made-up the whole cushion which includes the cover and the filling. Consider the environment or the outdoor setup where you want to use the cushion. Especially for open type of outdoor setup or a patio using only a patio umbrella as shade, make sure the cushions have a fabric cover that is resistant to outdoor elements but still feels comfy. Elements such as water may introduce molds or mildew to the fabric. Other elements may cause wear and tear, makes color fade, and sagging. To make it easy to remember keep the following list.

  • Soft and comfy cover fabric
  • Cover fabric is resistant to outdoor elements especially water
  • Color fast cover fabric
  • Filling that will not sag easily

The key purpose of any outdoor or patio setup is to have a comfortable place for relaxation and a lovely space for get-together and other leisure activities. To keep an appealing outdoor setup, select cushions with colors that enhance your outdoor setup. Different colors will help you set the mood of the setup. Creating a romantic place for example, a comfortable cushion with a romantic color combination will give a charm to a loveseat. So select those color which will blend with your outdoor furniture, outdoor umbrella, or to the theme of the setup.

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